Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

BASTARDS—WHY the Government wants Foreign Interference Legislation

Hidden in the current Foreign Interference legislation before Parliament is additional legislation that should be of concern to all Australians. It changes Treason offences against our Country. It seeks to change the definition of treachery and “modernise it”.  Politicians that undermine the Constitution of the Commonwealth by using illegal lawmaking will no longer able to be prosecuted by law after it is passed. The Attorney’s General Department  is simply using Foreign Interference to rush this “modernised” treachery legislation through our Parliament.

According to the Department of Attorney General website under TREASON TREACHERY and OFFENCES against the GOVERNMENT new changes are being proposed to existing legislation.

“The existing offence of treason in the Criminal Code does not refer to modern international terminology relating to armed conflict. Existing offences for treachery and offences designed to protect the security and defence of the Commonwealth under Part II of the Crimes Act are archaic and outdated. Although rarely used, these offences are a critical part of Commonwealth criminal law and are being updated to appropriately reflect the modern Australian context.”

Have a look at what needs modernising. They have removed all references to overthrowing the Constitution of the Commonwealth  by  revolution or sabotage and modernised the overthrowing the Government by force.


(1)  A person shall not: (a)  do any act or thing with intent:
(i)  to overthrow the Constitution of the Commonwealth by revolution or sabotage; or
(ii)  to overthrow by force or violence the established government of the Commonwealth, of a State or of a proclaimed country; or (4)


9.25 The Bill proposes to replace the existing ‘Treachery’ offence in section 24AA of the Crimes Act with a modernised offence in section 80.1AC of the Criminal Code. The Explanatory Memorandum provides:

The new treachery offence will criminalise the use of force or violence intended to overthrow the Constitution, the Government of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory or the lawful authority of the government of the Commonwealth.20 (2)

(NOTE also the change of terms from government of the Commonwealth 1914 to Government of the Commonwealth. The Government now has a capital “G” meaning reflecting the new legal entity—a Company “Government of Australia” instead of a system of government encased in the Constitution of the Commonwealth. The Constitution of the Commonwealth has been altered to “the Constitution” of what exactly, the Australia Act or the Constitution of the Commonwealth, or are we getting ready for a Republic and a new Constitution?


“Overthrowing the Constitution of the Commonwealth  by  revolution or sabotage “—1914 Crimes Act was considered “treachery and came with a 25 year sentence. This is now being downgraded to “sedition” and only a  7 year sentence. The original crime of overthrowing the Constitution of the Commonwealth (eg the actions of Hawke and Keating in creating The Australia Act)…is completely bypassed  (see next paragraph).

80.2 of the Explanatory Memorandum of the new proposed legislation:
Sedition: Urging the overthrow of the Constitution or Government (1) A person commits an offence if the person urges another person to overthrow by force or violence: (a) the Constitution; or (b) the Government of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory; or (c) the lawful authority of the Government of the Commonwealth. Penalty: Imprisonment for 7 years (5)

(Note the changes here too—by revolution or sabotage has been change to by force or violence. (This effectively removes “sabotage” through illegal law making like the Reprints Act, The Australia Act.)

80.2(1)(a) the “Government of the Commonwealth” and “the Constitution”…replaces the “Constitution of the Commonwealth”—three entirely different entities.

Also the penalty for Sedition is now 7 years and not life imprisonment for this crime that used to be called—TREACHERY.

Why  Treason is being “modernised”

A body of information has recently been made public that shows how successive Prime Ministers including our current ones have undermined the Constitution of the Commonwealth when they turned our system of Government into a system of Companies—without a Referendum, enabled by the Australia Act and the Reprints Act.

These proposed changes to the 1914 Crimes ACT Section 24AA, Treachery—will prevent citizens going after these traitors.

Secondly, the proposed Legislation changes the treason laws from being against the government of the Commonwealth as defined in our Constitution of the Commonwealth (and the pre-Australia Act existing legislation)—to against the “Government of Australia” (the organisation formed after the Australia Act), that is operating illegally as a Company. This legislation legalises that entity.

In other words making sure we can’t bring treason charges against the Politicians that stole the Constitution of the Commonwealth away from the Australian people and replaced it with a series of Companies and put it them in the hands of others…and there have been a quite a few of politicians involved in this hustle.

Thirdly, the only person that can bring Treason charges against politicians is the Governor General and only within 28 days.

So what do we find today in the media?  Labor proposing general elections for the Governor General. (3)

This is being offered under the guise of a “Republican trial run”, but it  isn’t that at all. This current Government system can’t afford to have an independent Governor General who has the mandate to repeal legislation and lay treason charges that is NOT in the counterfeit Government pockets.

The proposal being touted by Shorten (with Turnbull’s implicit backing) is that the Constitution be amended  by 2020 Referendum to allow the Australian people to elect the Governor General, instead of the Governor General being an independent person nominated by the Queen.

How easy would it be for the powers that be to make sure that all Governor Generals offered to the Australian Public for voting would be Government friendly.

This removes a valuable democracy safeguard put into our system of government by the Constitution of the Commonwealth, against total Government control. This is totalitarianism.

By making the Head of State a person out of the politicians grasp, laws can be repealed, Governments dismissed and treason charges laid. This is our last link to the Constitution of the Commonwealth. Once this change is made we lose our Constitutional rights and becoming a Republic is a certainty.

All of these proposals are treachery and go against the spirit of our Constitution of the Commonwealth….AND they want to rush them through before the next election.

What happened …did our last article go too close to the bone? Disgusted!!!!


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