Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

“My WILL” a Constitutional Right

 “My WILL” is the true force of the people

As Australians we have been given the right to change the direction of our country AT ANY TIME, just by using a little known constitutional right called “My WILL”.

The Australian System of Government gives us the right to elect local people to Parliament in order for them to represent us and draft all bills according to our concerns for discussion. Our job however, is to let them know “our will” in all matters that go, or should go before Parliament. So if we don’t write to our MPs and inform them of “our will” on matters that concern us, then how can our will about these issues be exercised.

It is not legal according to our Constitution for our elected Members to vote according to “party lines”. Each Member of Parliament is meant to represent the “will” of his electorate and vote according to that. But the laziness of Australians has meant that the will of the heads of parties and the not will of the electorates is being put forward in Government and becoming enshrined into legislation. We have no one to blame but ourselves when the current set of laws do not reflect our liking—especially if we have said nothing to our MPs—they are not mind readers.

It is our DUTY to express “our will” to our local members on all issues that are of concern to us. We do this by writing a “My Will” letter.

Your will be done(The following format for a “My Will” letter is from A booklet by Arthur A Chresby titled “Your Will Be Done”.—Arthur was a Research Analyst in Constitutional Law for 53 years, and formerly Federal Member for Griffith in the House of Representatives.)


How do you correctly inform your Members and Senators of your WILL? It is so simple that only laziness and indifference ON YOUR PART stops it from working. Yes, it is so very simple, and here is an example:- Suppose, for instance, you believe that income tax should be halved and sales tax completely eliminated. You write, in this case AN INDIVIDUAL letter to your Federal Member, and each one of your State Senators, such as this:-


“Dear Sir, I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before Parliament, or that should come before Parliament IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to have income tax halved and sales tax removed completely. Yours faithfully, (signed)

(Insert your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent.)

Should your Member or Senators try to side-step (and some of them are extremely adept at doing this) or tell you what their party is or is not doing, you simply write back and say:-

Dear Sir, I repeat that, in accordance with my lawful obligation to keep you informed of MY WILL, I again inform you that it is MY WILL that you take immediate action to have income tax halved and sales tax removed completely. Yours faithfully.

Don’t enter into written argument with a politician, for many politicians are past masters in the art of avoiding that which they don’t want to face up to, and become experts in manipulating words to their benefit.

Although the majority of politicians would never publicly admit it, what worries them most - irrespective of majority or party - is the percentage trend in electorate thinking that is shown by the number of simple straight letters clearly expressing THE WILL of the elector signing the letter.”



We can make a difference to our laws and Government. Our system was designed to reflect the true will of the people—we just never got taught how to use it properly. Read Arthur’s  booklet to understand how YOUR WILL and the framework of our current system of government is meant to work.

Then join us in our CALLS to use our wills to ensure the future for Australia is the one we want.

(This booklet represents 53 years of constitutional analysis by Arthur A Chresby and a Member of Parliament. It will be the most worthwhile one and a half hours you have ever invested in your self education.)