Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

2015 Year in Review—(A Patriot’s Perspective)

11350422_1465672780392127_8087730506652396684_nThe aftermath of the Lindt Cafe Siege birthed Reclaim Australia Rallies. Across the nation thousands of families and patriots came out with flags and posters to voice their concerns about the changing social landscape of Australia.
Melbourne Reclaim Rally supported by Danny Nahlia’s Rise Up Australia Party, PDLA and STMIB was the first set of Patriot rallies to be targeted by violent counter rallies from the Left. Despite a close relationship with Melbourne police, the Melbourne rally was sabotaged on the day. A result a 70 year old woman was badly hurt from having a flag ripped out of her hand by counter ralliers. An Australian flag was burned in full view of Police. The media focussed on the one Nazi wannabee and 3 right wing thugs that showed up, ignoring the 2,000 everyday Victorian mums and dads in their Aussie gear and flags—to report the event as a violent right wing rally. (See pic.)

Patriots were alarmed at the violence of the counter rallies which led to the creation of the United Patriots Front with Blair Cottrell, GAP and Neil Erikson at the helm. The second set of Reclaim Rallies were besieged beforehand by counter rally propaganda coupled with fear mongering by the media. Despite the well done police presence and use of Capsicum spray on counter ralliers the Reclaim Rallies still went off without a hitch to much reduced numbers. The following two Bendigo Rallies and also the last Reclaim Rallies just went onto highlight the violence coming from the Left and calling for a halt on all counter rallies.
Social media throughout 2015 exposed the Media bias covering the events. The ABC got a major bucketing because of their anti patriot bias, resulting in their news crews not only being booed when they arrived at rallies but later being physically escorted away from events by Police at the request of organisers. ABC management changed at the end of 2015.
Internationally, we all witnessed the Charlie Hebdo massacre of 12 innocent cartoonists by Muslims wanting to impose their Blasphemy laws on France. Attacking the media ensured that Political Correctness became entrenched in Western media, leaving readers to interpret references to terms like French, Asian or Middle Eastern as substitutions for Islamic inspired killings, rapes and other anti social behaviour and activities by Muslims everywhere. In Australia we relied on journalists like Pickering, Devine and Bolt to call it as it was.
Months after the Islamic inspired Hebdo massacres 2015 Woman of the Year—Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer held a “Cartoons of Muhammad” exhibition in Texas, in the USA, which drew out two more Muslim, Sharia supporting terrorists. They opened fire on a security guard at the exhibition and were immediately killed in response, by police.
2015 was the year when ISIS hit a new low. On the back of burning people in cages, creating mass graves of Yazidi females, shocking reports from sex slaves, Christian beheadings on mass and numerous gays being thrown of buildings—let alone reports of farming non Muslims body parts for ISIS fighters, ISIS finished the year by killing off a breast-feeding mother and over twenty Downes Syndrome babies.  Turkey was also exposed for selling their oil and funding their Islamic Caliphate.
Obama with two Muslim fathers was exposed for taking up Christianity only to further his political career and was dubbed a Muslim sympathiser if not just plain “Muslim”. The Immigration invasion of Europe under the guise of helping Syrian refugees meant that World Leaders went up and down in grace. Russia’s Putin was voted in polls as preferred PM for UK over Cameron by Brits after bringing it to ISIS. Something 12 months of allied attacks failed to deliver. Donald Trump with his “stop Muslim immigration” became the serious contender for the next US elections leading all others in the pre-election polls. Marie Le Penn’s anti Islam party got one third of the vote in France’s regional elections, signally to France’s Socialist Government that their time in power is limited. Merkell in Germany delivered her New Years Address in Arabic subtitles—says it all. Across Europe anti immigration parties are gained popularity, but will it be too little—too late?
Tony Abbott brought in anti Terrorist legislation into Australia including the deportation of terrorists, stripping of dual citizenship and increasing the powers of ASIO and the Federal Police of Australia. He became the one hope of the Australian patriot movement before the unthinkable happened in line with Lord Monkton’s predictions.
Only Australia and Canada were boycotting the United Nations’ one-world Government 2015 Climate Conference. Abbott our PM was deposed in a coup by Malcolm Turnbull ensuring that Australia would now come to the UN table. While the Canadian election deposed of the only other UN abstainer. Socialist Trudeau brought Canada and together with Australia in tow all nations signed the UN Climate Control Agreement. Australia then committed an obscene $100 million to “global warming”, a theory proven to have no grounding and more about empowering the UN government and robbing Australia of its sovereignty. .
Australian police worked hard to foil multiple Muslim bomb attempts including ones for Mothers Day and ANZAC Day but lost a police person in Sydney to a 15 year old Muslim shooter with a gun supplied at his local mosque.
2015 delivered shocking Muslim Terrorist massacres abroad against non Muslims. We remember 38 Western tourists were massacred on the beach in Morocco, 21 in a Mali hotel, 224 were downed in a Russian passenger plane by bomb, plus two more Malaysian airline planes, ignoring one German plane downed due to a “depressed pilot”. 16 died in the recent San Bernadino massacre in USA, earlier in the year 2 military were slaughtered at a USA military barracks. Then there was the recent Paris attack where 130 were killed in a night club and hundreds more wounded by Muslim terrorists. The French authorities were no longer able to call these lone wolves attacks or by people who are mentally unstable. 160 mosques are under possible closure in France, 1250 have been closed in Morocco after the shootings. 24,000 mosques were closed in March 2015 in Egypt. Only one in the United States. Mosques and terrorism are now linked.
Since November Israel has been besieged by Palestinians terrorists wielding knives after a call to attack Jews from a local Palestinian Imam. Reports of up to 4 attacks a day many resulting in death, but Western Media fails to report on any of this. Israel’s Netanyahu remains one of the world’s respected Prime Ministers.
Leaked to the West through social media were a stream of reports of Islamic rapes of women, children and animals, violence against locals and a growing resentment from European patriots unable to stem the tide that Merkel’s floodgates that have opened. Hungary has built a razor wire fence and 5 countries including Denmark, Poland, Czech, Hungary and France of the EU are now renegging on refugee quotas. Meanwhile patriots in the west wonder how to shore up their own dhimmi countries from Islamic extremism coming in on the back of so-called Syrian refugees.
For the first time in Australia all three major parties appear to have been bought off perhaps through political funding to miraculously towing the UN-pro Muslim line. Even though EVERY poll of the Australian people want Islamic migration to stop. The next election is predicted to give minor parties and Independent a much greater voice.

Locally Bendigo Councillor Elise Chapman was put before a Conduct Hearing Panel for tweeting a photo of Islamic Female Genital Mutilation,on her own phone in her own time, to no avail to have her silenced or removed.. A patriot has been charged for religious vilification over a Facebook comment concerning mosques that appeared for a short while on Bendigo’s Stop the Mosque Facebook page before it was removed by admins. This week all 5 admins at Stop the mosque in Bendigo’s Facebook page were banned for a single post aimed at PM Turnbull ongoing support of all things Islamic and ignoring the plight of Christian genocide.

The Mosque in Bendigo originally approved on an illegal permit with a one metre list of planning anomalies has been given yet another green light by our so called legal justice system, despite the fact that the majority of Bendigonians don’t want it.

This year also saw political and legal reprisals against patriots like Kim Vuga for wanting to stand in Senate elections, Bernard Gaynor for saying that the Army shouldn’t be seen supporting political rallies—upheld at court, Kiralee Smith in speaking out against Halal Certification and Mike Holt Senate’s run being constantly under attack by the LGBT activists for also exposing pedophiles years ago.
The mood of Australian patriots is at best extremely apprehensive and defensive. The wishes of the people are being railroaded and anyone with half a brain can see that the shift of power is being moved to the UN. We are taking in UN sourced refugees because of the UN Refugee Agreement that our Government signed without a referendum. We are having to provide mosques because of the UN Human Rights Agreement entitling Muslims to set up Cultural centres called mosques even with an agenda to take over Australia for Islam. This Islamic agenda is being ignored just like Hitlers agenda to for elimination of the Jews was ignored 60 years ago. The Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia which now exists foreshadows the elimination of democracy, government, women’s rights, legal system and military in deference to a Sharia system and caliphate for Australia.

Christians are also under attack in our own culture and abroad. The Socialist left and Islam have found in Christians (and Jews) a common enemy which they both seek to eliminate. The Socialist Government of Victoria is now trying to ban Christmas carols from end of year school plays having already failed to eliminate prayers and bibles from the schoolyard earlier this year. Islam gets to celebrate Ramadan and Islamic dress in Australian schools but Christian, the religion of Australia is being ousted. In the US parents have been in an uproar as children are learning the Islamic creed and how to bow down in Islamic prayers. SBS even tried to get Aussie women to don on a hijab for a global hijab day—earlier this year. The Media refuses to classify the Boko Haram terrorist massacres as massacres against Christians. Isis similarly are persecuting Christians along with 38 other majority Muslim countries.

Muslims and Socialists must undermine the Christian philosophy of the West, that maintains a belief in democracy, free speech and freedom for either of them to succeed. Patriots across the world will need to continue to defend these values along with the sovereignty of their countries over the EU and UN.
WHat we need to do moving forward in 2016 will be a future post.