Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Who is looking out for the Australian people?

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The influence of the United Nations in Australia is extensive.

There are many agendas playing out in the Australian political landscape—cultural marxism/socialism, big business, IMF, UN—but just who is looking out for the Australian People?

The UN for example is a foreign power that in order to gain relevance requires nations like Australia to reduce our sovereignty and individual power and hand over some of that power to them. Slowly as a nation we are being nobbled by the various Agreements we have imposed on ourselves as a result of our membership to the UN.
The UN’s LIMA Agreement for instance has reduced our manufacturing sector to just 30% and taken away all economic safeguards for our farmers—causing thousands of farms to go broke and a “daily” farmer suicide rate. This is just so we can all trade “in a global marketplace”, and give developing countries a helping hand while importing cheaper but on the whole, sub-standard products in return.

The UN Refugee Agreement is holding us to ransom by making Australia accept refugees with no regard to the effect on the existing population.
The UN tentacles into our Councils are ensuring they follow UN Agenda 21 on sustainability increasing the density of our domestic housing, reduced carbon footprints whilst maintaining UN Human Rights Agreement. UN Human Rights ensures religious freedom AND MOSQUES to be imposed on the Australian public regardless of the wishes of our local population and our Democracy. Our constitution actually allows local communities to choose whether they want Islam in their communities and gives them the right to make these decisions democratically.
We are slowly being conditioned to accept a global view, reducing national border restrictions, national interests and ditching democracy—the will of the people in the process, for “the greater good”—decided on course by the UN Council.
Socialist experiments like the current economic migrant invasion of Europe fits in with UN agenda of wealth redistribution. Merkel is an avowed communist and now actively seeking election into the UN or EU.
Our leaders cannot serve two masters. They cannot belong to both Australian Parliament and the UN and still serve the interests of the Australia people. The UN has a global agenda. Abbott understood this, hence his boycott of the UN and climate talks. That position had him sidelined. Australia never voted in a referendum to join the UN. This was simply a Labor Party initiative.
Our membership to the UN needs to be separate from all forms of government maybe as an advisory body ONLY. The UN is a foreign power with its own bank, legal council and military force. It is also concerning that Islam is gaining an increasing hold on its proceedings. Our introduction of 18C legislation came after similar legislation was accepted by the UN.
It is time to review all our Agreements, especially from the UN. The Australian Government is here to serve the Australian people…not the Agenda of a foreign power. Our Government is elected to protect its people, its industry and ensure our future FIRST and foremost.
The UN has now established The United Nations Association Australia, ICLEI sustainability certification for Local Councils, UN Women and UN Youth Australia. It is influencing our women and children, influencing our leaders and weakening our Federal Government and sovereignty by making local council authorities accountable to the UN direct.
The socialist UN has a global power agenda. Its mandate is to decide what is “in the interest of the World” and therefore more important than the interests of just a localised region like Australia. It is using Climate Change to garner that power.  Our non-elected PM Malcolm Turnbull has just given $800 million to support that agenda. Turnbull has no mandate from the Australian people to do this nor to sign us up to the UN Climate Change Agenda.
During the recent Reclaim Rallies, patriots found that Labor MP Tanya Plibersek had been funding the propaganda of the violent counter rallies. While doing this research on the UN we uncovered that as shadow foreign minister she was also a speaker at the recent 2015 UN Conference in Australia and avid supporter leading us to question just who is funding her anti patriot campaign. Understandably UN tentacles could be coming against the Australian Patriot movement because of its resistance against the UN socialist agenda.
The Constitution of Australia makes it clear that we are an independent sovereign nation. Our ELECTED Government rules over the people of Australia. The United Nations and even Islam by definition with legal, government and military arms must be considered “foreign powers”. Julie Bishop, Tanya Plibersek and Malcolm Turnbull have no mandate to take instruction from any foreign power. Under Section 44 a person cannot be elected to govern while having any form of allegiance of a foreign power. 
We must reduce the hold the UN has on our nation and also remove it from local Council influence. Only the Federal Government has been elected to run the national interests of our country. Local Councils are solely responsible to State and Federal Governments. Time we took back our power, and gave it back to the people of Australia.