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Concit Ensuring our Future

Bendigo Advertiser—media “Bully”

If there was an award for the WORST photo journalism in Australia Bendigo Advertiser would have won it “hands down”. The criteria is not incompetence—it is the deliberate misuse of photography to diminish a person’s standing.

This is the real Elise Chapman and these photos were taken this year, one of them just a month ago—hardly an “unattractive woman” wouldn’t you say.
















Yet the Bendigo community have yet to see Cr Elise Chapman portrayed in anything other than an ugly, unfavourable light.

We cant even give the Bendigo Advertiser the benefit of the doubt for not having enough photos to choose from. Last Council meeting Cr Chapman had to ask the Mayor to call the Bendigo Advertiser photographer into line as the amount of photos being taken of her was become a distraction. Cr Chapman claimed that she had counted over 300 photos at this point and the meeting was still in full swing.

What the Bendigo Advertiser then chose to publish follows:

6-8-2015 Council Meeting:

5-8-2015 This is a real shocker5-8-2015
Bendigonians are so used to seeing Cr Chapman being portrayed in a bad light that it has become a standing joke. While we may try and laugh it off, the seeming intention of the paper to portray Elise Chapman in the worst photographic light it is now becoming embarrassing. It is a type of character assassination and surprisingly unprofessional considering that The Bendigo Advertiser is a Fairfax Paper.

This series was so bad that supporters on social media even came to her rescue.


we support elise


Not to be eclipsed by this shocker.



When does enough become enough? This is the worse form of mental abuse—when media continues to portray a person in this way. She is not a criminal. She has done nothing wrong. It is just another form of bullying—media bullying and it needs to stop.

We know from studies in psychology that people listen to and follow attractive people. This continual misrepresentation of Cr Chapman’s appearance can only been seen as a deliberate act by the Bendigo Advertiser to influence the people of Bendigo community away from supporting Cr Chapman.

Cr Elise Chapman is a person of “good standing” who has contributed endless hours of her life to the people of Bendigo.

In her stand in the Mosque debate she also represents the legitimate concerns of a large number of her Bendigo Community and does not deserves this kind of reputation damage because her representation of that community disagrees with an “inappropriately biased” editorial stance of the Bendigo Advertiser.

We ask you to stop this harassment and photo bullying of Cr Elise Chapman and take a more unbiased position. Shame Bendigo Advertiser SHAME!

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