Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

How many have to die before we address the elephant


People are accusing Anti-Islam pages (like Stop the Mosque in Bendigo) that report each massacre as it unfolds before they know if it was Muslim-related—as being racist and divisive.

Understand these pages are also against the lies of “Political Correctness” and for good reason. The media, the Government and the police are now choosing to withhold information from the public because they don’t want to release that yet another Muslim was at the cause of a massacre or atrocity. It is an embarrassment for the multicultural experiment of Western Governments the world over, because it represents yet another breakdown in the fabric of social cohesion and security caused by the fundamentalist followers of Islam in the West.

We began in 2014, since then the pages have reported on:

1. SAN BERNADINO Massacre which began as “Nothing to do with Islam” but then turned out to be a fundamentalist Muslim refugee couple and a third that somehow escaped being killed and was never mentioned again.

2. NICE Truck Massacre started out as an estranged depressed refugee driver who turned out to have been planning it for over a year, a recent born again Muslim fundamentalist, who had accomplices.

3. ORLANDO Massacre was also a “Nothing to do with Islam” but turned out to be a jihad by yet another devout Muslim whose father actively supported the Taliban.

4. ANSBACH was quickly declared a Muslim jihad by German authorities after they found Islamist videos on his phone.

5. MUNICH Massacre was another “Allah Akbar” Muslim atrocity that PC authorities are still trying to attribute bullying.

6. TURKEY Airport bombing turned out to be Russian Muslim refugees that Russia wanted to previously deport but stopped by World Court.

7. BRUSSELS bombing massacres were all Muslim jihadi.

8. PARIS Bataclan massacre was a well planned Muslim Jihadi suicide bombing and shooting massacre.

9. CHARLIE HEBDO massacre was a planned Muslim jihad retaliation for Blasphemy.

Two car jihads happened in the previous year. Both drivers were declared mentally ill, even though both drivers yelled “Allahu Akbar” as they drove their vehicles into crowds of French non-Muslim innocents. Did declaring them insane prevent the Bataclan or Charlie Hebdo. No.

10. CHINA train station stabbing massacres (two) by their Turkish speaking Uyghur Muslims.

11. RUSSIAN domestic airplane was exploded by a Muslim bomb stowed on board through Muslim ground staff in an Egypt stopover.

12. EGYPT AIR flight that was recently downed by a bomb had been tagged two years prior that it would be brought down by Muslim jihadi—and it was

13. Two Malaysian domestic airliners that now both appear to be suicide massacres by Muslim pilots.

14. PAKISTAN Easter Bomb Massacre of Christian women and children at a park was once again by Muslim jihadists.

15. ISRAEL has had a bomb on a bus, a massacre of Rabbis in a Temple and countless stabbings—all by Muslims

16. MOROCCO massacre where tens of British tourists were shot in a tourist resort by yet again another Muslims jihadist.

17. BANGKOK bombing in a shopping centre that nearly took out anti-Reclaim singer Jimmy Barnes was attributed to Muslim jihad.

18. JAKARTA bombing of a Starbuck cafe was later attributed to Muslim jihadists

19. SYDNEY Lindt Cafe Siege which was only declared a terrorist event after pressure from the public.

All of this has taken place in the last two years—not counting the kidnapping murders across the world and the almost daily bombings elsewhere in the Middle East and the shocking ongoing massacres of Christians in Africa by various Muslim jihadi group including Boko Haram.

Melbourne has become the car jacking capital of Australia. We have car jackings that our political correct elite are trying to blame on a teenage multi-racial “Apex gang” but who we all know are predominately Muslim with a handful of Islanders.

We have a problem. We have a violent ideology in our midst and no one wants to address the elephant in the room.

So we and the Anti Islam pages will continue to report events, as they happen, so the powers that be can’t sweep them under the table under another Political Correct excuse because we know that Islam is a violent doctrine of jihad and that it should never have been allowed in the West.

The only question we all have is …”How many of us have to die before our Government does something about it? Can we have that number please?”

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