Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Putting a burqa on our uniformed personnel is not the solution

imagesKen Lay, our Police Commissioner, on 3AW has told various groups (paramedics, firefighters and customs officers) to ‘think about safety’ and not to wear their uniforms outside of work, as they may be targets of terrorism.

Is anyone else out there incensed by this?

Our armed services can no longer wear their uniforms on the streets, cadets are being told similar things because they might incite Muslim terrorists. Without even realising it our leaders have unwittingly caved into the “meat” argument.

Remember the cleric from Lakemba who claimed that “women who do not wear the veil are like ‘uncovered meat‘ who attract Muslim sexual predators”—How is this not the same thing?

Men and women are being told to cover up their uniforms in case some Muslim terrorist/predator lines them up. It is making the victim responsible for the predators behaviour—in this case the Muslim terrorist.

It is not up to us to put our uniforms under a burqa, It is up to the Muslim community in Australia to ensure its members behave according to our Standards. Our uniforms, all of them, are our national heritage. They do not belong hidden to stop some Muslim terrorist from getting excited and attacking it.

Further it is up to our police force to work with the Muslim community and the Government keep us safe—not for us to cover up.

Isn’t it the truth, that in this current climate, that if one of these guys got hit by a Muslim “terrorist” that there would be a nationwide Cronulla and so it is for the Muslims safety that these measures have been announced? So rather than risk that backlash the Police Commissioner is putting our uniforms under a veritable burqa for safety.

This is wrong thinking. Everyone is accountable for their actions. If the Muslim community raise terrorists then they need to be accountable until that anti-social behaviour is removed, otherwise the freedom we love and enjoy as Australians will continue to be compromised until it is completely lost.

Ken I disagree strongly with your and the armed forces position on this matter. You are all just caving into terrorism for the sake of a short interval of peace, but we all know that bullies keep coming back until we stand up to them.

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