Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

If Anjem got 10 years—then Islam should get LIFE



BRITAIN: Yesterday, people across the world including in Australia, celebrated as they witnessed Anjem Choudry receive 10 years jail for his transgressions against the British public. He has always advocated establishing Sharia Law in Britain, the inequality of women and the removing all Shirk* and non Muslims from all Muslim dominated neighbourhoods and joining and supporting the caliphate of the Islamic State. Yet all of this is required by his holy book of Islam—the Koran.

Anjem Choudry is a Salafist preacher. Being a fundamentalist, living in the footsteps of Muhammad, he has always preached pure Islam and acted his life accordingly. It is that the Koran demands all Muslims support Jihad and the establishing a Caliphate. It is the Koran that advocates the inequality of women and the Islamic intolerance of non-Muslims and their ways. It is the Koran that wants the West for Islam. If Britain jails Anjem for being the perfect Muslim, then surely they need to also jail Islam.

Islam is counter-cultural to the West. What is playing out here is a clash of civilisations. Even if Muslims wanted to leave Islam—as some do, and embrace the West—they still risk being killed by other Koran-believing Muslims. Leaving Islam is forbidden and deserters must be killed by the believers.

We have received first hand despairing reports of Muslims trying to escape Islamic oppression in the Middle East; literally leaving all of their their possessions, changing their name, never contacting their families again because they knew they would be killed by them, for leaving Islam. Imagine the exasperation of making their way to the “free” West, only to find that when they got here, the same Islam was here too—and they were at risk all over again for being found out that they are apostates. That is why even Labor MP, Ed Husic won’t come out and say he is not a Muslim. He knows even in Australia, Muslims risk being killed for apostasy.

This is the double bind for all Muslims in the West because we gave up protecting the two greatest values of our culture— “OUR FREEDOM” and OUR DISCERNMENT in order to embrace the ridiculous Socialist notion of Multiculturalism.

Only an idiot could suggest that all cultures and ways are equal. Pedophilia, inequality of women and intolerance in Islam should never be given the same respect or social standing in our culture as freedom, democracy and equality. We must never tolerate the intolerant, nor the unjust, according to our ways.

Anjem Choudry is being made a scapegoat for Islam’s sake. It is like putting a bandage over a boil— just covering up the problem. Islam is the problem. The Koran is the problem.

Only Islam and the Koran have caused problems in EVERY culture in the world—including the Communist and Socialist regimes of Russia and China. Unless we want to hand over a part of Australia literally, for Muslims to practice Islam in, like India, Phillipines have and Russia and China are being made to do…then we have to lance this problem before its consumes our nation. If the words and actions of Anjem Choudry are so dangerous and counter-cultural to Western society that he needs to be removed from society for 10 years, then it is time to remove the Koran and close down all Islamic schools and mosques for good as well.


  • Shirk is putting your trust in something other than Allah, (like democracy or the rule of Law) but can also mean supporting and helping non-Muslims against the believers…