Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

What Facebook wanted kept from the Australian Public

FB censored


We have just been given the details of the post that caused the 10 people behind the infamous “Stop the Mosque in Bendigo” to be banned—some as long as 30 days—from using Facebook.

The Admins posted this comment this morning:

Hi Guys we are back after Facebook placed a ban on EVERY admin and EVERY editor associated with the page (All 10 of us). Finally folks it is undeniable—we now live under censorship.

The offending post concerned a Breitbart report on asylum centres in Germany. Perhaps the most troubling issue for us, is that a deal Facebook made with Merkel on repressing info about asylum seekers now impacts people in other sovereign nations like Australia. How can a deal done over there in Europe between Facebook and Merkel stop us talking about a similar issue we face here and guaranteed under law by our 18D legislation?

This is wrong. If Merkel wants to delude her own population—fair enough, she will have to face them next election, but to stop Australians learning about an issue in her country from an American media house and commenting on it is global censorship by Facebook, and this is wrong. Breitbart is a legit media organisation. Our comment was also legit

Are we going to do something about it—YOU BETCHA. The question is…will you back us up? Like and Share if you agree.

This is the Facebook Advice received by one of the admins when they logged on 13th February 2016.


we removed



This is the actual article from Breitbart in London, by Chris Tomlinson that we posted. (Our comment is below it.)


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.46.47 am


And what was the offending comment raised by Stop the Mosque in Bendigo?

“Muslim men need to be housed on their own….”

Looks like the Aussie calling “a spade”— a spade—is now deemed by Facebook as politically incorrect and worthy of censorship not just of the person making the comment…but everyone associated with the page.



(It has also been suggested that the ban could have been political muscle to do with this post—a week before on 7th February. Where Stop The Mosque in Bendigo revealed the page was more popular than any of the major Australian Political Parties on facebook—Either way the intention was to have the page silenced and that it was—for three days.)


On 7th February we posted this on the Site. Within a week we were all banned.
On 7th February Stop The Mosque In Bendigo posted this comparison chart. Within a week all the admins and editors were banned, rendering the page lifeless for 3 days.

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