Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

VIDEOS: Sharia Law

1. NONI DARWISH: The truth behind behind Sharia Law (Cruel and Usual Punishment)

(11 mins)

Sharia controls every aspect of your private and public life.

2. TROUSERS: Woman whipped for wearing man’s clothing (trousers) under her dress

(8 mins) (Viewer Discrétion)

This Muslim woman is being whipped and humiliated in the street for wearing trousers under her Muslim garments.

3. ADULTERY: Sharia Law says that adultery carries a death penalty.

(4 mins)

IRAN Husband accuses wife and sister of adultery even though he did not witness penetration. Even after both of these women have been lashed 99 times another accusation from the husband renders them guilty and committed to death by stoning.

4. ALCOHOL: Sydney Islamic convert lashed 40 times for drinking alcohol—the punishment according to Sharia Law.

(3 mins)

News report of court trial of 4 men who held down this man on his bed and whipped him with an electrical cord 40 times for drinking.

5. THEFT: Convicted cattle thief loses his hand—the punishment for theft.

(52 secs) (warning)

While this is done like a surgical procedure others are not so lucky.

 “As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power.” - Quran 5:38

6. SODOMY: Iran 5 men convicted for being homosexual were publicly hung

(2.01. mins) (Warning actual footage)

While this is done like a surgical procedure others are not so lucky.

7. MURDER: Saudi man publicly beheaded for raping and killing Saudi boy

(40 secs) (Warning actual footage)

A Saudi newspaper has carried a film showing the beheading of a man convicted of raping a teenaged boy before murdering him in the heart of the desert.

The rare and shocking 51-second film showed the executioner bringing down his sword on the defendant’s head, which was severed in just a split of second.

8. WITCHCRAFT: Saudi woman man publicly beheaded

(1.4 mins)

News report:  Saudi Woman convicted of WITCHCRAFT is beheaded under Islam’s Sharia Law

9. BLASPHEMY: 14-year-old boy publicly executed by Islamists for ‘blasphemy’ in Syria

(3.12 mins)

News report:  On 9 June, Muhammad al-Qatta was shot dead in front of a crowd of onlookers in the Sha’ar neighbourhood of Aleppo after being accused of blasphemy. The three men responsible for his death are believed to be members of the Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group, The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

10. APOSTACY: The Sharia penalty for leaving Islam is death

(1.39 mins)

The Killing of apostates is essential for islam to survive—Yusuf al-Qaradawi is an Egyptian-born fundamentalist cleric and a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

11. DANCING: Iran sentences six youths dancing in ‘Happy’ video to six months in jail, 91 lashes

(4.43 mins)

While the sentence is a suspended sentence, Iranian authorities reportedly can impose it anytime within the next three years.The video shows the group of men and unveiled women dancing on rooftops in Tehran to Williams’s hit song.Following their arrests earlier this year, the group appeared on Iranian state-run TV, admitting that what they did was wrong and said the video was not meant to be posted online. “They had promised us not to publish the video,” one of the young women arrested said on the show.

12. TODAY TONIGHT: Sharia Law in Australia
(6.50 mins)

Exposes Sharia Law being practiced in Australia.

13. STONING: Women are stoned as punishment for adultery (rajam)

(10.48 mins)

WARNING GRAPHIC: Video shows complete process.