Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

CONCIT—for concerned citizens

Bendigo Bank became part of the moral police of Australia.
Bendigo Bank became part of the moral police of Australia.

2014: The current Racial Vilification Act was intended to protect minority groups from being abused. We all agree that this is important. Australia is a mixed soup of all ethnicities. However one minority group in particular has been able to use these laws to gag discussion on issues that need to be discussed by our community. Democracy thrives on open debate and challenges to our thinking. If we can’t discuss any cultural issue affecting our community, for example the introduction of a ideology into Australia that might be opposed to the Australia way of life, then we are guaranteeing problems in the future for our nation. 

When Hitler preached “Aryan supremacy” he said that Germany would be a superior nation if they got rid of all the Jews, Christians, the disabled and other undesirables out of their communities. He also took the children and put them though schools where they became advocates for this new way forward. The Hitler Youth became the part of the moral police of Nazism  “dobbing-in” all those, even parents, for not towing the correct party line.

We seem to have done this all again with a new doctrine called Multiculturalism. “Multiculturalism” as taught in our schools promises Australia to be a superior nation if we all accept every culture ignoring the religious components. Multiculturalism denies the need for religion and believes that if we ignore the God thing, make everyone mix together eventually that God thing will disappear and we will have our perfect, politically correct, well-integrated community. The enemy to peace therefore has become religion and all things non religious, like marxism, science, mother nature and the environment as a result are now “in”. The truth is, Multiculturalism is still an “ism”…and like all “isms” it has its true believers. Yet, just like Nazism it is a system that has NO tolerance. Anyone who is not a believer in multiculturalism can be called a “Racist” or a “Bigot” and be publicly shunned, humiliated, abused and vilified. —That is neither democratic, tolerant nor fitting with Australian values.

Australia is not a godless nation. Our forefathers were very specific about this and entered into much discussion across all states for many months before coming to a unanimous agreement to form Australia under a Christian Constitution…and that is how our Constitution begins.
The issue we must now also face as a result of Multiculturalism is that we have allowed a group of people into Australia who are against Christians and Jews (and I am not talking about Multiculturalists)— I am talking about Islam. In addition Muslims according to their doctrines must remain counter to the influence of western democracy and Australian law, preferring their in-built constitution of Sharia. They are also charged to bring Australia indeed the world under submission to Islam. The Islamic Party Hizb-ut Tehrir has already drafted the “Islamic Constitution of Australia” (available on line). When they released it, they stated that is was a 25 years plan. 

If groups point all of this out, they are labelled “Racists”. Concerned Citizens of Bendigo were even denied a bank accounts because of all this political correct, intolerant “multicultural believer” rubbish.

We never voted as a nation to remove our Christian Constitution and replace it with Multiculturalism. Nor should any “well meaning” government policy, blinker an entire population from soberly evaluating the doctrines of any religion or ideology against the values and the viability of our own nationhood.

Therefore we maintain that if a group comes to Australia with the express purpose to replace the Christian values that underpin our Constitution and legal system with their own and teaches the submission of Australians, Jews and Christians under their ideology, we say it is a hostile guest at best and at worst a declaration of war.

We believe it is now time to address the elephant in the room Australia,—Multiculturalism and the now global Muslim Issue. We ask for an immediate moratorium on all cultural centres supporting this takeover of Australia (mosques) until the Australian public has had time to be better informed and enter into a healthy discussion and complete agreement as to whether Islam with its inbuilt intolerance, inequality and violence should even be considered as welcomed in this land of freedom, equality and tolerance, Australia.

This organisation and site has been created to deliver the facts and promote healthy discussion in order for all Australians to understand and preserve our “successful and free” Australian way of life—for the long term.

We need your support to make this happen. Spread our articles, watch the videos—we need an informed Australia to maintain our social cohesion.

Islam is not the only issue of concern us but at the moment we consider it the most pressing.—Thank you for stopping by, ADMIN.