Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

When our police stop defending Australian law

Picture: NEWSCORP Source: News Limited

Yet another group of people are being asked to cave into Muslim terrorism. This time it is our young army cadets. Eight hours ago  The News reported this story ” Young defence cadets warned not to wear uniforms in public amid terrorism fears—MELBOURNE schools are instructing defence cadets as young as 13 not to wear their uniforms in public amid fears of terrorism.”

Instead of learning about courage and national pride, our Australian military uniform is once again being made into a garment that is allowed to be vilified by being considered dangerous to wear. This is now the second warning we have seen reported in the news, where men and women connected to our armed services are being told not to wear their uniforms in public in a matter of weeks.

So how is this playing out in the public?—a friend is travelling overseas had second thoughts about taking their Light Horse Brigade hat with them even though they were going to the monument at Beersheba to honour a family member from Australia who had fought over there in this battle.

I have an Defence Force cap from overseas that I love to wear to the dog park. But the other day, I took it off by the door as I was leaving, because the thought crossed my mind that if the defence forces are being told not to wear their uniform and I wear this cap…and anything should happen to me—well that then would be my fault.

At that moment I also realised that I no longer trusted the police to defend my basic freedom and rights. VCAT had virtually said the same thing, that if you get involved in this kind of stuff you have to expect to get hurt. The bullies now rule the roost and we have now all succumbed to the terrorism of trying not to cause “offence” or incite an act of terrorism..

I believe the police fraternising with the Muslim community is the most dangerous act they could do against the Australian community. We require the law to be unbiased. Unless the police fraternise to the same degree with every other religious group we are seeing a favouritism that is unAustralian. Secondly police are here to defend the interests of the majority and not the minority. Currently 381,000 people are terrorising the armed forces of Australia, the Cadets of Australia and everyone wearing a WESTERN army uniform because we can’t tell who out of this community are the dangerous ones that are not for Australia and the West.

A pack of Muslims attacked an AUSTRALIAN Naval Officer at 6.30 am in Sydney and told him that they wanted to kill him. He reported it to the police. He had been injured during the altercation, yet all charges were dropped. Do you know what shocking message that sends through the population?

We have a right to live peaceably. If I want to wear my military cap to the dog park I shouldn’t have to think twice about it. If a patriotic Australia dons on an Australian uniform he should be proud and upheld. He is giving his life for our country that needs to be honoured and not shoved away in some cupboard.

Anyone that goes against our uniform is a traitor and needs to be dealt with quickly and swiftly. That uniform represents our laws, our democracy, our Government and the Australian people. It belongs out on show, It belongs to be worn in pride but above all it belongs to be defended by the police. Shame on the police for being so politically correct that defending Sharia Law and its mandatory clothing for women (the burqa and hijab) is now more important than defending the Australian uniform and the uniform of our allies and friends overseas.

As an Aussie I am becoming concerned at the actions of the Police and the stance of its Commissioners. This is Rotherham all over again except this time it is against the Australian uniform, our way of life and everyday Australians. This political correctness has got to stop. Terrorism in Australia comes from one group alone—Muslims. Get over it and address the problem, but not by telling me and others to stop wearing clothing that might set of them off.

If the Australian uniform or any other “friendlies” uniform offends a member of this or any other community, then immediately lock them up and get them out of Australia. They are not putting Australia’s interests first—which is a legal multicultural requirement of becoming a citizen in this country.

I expect our police to defend our laws not pander to this dangerous minority that is now terrorising our entire nation. The men that accosted the naval officer should have been prosecuted with the full might of our law. The collusion that brought about the charges being dropped is shameful. Australia lost that round to the Muslim bullies and our defence forces and the police were part of that dishonouring. Those Muslim youths didn’t attack a man—they attacked Australia…and the whole population saw that our honour was not upheld.