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Concit Ensuring our Future

Police pepper spray Aussies upset over burning flag

that's my flag
That is my country’s flag you are burning. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

EXTRACT:—From Patriot Report filed with Stop the mosque in Bendigo FB page 30/8/2015

“The drama started when the lefties started to burn an Aussie flag while at the front of the steps of the Town Hall. This was second one they burned for the day. The first one no one could get hold of it. It was in the middle of them behind police lines down at the Mall a couple of hours earlier. 

Second one they burned 5 metres away right in front of the cops  who they did nothing. The cops were told 4 times by patriots that they needed to stop it or they would be inciting a riot. 

The cops refused to stop the burning of the flag. 150 guys then lunged through the cops to get at the flag. They got through three police lines until the police then produced 10 cans of mace and started to spray the patriots trying to get to the flag. I saw a  guy with a prosthetic leg shoved to the ground twice by police. “

COMMENTARY: So now we have the situation where Police regard loyal Australians—the defenders of country and flag as the “offenders” —and the  actual traitors who go about destroying the symbol of Australia—as those that need “protecting”.

As a community we need to give this scene some serious attention.

The ones who go a fight wars for our nation are not the flag burners—it is the other guys—the Patriotic Australians. They have always gladly gone off to protect our ways, our culture and nation. What is a nation if it isnt the laws we have created for ourselves, our heritage and our national pride.

Today however, we witnessed our police use capsicum spray on young men defending our flag on our streets.

These men were understandably outraged when another Australian burned our flag in front of them, as a deliberate sign of disrespect for their commitment  to our nation.

The Police however, who are meant to be the agents of the Government—who in turn are servants of the people represented by THE FLAG—stood by and did nothing. That is a gross dereliction of duty to the Australian people.

Then for Police to turn on Australians trying to stop the desecration of that flag and spray them with mace for being outraged at this offence is lunacy. It is like police pepper spraying a man for trying to stop a rapist raping his wife—happening in front of him—because he tried to charge through police lines and stop the attacker committing the crime behind the Police.

An offensive social crime was being committed—the most offensive crime you can do to an Australian—and the Police defended the perpetrators.

We note that the Victorian Police Minister is the ex Assistant Federal Secretary of the Trade Workers Union, the same union his father headed up in Victoria. I have a problem when Unions have any control over our Police force.

As a member of the public I am shocked at the misguided alliances of the Victorian Police Department. Since when does the Police turn on Australians for protecting our symbol and flag.

All those patriots sprayed should file a class action against the Victorian Police. Crime—TREASON.

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