Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Muslim Immigration and Why it Needs to be Stopped

Seen in the streets of Sydney
Seen in the streets of Sydney

To understand the Issues with Islamic migration is to understand that unlike any other group on the planet, Muslims and Islam share an interwoven a path of living life called Sharia. Islam prescribes what they eat, who they marry, gender roles, occupations and outlook on life, food clothing and laws of communal living (Government). Their prophet Muhammad is their absolute role model and the laws of Allah their guide for living. They are regarded above any man made laws Herein is the problem for any form of Islamic immigration into the West. They run to the beat of Islam not the host country. To understand the issues for host countries of Islamic Immigration we have taken apart some of Muhammad’s qualities as the role model for Muslims and what that means for our culture.

Revealing the character and influences of Prophet Muhammad—the role model of Islam.

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  1. MODEL: Muhammad had over 15 wives and 4 sexual slaves: Therefore Polygamy is part of Islam as are sexual slaves (concubines). In Islam a Muslim man can take up to 4 wives at a time and can divorce any one of them by uttering the words ” I divorce you” three times.IMPLICATION: Multiple marriages, means large families and massive welfare burdens for host countries. With numbers like 14 dependents per Muslim male, the West is only geared for 4-5 people per household. This becomes an immediate burden for the tax paying public with no end in sight, often resulting in separate housing for each wife and follow on housing costs. Let alone the fact that polygamy is against our cultural norms and our Laws.
  2. MODEL: Muhammad married his second wife when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was just 9. By our standards Muhammad was a pedophile. Iran has even made “nine” the legal age of maturity for females and 16 for males to avoid pedophile issues for their role model. Consequently child marriages are the norm. Prepubescent marriage contracts are also acceptable in Islam.IMPLICATION: It is no coincidence that UK’s Muslim rape grooming gangs targeted thousands of Western girls around  11- 12 years of age. Child marriages are being sanctioned by mosques although against our laws. Children are sent overseas to marry at what we consider underaged. Schools report the disappearance of Muslim girls from their classrooms once they reach puberty. Victoria has even legalised Islamic pedophilia by adopting legislation recognising overseas marriage to 14 year old girls. Islam accepts pedophilia…we as a culture don’t.
  3. MODEL: Muhammad married his first Cousin. Consequently Muslims have been marrying first cousins for centuries bringing with it centuries of inbreeding, birth deformities and reduction in IQ.IMPLICATION: UK study found that 30% of all birth deformities in UK hospitals were from Pakistan parents. They were over represented for the population. Pakistan practices first cousin marriages. The same study had inbreeding in Arabs at 65 percent. Muslim migrants as a result represent higher needs in congenital deformities and higher needs in health requirements and in education. Lower IQ present challenges in learning new languages, customs and skills. On health inbreeding  issues alone we should be steering clear of this group.
  4. MODEL: Muhammad beat his wives. Aisha his second wife describes in scripture her bruises as “green” in colour. The Koran details how to beat your wife. Consequently domestic violence is practiced in Islam.

IMPLICATION: Host counties must increase funding for domestic violence support centres for Muslim women. This is a human rights issue as The Koran also accords men as superior to women therefore Muslim males see it as their right under Islam to beat their wives.  Naturally our support services would facilitate moving women out of violent households and add entire families onto the welfare system because domestic abuse is endemic in Islam. A 2014 Health Care study of Pakistani women found 85% had been beaten by their husbands. Every family is a potential domestic violence rescue situation.

5 MODEL: Muhammad personally beheaded 600 Jews because they would not submit to Islam. He went onto subdued all of Arabia to be under Islam through a massive terror campaign. He spent the last two years of his life warring against Christians in Syria Islam represents a commitment to jihad. Chapter 8 in the Koran is the Chapter that spells this out very clearly. It is the duty of every Muslims to further the cause of Islam. The cause of Islam is to have “every knee bow to Allah”. To this end true believers will give up their life and their possessions. True believers are the jihadists that intend to bring the whole world to its knees using violence and terrorism, just like Muhammad. (See 60 second video below.)


IMPLICATION: Muslims are committed to the outcome that of the host country eventually converting to Islam. Integration is forbidden by Islam. They must remain superior and separate. To that end they will use the same techniques offered in the Koran—build numbers, create friendly treaties that will be broken once numbers increase, create terror, overthrow the government for Sharia, kill those who resist the invitation to convert or put the remainder under severe hardship through a protection tax.

It is not surprising to find 50% of the able male population of Muslims in Australia (85,000) involved in security services and holding security licences. This should be concerning to our internal security departments. Also to note is the success of gun stores in Muslim predominant suburbs. Australia also contributes an ongoing flow of jihadi for ISIS in Syria. Over 100 jihadi have gone from Australia, some with their families to fight for the Islamic State against Syria and the Allied Forces including Australia.

The violent and supremacist mindset taught through Islamic scriptures also translates to our jails having three times the representation of Muslims per population, even allowing for all the cultural considerations being metred out by the courts. Turnbull wanting to incarcerate unreformed jihadists (“True Believers” according to Islam) for life, just places a further financial burden on all Tax Paying Australians. Every Muslim is a sleeping “true believer”. Radicalisation is a misnomer—it is just a Muslim that has found the call to jihad as stated clearly in the scriptures and their prey is us, non-Muslims—those who choose not to convert to Islam.

These are just some of the issues we face with Islamic immigration. The values of Islamic culture compared to  the West are poles apart. Frankly we are better off leaving Muslim immigration in the too hard basket and welcoming in ANY other culture. Considering our Judeo-Christian roots we could start with Christians, Jews and Yazidis as they are becoming highly persecuted in the Middle East and in Africa and compliment our core life values. After that we could look toward Europe as they have been successful immigrants in the past, then Asia. Our last consideration should be followers of Islam.