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Current Legal and Constitutional issues affecting communities as a result of government policies

Muslims cannot be elected to Govern Australians

Muslims cannot be elected to Govern Australians Section 44 of the Australian Constitution may prevent Muslims from taking political office — on a matter of allegiance.   The practice of every Muslim requires the reverent bowing five times a day to a location point outside of Australia to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The practice of …

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Greens are pushing the “social cohesion” killer

Multiculturalism allows for two or more cultures to live together in the same land. The theory is, that eventually they will end up meshing together to form one gigantic happy nation. Yet this has not worked with Islam in any Western nation to date, because of one fact that everyone seems to want to overlook—Muslims don’t assimilate. Muslims …

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Putting a burqa on our uniformed personnel is not the solution

Ken Lay, our Police Commissioner, on 3AW has told various groups (paramedics, firefighters and customs officers) to ‘think about safety’ and not to wear their uniforms outside of work, as they may be targets of terrorism. Is anyone else out there incensed by this? Our armed services can no longer wear their uniforms on the …

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When our police stop defending Australian law

Yet another group of people are being asked to cave into Muslim terrorism. This time it is our young army cadets. Eight hours ago  The News reported this story ” Young defence cadets warned not to wear uniforms in public amid terrorism fears—MELBOURNE schools are instructing defence cadets as young as 13 not to wear their uniforms …

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BEWARE: The UN has given ISLAM “human rights” status

  Since 2007 the most subtle play has been happening in the UN between the Organisation of the Islamic Congress (OIC) countries led by Pakistan and the West (mainly EU and US and allies). What is also becoming apparent is that Western values no longer have the power they once had in the United Nations (UN) …

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Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia

AUSTRALIA UNDER ISLAM in 25 yearsThe Islamic Party of Australia Hizb-ut Tahrir have openly posted this draft Islamic Constitution of Australia. They claimed on its release to the public that it would take 25 years before Australia will be under Islamic rule.Every mosque just brings that closer.   THE ISLAMIC CONSITUTION OF AUSTRALIA EXCEPTS: “We wish …

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Why multiculturalism can’t work with Islam

“Multiculturalism” is a view in Australia, that assumes that our laws, democratic social framework, technology and amenities will create such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that people from other countries would integrate, just for the privilege of “living on our shores”. The problem with this view is that it overlooks the dynamic effect religion plays …

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Australia’s Christian heritage

Around 888AD King Alfred the great, a Bible believing Christian, declared that the law of England to be “the 10 commandments read in the light of the whole Bible”. For England the final say always rested with the king. He was regarded as God’s representative on earth and charged with the responsibility to govern “lawfully, justly and …

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