Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Illegal MP’s must NOT vote on Marriage Equality legislation

Ministers with question marks over their citizenship should not be voting on ANY further legislation. By voting they are knowingly voting illegally and destabilising our entire Parliamentary System. They are thwarting our democratic process and their actions should be regarded as subversive in light of their trusted public position.

Indeed the Attorney General, needs to step up and stop all voting on all legislation until the dual citizenship matter is resolved. We believe everyone should write to the Attorney General and demand that he intercedes immediately.

The way our Parliamentary system is set up is that the Attorney General can reverse any legislation after it has been enacted if the outcry of the public warrants it. Are you prepared to fight for good government? Send an email TODAY to (enclosed)

Dear Attorney General

I am very concerned that Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten as leaders of their respective parties will attempt to enact the Marriage Equality legislation when many of their minister are still compromised by being dual citizens—ie illegal to cast their vote on ANY matter before Parliament.
I request that NO legislation on any issue be enacted until ALL Ministers have proven they are indeed fit to stand. 
Otherwise the public will be forced to petition you to reverse the legislation and this could have far reaching consequences on ALL Legislation that has been enacted this Parliamentary sitting since the election.
We trust you can put a stop to all matter before Parliament including the Marriage Equality legislation until after the citizenship matter has been resolved.


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