Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

At a Crossroad in Australian Democracy

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In 2011 the most remarkable human event went unreported by our media. Fifteen million Egyptians (50% of the population) took to the streets in the world’s biggest “people’s rally” ever staged in the history of the planet. It was against their government and it’s secret police. The people found their “social conscience” and chose individually to come together to bring change, by the people, for the good of the people. The Government immediately resigned. However, it took 30 years of individuals being constantly abused by the Government before they collectively found their voice.

In Australia we too are at a crossroad of democracy. We have handed over our power to a two party system and allowed a corrupt media to be maintained. As a result we have had individual freedom of expression squashed though “offence” legislation, police powers have been increased and terrorism is now on our shores.

The reason we are being invaded by Islam is not because of our Government policies it is because we as Australians didn’t understand or convey how we felt about the issue of mass immigration, Australian values and the kind of Australia we want our children to grow up in. We did not provide the necessary social conscience for the right decisions to be made and in part that is a media problem.

The two party system is not working for many reasons. It is time we had a fresh look at what is going on before it is too late.

We have Islam to thank for the anomalies showing up, but it is time to decide what we need to do moving forward for our children’s sake.

The following may bring some light into why we are in the state we are in.

The “LEFT” always represents the “COMMON GOOD”

Marxism, Socialism, Communism are models of government that sit on what we call the “Left” side of the political spectrum. The system asks the person to give up thinking for themselves first for the sake of others. Which on the base of it sounds noble and good.

THE PREMISE: Only the government and its experts know how to best care for its people, distribute the wealth, protect and determine the way forward for the nation.

Current favourite leftist model in Australia is “Cultural Marxism” courtesy of the Fabian Society. Some of Australia’s “Fabian” leaders have been Julia Gillard, Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Simon Crean.

In this “Common Good” landscape we find institutions like Medicare, Centrelink and United Nations; policies like Political Correctness, offence legislation, multiculturalism, climate change and mass immigration under the guise of “wealth redistribution”.

Even the current Media sits in the left here with their privacy invading mantra of “the people have a right to know”.

It is also the land where truth and justice is bent for the sake of the common good. Where Islam was introduced to Australia on the back of multiculturalism. Where “cultural differences” brought exceptions to the law witnessed in Rotherham (UK) where Police chose to maintain “political correctness” towards a part of the Muslim community and made victims of hundreds of thousands of (non-Muslim) girls for the sake of the “common good”.

The individual gives up their freedom in exchange for communal benefits of free state health, education, and handouts.

All individual religions are removed and replaced with state endorsed Multi-faith doctrine. God is eventually replaced by the state. Atheism eventually becomes the only acceptable religious position.

The enemy is anyone who chooses to criticise, separate from or divide up the whole. Typical “common good” terms of abuse are—“fascists”, “racists”, ,“Islamophobes” and “religious nutters”.

As more of the individual’s freedoms are sacrificed for the “common good” people fall into another form of slavery this time to their nanny state. They exchange independence for cultural reprogramming and being looked after, and personal freedom for the “common good”.

Democracy and free will do not live here, yet this is the side of politics represented by the Labor Party


Fascism, Capitalism, Monarchism, are models attributed to the Right side of politics. Here the rights and freedoms of the individual are once again handed over but this time in trade for money, power and influence.

THE PREMISE: The individual knows what is best for others, and the nation.

Monarchists submit to the head of the ruling family, mafia to their don, the army to the supreme ruler of war, sailors to the captain of ships, people to enlightened rulers or despots, and staff to the CEO.

The Rulers make the rules, create the vision, hand out the favours, and dish out the punishment. The ruler uses law and control to ensure loyalty and obedience to their will.

Truth is thwarted by fear for personal safety, loss of privilege, position or standing or manipulated by money and greed.

The enemy is anyone who doesn’t support the leader, submit to authority or tow the line. “Whistle blowers”, traitors, ‘anarchists”, “lefties” “dole bludgers” “whimps” and “dropouts” are typical terms of abuse of the right.

The right uses Influence, power, control, tyranny and money to diminish a person’s freedom in exchange for protection, position, power and prestige. People become slaves to their job, money or the authority that controls their lives.

The right uses religion as a means of control and maintaining power. Many kings in the past became the leaders of the church or in league with the Church to increase or maintain their power and control.

Arab petrodollars have found support in government and universities and influence policy making at all levels.

Slavery exists on both sides of politics.

We hand over our freedom when we nestle into the comfortable the bosom of the “freebie laden” nanny state. On the other we hand over our freedom when we align ourselves with power, money, safety and prestige.

Either way we have stopped being personally responsible and accountable and that can only lead to corruption, dependance and slavery.

Democracy—the art of developing a Social Conscience

In the middle of our politics sits Democracy and perhaps the hardest of all taskmasters.

True democracy requires us to hold onto our personal sovereignty and live by our own moral compass—our conscience. It requires us to have the courage to stand up against the bullies for our beliefs and be responsible and accountable for our actions and provision in the face of persecution and bribery.

THE PREMISE is that in a free and just society everyone can flourish. Majority rule with every one following their individual truth will create a just and free government that is for the people and by the people.

Democracy exists where freedom, love and truth are cornerstones of the society and where people take on personal accountability for those values, flourishing in their lives. Many subscribe to Christianity for that purpose. Every person becomes responsible for being their “brothers keeper” and not the state.

Democracy requires freedom of expression. “Hate speech” exists as part of free speech but truth always gets left on the table for all to see.

Unrestricted trade and a free economy is another hall market of democracy.

Leaders are elected and changed often by majority vote. In the early stages of democracy in the US, leaders for both the church and the state were elected annually.

Today’s democracy, we choose our political representatives to represent and communicate our views in our various houses of Parliament. It requires us to talk to our MP and letting them know what our will is all matters—so that they can convey our will. We are not electing a leader or a party—we are electing a representative to convey our wishes and our specific electorate to the House of the people…the Government..

At the polling booth we all should understand who is standing and then voting below the line (not using the party preference system) but using OUR preference. That means numbering every person from one to one hundred and something, every election.

One of the biggest challenges we face to democracy in Australia is the two party preferred system.

In our current government Labor reflects the Left “nanny” state, and Liberal the Right—“vested interests”. Neither party is directly supporting the individual it is always via another group’s interests. The left stands for workers but via trade unions and the United Nations. For the right it is for free trade but via big business and other powerful national and international interests.

Either way we the ordinary people by voting along party lines are actually voting for one of two forms of slavery and not for parties interested in preserving our individual freedoms and democracy.

The reason we are being invaded by Islam is not because of our Government policies it is because we as Australians didn’t convey how we felt about the issue of mass immigration, Australian values and the kind of Australia we want our children to grow up in. We did not provide the necessary social conscience for the right decisions to be made.

We owe it to our children to start taking responsibility for the people we elect into govern Australia. This mess is OUR fault not “the Governments”. We gave away our power to a handful of people who did what they thought best, but our voice and guidance was missing out of their equation. Our social conscience is simply not being reflected in today’s laws because it has been missing out of the process.

For example every public poll taken on mosques being allowed to flourish—the majority were against—yet still they flourish.

People want freedom of expression yet 18C made it onto our law books and remains on the law statutes—even FaceBook gets to censor our comments.

We want our flag respected and protected yet still it remains burnable without punishment.

We want to maintain one legal system, one government, yet Sharia Law is in our everyday society and our government refuses to challenge it or remove it.

We have one law around security concerning dress for motorcyclists yet a different one applies for Islamists in burqas and niqabs.

We want sex with children to be illegal yet Victoria keeps legislation on its books that allows sex with 14 year old if they are married.

These are not just anomalies these are breaches of our democracy. The government is not representing the views of its majority. The two-party system is just not capable of delivering a true democracy.

That doesn’t mean some people in politics are not doing good…but it is showing that the two party system is failing the majority of people

The reason for this is two fold. The people are not being engaged and properly represented in the system and because the media is being biased the majority have no voice and are not being represented. You cant have a poll that shows people don’t want Islam and then call the majority “racists”—that is media bigotry of the worst form. It is bias and it is undermining the very fabric of our democracy.

Democracy can only work when you and I know what we want, stand up for what we believe, are able to be heard—that includes being reported by the media effectively—and then electing people that will represent our majority view.

In a true democracy your local MP knows what their electorate thinks because they hear from you, me and an unbiased media.

They don’t tow the party line instead, they cross the floor as part of their conscience vote, because that is what their electorate wants them to do.

We are responsible for the government we elect and the society we create. It is time for us to take back our power and get the right people in government and public media to represent our views.

Start talking to the candidates even put yourself up if you don’t find anyone to that represents your view.

This is a free and democratic country. Lets keep it that way. This is Australia, we are Australians and the Government is there to reflect OUR views and our values—and if in the process we become the only Western Nation without the presence of Islam and Sharia Law on our shores—and that is the will of the people—SO BE IT!


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