Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Which one Australia?

islam-in-schools-2From: Article in Front Page Magazine 

“CAIR—demands Muslim Indoctrination of 12 year olds” 

“The terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding that public school students in overwhelmingly Christian Tennessee be taught that the Islamic prophet Muhammad is the one and only true messenger of God.”

Herein is the “exact” problem for the West.

While everyone else says “whatever” to religion…Muslims DEMAND our submission to Islam…which we are now told leads to “frustration” and subsequent terror acts.

Without realising it, our Governments and “social cohesion” experts have bought into the belief that it is our lack of acceptance of Muslims that is causing terrorism in the West! This has become the height of ridiculousness in current thinking towards the terrorism issue.

Simply, if we don’t want terrorism on our shores, then these are the options to consider:

  1. We submit to Islam and remove the frustration for jihadists, or
  2. We “reprogram” (close down mosques, schools and ban the Koran) and remove Islam
  3. We imprison or remove Muslims from our land.

Most people are shocked at the strength of these options, but what else can we consider?…except for giving them a bit of Australia and saying “here, that bit is yours”…like India did with Pakistan and Burma did with the Rohingya and the Philippines are currently doing. However, Russia and China both refused to hand over land, instead they are in the process of reprogramming and banning Islam. Angola and Japan have banned Islam outright.

Assimilation is not an option for Muslims. For all the “politically correct” socialists and multiculturalists out there— here is the fact—The Koran forbids assimilation with non-Muslims. The end goal is always the same…the host country must end up in submission to Islam. Even if only 40% of Muslims are strong believers in the cause of Islam…that is still 40% of Muslims that will continue to get frustrated by our resistance and agitate for reform and could resort to using terrorism.

images-2Instead of assimilating and becoming part of Australia, these Muslims will continue to demand pluralism from our governments. In other words we get to keep our laws they get to practice Sharia, until their numbers are so dense in a particular suburb they can declare it a Sharia Zone. Sharia zones forbid gambling, alcohol, gays, music, “undressed” women, drugs or Australian Police, until…eventually police recommend locals to move out. A number of people have come forward who attest to having been told by police to get out of suburbs like Lakemba, Fairfield, Thomastown by local police because they can no longer be protected. As a result Muslims get to claim that particular piece of turf, that used to be part of Australia—for Islam.

So, rather than keep trying to bury our heads in the sand, as intelligent adults, we need to discuss the real issue of which part of Australia we want to hand over to Islam? Personally, I would propose East Sydney where Turnbull lives, in order for our PM to appreciate what is really at play here and minimise our land loss.

We all recognise that Australians want to live without terror, but we also “ain’t” going to submit to Islam—so, which option, Australia?

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