Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

STOP Campaign Plan (037)

Start a Political Party:

The so called Conservative Parties will not embrace campaign Systems that involve very large numbers of people. The Party System (For all the Parties) is and always has been about controlling the Pre-Selection Process. The ‘Factions’ are simply different Partys with the Party fighting for control of the Preselection Process. Persons in the General Public are asked to join a Party in order to ensure Pre-Selection for a particular person. This is called “Stacking”. (e.g. Turnbull did not join 1321 persons into the Liberal Party to help beat the Greens in Vaucluse )

The General Secretaries of Political Parties are the most powerful persons in a Party as they are the mine field layers to blow away unwanted Pre-Selection Candidates.

Supporters (those who want to save Australia from poverty and terror) are asked to act on the recommendations contained in the communication titled 036 which includes the “Incitement Petition”. Persons

032 petition INCITEMENT LR081014


Back up urgently;

Facebook continues to shut Groups and Pages down.

“Stop the mosque currumbin” (sic) was a false flag/pied piper site that sucked in 4,800 mostly Currumbin and surrounds members before proceeding to attack the Councilor who was most outspoken against the charge of use application.Stop The Mosque was begun to gove STMC members a fighting chance. After the Council Chambers Sept 10 Rally, that the “Federal Police shut STMC down” (for attacking the local Councilor).

We must be vigilant and bring all Supporters onto Web Pages as Back Up and promote the ‘Like’ on all Stop The Mosques including the disaffected STM Currumbin people and open communication lines.


Email; [email protected] for “Halal Petition” The Petition: “Legislate to Eliminate Halal Certification And Abolish Halal Killing” Read this Petition and you will see why.

033 petition HALAL LR111014 (1)


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Plan for Harry Richardson’s book “The Story of Mohammad: Islam Unveiled” to become a best seller and a school text book.



Develop The Street Rep System:

Whereby in each Council Ward (where applicable) a Representative is appointed to deliver, news, Petitions, event notices and information material to the Street Rep for on-delivery to the other residents of their Street.

Each apartment block and each complex should also have their own Representative. And the Street Rep, or Apartment Block Rep or Complex Rep then on delivers this Material to their fellow residents. Six out of 10 Street Reps will ask to do more.
A Street Rep Briefer will on-deliver to up to 10 other SR’s. (There is an 80 Page Manual that describes this and other aspects fully) More information can be gathered from Team Australia

037 SIP outline LR1110144 (1)


Seek suitable candidates. Each Street Rep Form contains space for each Street Rep to nominate possible candidates..
Nominated Person ______________________ ph __________________
(It is OK to Nominate Yourself)

Nominated Person ______________________ ph __________________

025pt OTHSRM LR061014


Utilise the Street Rep System to conduct a ‘Primary’ style pre-selection election for each chosen Electoral Division. Albeit a Council Ward or a State Electoral Division or a Federal Electorate to discover the worthwhile candidate to support and campaign for who will truly represent the majority of the Constituents of that Electoral Division. There is a lot more hear than meets the eye.


Through maximum people involvement campaign methodology, ensure that candidates who have been pre-selected. using the Primary System, are elected into the various Councils and State and Federal Parliaments for the effective introduction and or amendment of laws that will protect the freedoms that non-socialist Australians value and cherish.

Influence in the Legislature will make possible the reclaiming of the Education System from those with intent to take Australia into a One World Government.

Youth leaving school must be educated with the understanding of their uniqueness as individuals and impressed with the desire to possess self-responsibility for their own future and enjoy the opportunity to dwell on their potential profitability for their employer. To learn to treat the business as their own and appreciate the prospect of, as an employee actually being an apprentice employer.


LIKE Team Australia Party



036 TAP invite LR111014 and Plan in Brief

025pt OTHSRM LR061014

037 SIP outline LR1110144 (1)

032 petition INCITEMENT LR081014