Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

A False Peace

 “A man sees his enemy before him. By the light of his candle he marks his insidious approach. His enemy looks fierce and black upon him, and is seeking his life. The man puts out the candle, and then exclaims, “I am now quite at peace.”

This is what happened at Christchurch. The Australian and New Zealand Governments blew out the candle and declared a false peace with Islam.

They ignored the doctrine of the “perfect man” who teaches how a great nation like Arabia can be brought to heel under Islam in just 10 years by using terror.

They ignored the 500 years of violent expansionism after His death—1 million slaves taken from Europe. Millions more European Christians decapitated or killed for resisting their conversion to Islam. The 548 battles fought until the Christian Crusades were able to drive back the enemy of Europe to their homeland in the Middle East.

They ignored the million Armenian Christians and the 500,000 Greek Christians who died at the hands of Ottoman-ruled Muslims trying to exert the second Islamic world Government just 100 years ago. The lives of their ANZACS who were instrumental in releasing Beersheba and then Jerusalem from 400 years of Islamic rule only last century.

They ignored the current plight of 20 million slaves being held by Islamic countries, the ongoing mutilation of Muslim females by FGM, the inequality of women and the endemic wife-beating across the Islamic kingdom, the sale of child brides and the ongoing doctrine of violent Islamic jihad.

This is a dangerous kind of leadership—the one that blows out the candle on the approach of the most documented enemy of the West and declares a false peace.

Then, what became even more disquieting over Christchurch, was that both Governments went onto claim a false enemy. They turned their defence forces onto any citizens or subjects of the realm who remained pointing at that enemy in the dark.

That action, turned those leaders and Governments into traitors.