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Concit Ensuring our Future

Selling out Journalism for Political Ends—ENEMEDIA

ENEMEDIA: Definition: (Urban Dictionary) “media-usually left-wing -that lies, distorts, censors and ignores key facts or information when reporting out of fear, ignorance, ineptitude or the typically willful promotion the a the Left side of political agendas only, choosing to dispense propaganda instead of questioning authority and practicing objective journalism”….(selling out journalism for political ends)

Sitting through seven hours of ABC coverage of our elections capped off the truth about the media in Australia—it is truly the enemy of our democracy. While many chose not to listen to the bias of the ABC election coverage, those that persisted were subject to hours of self righteous bigotry in broadcasts to our nation. So here is some feedback to our media in general.

  1. The opinion of a reporter or news facilitator is not the opinion of the entire nation. As professional reporters of events and historic moments why not just report the truth and the facts for a change so the rest of us can make up our own minds on the matter—Yes we do have that ability. The banal leftist commentary that pours out of the ABC and most media sources has just got to stop.
  2. The media are obliged to report the truth and NOT to bear “false witness”. The Liberal Party made a point of highlighting the fraud that was committed on the Australia people last night by the unions and Labor. Vulnerable Australians in all States were contacted by people purporting to be from Medicare saying that the Liberal Party were planning to privatise Medicare. It was slander against the Liberal Party and fraud for pretending to be from Medicare. This rightly needs to go to the police and be investigated at law and the perpetrators held to account in our Courts for diverting the course of a just election. Every paper and media outlet that reported these lies without doing the due diligence needs to be held to account and frankly be awarded the cost of running a new election—because that it what was stolen from the Australian people—justice in reporting facts during an election.
  3. Respect the support of minor parties. Last night the Aunty “tut tutting” of Pauline Hanson was nothing short of bigoted and outrageous commentary. In case the ABC didn’t notice, she has won at least one seat. That makes her and One Nation Party, one of the elected representative of THE Australian people—the people who fund the ABC. Please refer back to point one. (Your opinion is none of our business. Your job is to cover the news.)
  4. Finally and this is a local matter. Our local independent and minor candidates were given no press coverage until the day of the election. So our Bendigo community was robbed of information about their candidacy prior to going to vote. Postal voters and pre-voting simply robbed of all information. Yet, the Press Council in their wisdom allows our media to be biased. Shame on them they have forgotten their mandate. An unbiased media is the foundation stone of a healthy democracy. The Bendigo media is nothing more than the propaganda tool for the Labor Party and its cronies. That means we no longer have a democracy in Bendigo…and the results of the election prove out point.
  5. Surely, journalists and media personnel didn’t train to become puppets of commercial or political interests. If editors won’t let the real story be printed then turn to the Facebook pages and get the real truth out. Frankly the enormous mandate the media has to preserve democracy and truth in our society is being seriously compromised by these self interests. As a society we cant even consider having citizen initiated referendums because of the lack of unbiased media to discuss the issues openly.

What this election proved was that “The Enemedia” is alive a well in Australia. It fabricated the lies of the Labor Party; it made people wrong for supporting minor parties; it even robbed people from hearing alternate views from the minor candidates. These are all symptoms of a media that has lost its purpose to be the checks and balances of a healthy democracy. It sold out journalism for political ends to become nothing more than a propaganda tool. and the disrespect to the profession that follows will be their just reward. They earned it by betraying the Australian people.

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