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Muslims cannot be elected to Govern Australians

Muslims cannot be elected to Govern Australians Section 44 of the Australian Constitution may prevent Muslims from taking political office — on a matter of allegiance.   The practice of every Muslim requires the reverent bowing five times a day to a location point outside of Australia to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The practice of …

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hitler on education

EDUCATION an article by Sandra Caddy. Education is a universal feature of human societies;[1] everyone is educated and everyone educates, yet the term and the practice, like politics, remains strongly contested.[2] Proponents of the Functionalist, Liberal and Social Democratic perspectives all understand that education functions, or could function, for the good of society whereas proponents …

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Greens are pushing the “social cohesion” killer

Multiculturalism allows for two or more cultures to live together in the same land. The theory is, that eventually they will end up meshing together to form one gigantic happy nation. Yet this has not worked with Islam in any Western nation to date, because of one fact that everyone seems to want to overlook—Muslims don’t assimilate. Muslims …

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Putting a burqa on our uniformed personnel is not the solution

Ken Lay, our Police Commissioner, on 3AW has told various groups (paramedics, firefighters and customs officers) to ‘think about safety’ and not to wear their uniforms outside of work, as they may be targets of terrorism. Is anyone else out there incensed by this? Our armed services can no longer wear their uniforms on the …

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When our police stop defending Australian law

Yet another group of people are being asked to cave into Muslim terrorism. This time it is our young army cadets. Eight hours ago  The News reported this story ” Young defence cadets warned not to wear uniforms in public amid terrorism fears—MELBOURNE schools are instructing defence cadets as young as 13 not to wear their uniforms …

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