Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Common Good—and dangerous for Australia

images-2Australians are trying to fight the go-ahead of mosques in Bendigo and elsewhere on “planning grounds”. When the fact of the matter is that objectors fear being labelled a “racist” for contesting them on the one true ground for stopping any mosque—the threat to Australia’s sovereignty as a nation.

By Islam’s own admission the West is the land of War responsible for all remaining evil in the world and must be brought into submission by whatever means possible under Islamic rule. This mandate is mainly due to our societal beliefs in personal sovereignty through Democracy (man-made laws) and the heresy of our beliefs in Capitalism and Christianity

It is in the removal of these three basic pillars of the West—of democracy, capitalism and Christian values —that Islam has now found a most unlikely ally—the Cultural Marxists—who also want to see the removal individual sovereignty on all levels to ensure our society’s complete submission to the “common good” (one world government, one religion, shared wealth, and so on).

The “Common Good” philosophy of Cultural Marxism wants a global communal raising of children, the reduction of powers of parents and the redistribution of wealth as part of its global mandate. You can read it all in the United Nation’s Agenda 21 which has now infiltrated the majority of Local Councils in Australia including Bendigo, under the guise of “Local Governments for Sustainability” through I.C.L.E.I. You will find the same Agenda 21 language and principals even through Bendigo’s latest Development Strategy.

Consider this—”The State” now controls Children’s inoculations, schooling, child payments, discipline and all education programs. Parents are no longer in control of the raising their own children. The State owns more of their awake time than parents do—and that alone should raise alarm bells for every parent to investigate exactly what kind of political education their children are receiving.

Christianity has been removed from most classrooms in Australia. Instead it has been replaced by the politically correct Marxist doctrine of “multiculturalism”.

The godfather of multiculturalism Stuart Hall from Canada, who died last year—was a marxist. Cultural Marxism requires you to subscribe to one world government, one equally resourced people group and all cultures and religions being equal. If instead you mistakenly believe in your own nation’s sovereignty and cultural ways you will be labelled a “racist”—because what in effect you are saying is that being an Australian for example  is better than being another culture and that superiority…is “racist”. It is literally this century’s Catch 22. You cant love your country, legal system and culture and remain multicultural and politically correct.

Neither can Australia support its people’s free will through democracy if it alienates or reduces opportunities for its minorities. This has caused the rise of Political Correctness—another tool of the Cultural Marxist which in effect gives an expanded voice to the minority over the will and voice of the majority using offence legislation like 18C—simultaneously voiding free speech and democracy, namely one person, one vote.

The UN is forcing the West to accept economic migration, whether we like it or not, because it is for the “common good” and we need to share our rich wealth with the world’s poor. The fact that the world’s Islamic poor choose to remain poor because they refuse to subscribe to the Western Values of education, democracy and capitalism is neither here nor there.

While Islam remains opposed to our basic democratic, Christian and capitalistic system it does allow believers to live off our ways as a “host” country while strictly forbidding assimilation into it. Multiculturalism and political correctness support both of these Islamic stances and Australia ends up being the “host” with no ability to object without being labelled  “racist” or politically incorrect.

Christianity too is a threat to Cultural Marxism because at its core it is about having a personal relationship with “God”. This is the ultimate form of personal sovereignty as the person relies entirely on inner guidance for their life choices. That is the exact opposite of cultural marxism which believes in the nanny state and requires individuals to hand over their personal power to the state who then manages it for the common good or common purpose. Christianity instead makes the individual totally responsible for their actions and the individual for improving the lives of others around them—thereby robbing the power for “common good” away from the State.

“Common Good” is also philosophy contained in Common Purpose Training a global Public Service training program rife throughout the UK promoting political correctness and social cohesion. This training was an underlying factor to the inaction of the UK Public Service and Police in the stopping of the Muslim Rape gangs in Rotherham and else where the UK, for the sake of “social cohesion”. It is an alarming cultural Marxist effect that the public is witnessing with our respective Government Administrators around the cultural issues brought about by Islam. The question is how many of the Public servants and politicians in Australia have undergone similar “Common Good” training and are now hiding issues from the public in order to preserve this same errant Cultural Marxist thinking.

Islam has already declared its intentions as far as Australia’s current Sovereignty is concerned. Hizb-ut Tahrir, an Islamic political party in Australia, has released their “Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia.”, dispensing with our Government, language and legal system for an Islamic Caliphate and Sharia Law.

It seeks to over throw our nations principles of capitalism, democracy and our Christian values using this unholy alliance with Cultural Marxism and their philosophies of Political Correctness and multiculturalism. Needless to say we find the same groups, like the Socialist Alliance in Australia, supporting the Islamic Palestinian Authority and Hamas against Israel, and then rallying against the Reclaim Australia Rallies across the nation.

Truth must never be compromised by political correctness or someone’s ideal of “Common Good”. Australia must preserve our personal freedoms, equality, democracy and the right to say “no” or even determine that a certain culture may be flawed and not fit for immigration to Australia.

We were a culturally welcoming nation before the advent of “Multiculturalism” and Agenda 21 we are still that same people. We are also a democracy and need our voice back to have the informed debates that has made our nation the great nation it always has been.

Islam and Cultural Marxism have no right to have the voice they both currently hold in our schools, media and politics as both are determined to undermine our democracy and our ways.

Immediately we need to remove 18C and political correctness out of our political landscape and consider opting out of the UN’s Agenda 21. We also need to clean out our ABC and SBS of its political bias.

Finally,calling someone a “Racist” needs to be regarded as it is —a term of bullying used by believers in Cultural Marxism for the express purpose of closing down informed discussions and free speech—and that is simply undemocratic and unAustralian.

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