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Turnbull’s ignorance of Islam is dangerous for Australia

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These following opinions were expressed by Malcolm Turnbull in a Q&A session (Mar 1, 2011) on Islamic schools. It shows the complete level of ignorance by Turnbull on the true nature of Islam and the threat of Islam to the free people of Australia. His speech last night in taking over the helm of Australia, displayed that his stand has not changed.

  1. TURNBULL: All Islamic schools are homes for teaching extremism—that is absurd.
    FACT: Every Islamic school must teach—Islamic superiority, intolerance of non Muslims, inequality of the sexes, the superiority of all Islamic law over man-made law (democracy) and a belief in jihad which supports the “cause of Allah”—because all of these are core concepts of the Qu’ran. These core principals are also at the base of all Islamic extremism and terror groups.
  2. TURNBULL: Islam is an ancient religion of great scholarship
    FACT: Islam is a political, military AND religious ideology that was founded around 700AD. It is one of youngest religions. Islam has not had scholarship since inquiry ended in the 11th century.
  3. TURNBULL: Much of our learning and culture came to us from the Muslims.
    FACT: Our learning does not come from Islam; our capacity for innovation was spurred by 14 centuries of Islamic imperialism and violence that destroyed two-thirds of Christendom.
  4. TURNBULL: and gave us much of our system of numbers
     FACT: Hindus invented and gave us those numbers; Muslims simply transmitted it to us.
  5. TURNBULL: Much of the learnings of the Ancient Greek only survived because of the Arab scholars.
    FACT: Islam destroyed nine-tenths of the classical tradition in vast library-burnings in the 7th century. An extension of the war mongering that Muhammad commenced and that gave cause to 4 crusades to stop it. The remnant of our great libraries were preserved by Christian monks fleeing the Byzantine empire as it was destroyed.
  6. TURNBULL The idea that Islam is antithetical to learning to culture or scholarship is absurd.
    FACT: Islam’s traditions are militaristic, uneconomic, un-ecological (the Middle East is a wasteland, which once was fertile) Plus it oppresses half its population (females).
  7. TURNBULL: We must promote and encourage a “moderate” Islam that ….supports freedom, democracy, rule of law,  tolerance. They are universal values.

imgres-1FACT: Islam supports totalitarianism not democracy. Muslims must not support  “man-made” law over Allah’s laws of
gender inequality; intolerance of unbelief in Islam—infidels; acts of sodomy (gays) and are corporately sanctioned to exterminate all offenders of Islam and the Prophet.

FACT: Islam supports fascism and the rule of oligarchs and priesthood.

FACT: Islam supports the values of terror groups.

FACT: Islam supports the rule of arbitrary, bigoted Islamic “law”.

FACT Islam supports tolerance within veiled threats against the non-Muslim “kuffar”, and imposes creeping oppression of other groups, eventually giving rise to mass murder and genocide of free, non-Muslim populations across the world.

FACT: Islam can never be moderate. Islam is unchangeable. Its name means “submission” and so it can NEVER support freedom. Submission and freedom are polar opposites.

FACT: Democracy is a “man-made” concept that can not co-exist with any rule of Islam from Allah. Allah’s ruling will always dominate. “Tolerance, rule of law and democracy” are the antipathy to the sacred path of Sharia, that all the followers of Islam must follow. Those universal values of “freedom, democracy, rule of law, tolerance” are simply the universal values of the Christian West. Hence why Islam is focusses its jihad on destroying the West as it is considered the generator of unbelief in Islam.

FACT: Islamic Nations have created their own Human Rights Charter (CAIRO Agreement) which enforces the above beliefs in the inequality of women and the superiority of Islamic Law. Fifty-eight Islamic nations are now party to this Agreement which is at odds to the UN Human Rights Charter.

These concepts will be espoused from every mosque and every Islamic school because this is ISLAM.

(Now this Islamic muppet has been put in charge of driving Australia—God help us.)

HERE is the Q&A Show. (2.20mins)

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