Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Greens are pushing the “social cohesion” killer

Christine Milne, Leader of The Greens political party, is advocating “social cohesion” as the cure for Terrorism in Australia.

Multiculturalism allows for two or more cultures to live together in the same land. The theory is, that eventually they will end up meshing together to form one gigantic happy nation.

Yet this has not worked with Islam in any Western nation to date, because of one fact that everyone seems to want to overlook—Muslims don’t assimilate. Muslims are taught through the Koran to believe they are the master race with the master religion. They are simply not permitted to assimilate with non believers, but must keep to themselves and remain segregated.

So wherever they settle the majority of Muslims insist on pluralism. They want to keep to their culture, their religion and life their way superior and separate from the host nation.

Pluralism is what drives a wedge and kills social cohesion. Yet pluralism is exactly what Islam wants to establish in Australia with Islam’s own set of Sharia law, a Caliphate government and their own religious police.

The fact that Milne is unable to discern this—which is exactly what the Muslim community keeps lobbying each successive Government to establish, makes her simply dangerous as a leader to the long term security of Australia.

Already there have been extensive polls and studies conducted. The Pew Poll showed that third generation Muslims in the UK are still calling for the establishment of Sharia Law in Britain. Islam’s drive is simply greater than this current theory of multi-culture and the good intentions of its 30 year believers. Islam has behind it 1400 years of an unchanging tradition and billions of current day believers.

This social elitism of Islam is what is divisive and it has no place in our embracing, egalitarian and multi-ethnic culture. Pandering to this elitism will only end up putting our government and eventually the Australian people into servitude to Muslims agenda, just for the sake of being “nice”.

Let us all be clear, the agenda or “cause” of Islam is the elimination of disbelief from the planet and that includes the disbelief of the Australian people. Muslims are the master “race” with the master religion and ways, also according to the Koran.

Australians being nice and accommodating to their beliefs just makes it easier to bring Australia as a nation, to heel. We only need to see how quickly their Sharia laws concerning Halal food have permeated our entire food industry, forcing the majority of the Australian population to adopt their Halal requirements. This is their Sharia Law permeating OUR culture in a matter of years and not the other way around.

Two years ago Hizb-ut Tahrir said in the press conference on release their “Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia” that 25 years would be all it would take to have enough sway in our nation to introduce the Caliphate into Australia. It seems that no one actually took them seriously. What about now?

Milne’s direction while it might generate a wonderful feel good policy for her followers is both naive and dangerous to the long-term health, security and freedom of Australia.



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