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Concit Ensuring our Future

How terrorism is funded by Zakat payments

Every year a Muslim must pay a religious tax (Zakat) amounting to 2.5% of TOTAL earnings as part of their duty to support Islam. This is commanded from the Koran. How it is to be distributed is also detailed in the Koran.

Mosques usually are the agency that collect and distribute Zakat payments, Hence why Imams are the ones getting caught out by Western security people for supporting terrorist organisations. Some payments uncovered being made to terrorist organisation like HAMAS, in Canada for example, were reaching into the millions.

One eighth of the contributions ZAKAT according to the Koran is to support the active cause of Islam (the creation the dominantion of Islam over all others)—which is also ultimate cause of jihad.

In some parts of the Koran the payment to support jihad is actually higher than 2.5%.

A true believer is also a person that supports the cause of Islam with their finances and their lives. (Chapter 8 Koran)

To support jihad is fulfilling a Muslim’s religious obligation to Islam.

Zakat in effect must fund what we class as terrorism, but is defined as jihad in the Koran.

In Islam a Muslim’s duty is to protect the “Ummah”—the nation of Islam, and to further the cause of Islam—to either participate or fund jihad.


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