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Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha damned every Muslim female at law

Woman-wearing-hijab-008In Western and Islamic countries alike, children are exempt from real forms of punishment until they are adults. However, because Muhammad—the perfect man—considered his wife Aisha at the age of nine was indeed mature enough to consummate his marriage to her, that age of maturity for females has now  been set into law and sadly into the penal code for females in Islam.

Consider Article 49 for example in Iran, exempts children from punishment. Addendum 1 to this article defines a child as “someone before puberty”.

But in the civil law puberty for males is 15. Yet for females (because of Muhammad) maturity is now considered at age NINE years old.

So girls come of age for punishments according to the penal code, six years before boys. This is particularly striking since in everything else such as inheritance, custody over children, marriage, divorce, ownership, travel, giving witness etc women are considered delicate creatures in need of protection by men with no rights. But when it comes to being punished, suddenly they are more mature and responsible for their actions.

There are a number of other factors that stem from the Koran that have promoted sexual inequality at law. The Koran maintains a belief that women are deficient in their natural and “innate” potentials and abilities, including their psychological-makeup and intellectual capacity. Second, it determines social and family order where men must be guardians over women, and women must submit. Third, it defines an unequal system of rights by clearly stating that men are superior to women and must inherit twice the value of any female in all circumstances. The 2:1 male:female relationship even permeates all calculations of blood money (compensation for homicide paid by the perpetrator to the deceased’s family.)

Women as witnesses face a similar discrimination. Adultery, whether it results in lashing or in stoning to death is “proven by the witness of “four just men” or “three just men and two just women” (article 74). If the adultery only deserves lashes it “can be proven by the testimony of two just men and four just women (article 75). (One male equals the testimony of two females. In this section a woman’s testimony as a witness is half a man.)

Even the knowledge and experience of professional women giving evidence is valued half that of men. Article 495: “in case of assessing eye damage …[with] evidence from two just male specialists or one just male and two just female specialists, as to whether the loss of vision is permanent”.

If no male expertise or witnesses can be found…no amount of female expertise or witnesses will be considered worthy enough by the courts.

The Islamic Penal Laws are contrary to the International Declaration to Remove Discrimination Against Women and the International Declaration of Human Rights.

Nor should it be surprising that over 53 Islamic countries have recently chosen to become signatories to the Cairo Islamic Charter of Human Rights which rather enforces the Koranic position of female inequality as it has been prescribed by Islam, than that of the United Nations.

Even recent poll results still show Muslim males preference for dominance in their cultures.

Muslim males still want gender inequality.

The Islamic punishments have encouraged a culture of violence against women, especially within the family and has spilled into violence against children. The fact that men receive a lighter punishment if they commit a violence against women undoubtedly encourages such violence. We see how women continue to be killed with impunity during alleged adultery. Stoning to death for adultery, although technically admissible for both sexes, has also been carried out mainly against women.

Through these laws women are not just second class citizens, half a man, but at times their very existence is disregarded.

Women have managed to achieve equality in one field only: equal right to imprisonment, exile, torture, being killed, and now being slaughtered.

For 20 years Iranian women have tried to break the rules relating to the dress code (hejab). It is on public record that a single year of 1993, over 100,000 women were arrested and punished for breaking the hejab laws. Women bravely faced punishments, which till 1997 were more often than not 74 lashes, but refused to submit to a backward, obscurantist and anti-women culture.

Even though the legislation was relaxed in Islamic society, to fines and or prison sentences the traditionalists still insist on Muslim women covering up. As recent as November 2014 in Iran, newspaper reports claimed 25 attacks on exposed women who had acid thrown at their faces for not covering up—makes a mockery of “Hijab: My Choice” campaign that is being flaunted in the West.



Wife beating is both stipulated in the Koran and in Sharia law an widely accepted across all Islamic cultures. In a recent study in Pakistan over 80 percent of women admitted to having been beaten at least once in their marriages.

beat wives

The 2012-13 Pakistan Department of Health Services includes results from completed interviews with 13,558 women and 3,134 men age 15-49, all of whom have been married at least once in their lives.

While in the West we find the whole notion of wife beating abhorrent, over 30% of Muslim women in this study condoned wife beating under the following circumstances.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.17.54 PM


Our Western Judeo-Christian values created sexual equality in both law and in society. The challenge for supporters of multiculturalism is to understand that Islam orders Muslim life and will continue to advocate the complete subjugation of the women unless women choose to come out from under Islam—However the price they will pay is the death penalty for leaving Islam—apostasy.

Allah’s laws are considered higher order than the man-made the laws of Australia or any other non Islamic government.

If a Muslim goes against the laws of his religion they cease to be Muslim and faces recriminations from their their Muslim community.

Supporting Islam in Australia amounts to betraying Australian values and our legal system around equality for women. Australian women will have to choose whether to be nice and allow this anti-woman system to flourish or safeguard their equality position in this current Australia society.

For those women who believe that they have nothing to worry about—Last year Britain’s legal system moved over to allow for Islam’s heredity model. Muslim women can no longer enjoy equal rights in the inheritance stakes. Britain passed Sharia Law to be adopted into their legal system ensuring the rights of inheritance for Muslim women in the UK unlike their non Islamic sisters will only be half of their masculine counterparts.

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