Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Elderly suffer due to Commonwealth Games

Whilst the Hype of these Games is celebrated , others have little to Celebrate.

Home carers for the Disabled and frail Elderly have notified clients of skeleton services or closures of service for said Games, leaving the Care to an utmost minimum.

Gold Coast Health, OZcare and Able Australia have advised patients that services normally received by the home-cared Elderly, may be not available during the process of the Commonwealth games.

Most are citing the challenging driving conditions and reduced personnel as the main reasons .

Clients are even being advised to stock up on food and basically bunker in, without treatments or transport. They are being advised to  pretend it is just like Christmas, but for two weeks, not considering how they can go and see their partners or loved ones in hospital or carer environments during this time.

Hospitals are even suggesting rescheduling appointments due the impact of the games.

Even some businesses have been advised in cases, to shut operations for these games and give Staff holidays.

What a sad state of affairs indeed and here we are, Media ONLY indulging in the frenzy how good these games are for everyone.

You would think that as a caring society we would be lessening the impact on our vulnerable and less able populations. 

Sadly, caring for our elderly is not included in the current mandate of  “political correctness. ” 


Source: Australia Love it or Leave