Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Australia needs a Revival

In 1885 a Nationwide revival started in Australia led by two female Methodist evangelists. At the end of this move of God in 1914, over 100,000 new churches, bible studies, study groups were formed. The ban on female church leaders was also lifted. During that time Australia also became a Federation.

In 1901 Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth was signed and Australia officially became a Federation of States. It included reference to Almighty God that could never be removed.

The “Almighty God” of our Constitution is the Judeo-Christian “God” of Israel.
96% of Australians at the time of Federation were Christians.
Even our first Commonwealth Parliament was a Christian Service.
Our Queen was also the Head of the Church of England and the Keeper of the Faith. The official Bible of Australia was the King James version.
Dreamtime, Islam and other religions were considered pagans cults.
Courts and in Parliament only used The Bible to swear in and on.
This was later changed to allow Quakers to use personal oaths because of their high regard for the sanctity of the Bible, NOT to accommodate atheists.
Christianity was the pillar that underpinned Australian law.
Christianity was the pillar that underpinned the West.

After the First World War two events happened that changed the West. Communism, Socialism and Fabianism joined forces to form an insidious usurper of Christianity and of sovereign countries in the West. It became known as the United Nations.
The second was the establishment of World Communist headquarters in New York. From there they influenced all the literary societies and promoted only Communist thinkers. They also influenced Christian circles to withdraw from politics and focus on only spiritual matters. Unfortunately, politics was removed from the pulpit.

The United Nations declared all cultures and religions of the world equal. With great stealth it began enforcing the standing of Islam and Humanism on Christianity in the West.

However, it was only one way. Islamic and Communist nations were not forced to accept the legitimacy of Christianity. To this day the UN does nothing to prevent the ongoing Christian persecution in Vietnam, India, Nigeria, North Korea, Africa and the Middle East. Even the BBC admits persecution is at genocide levels.

Christians, as a result of the UN, are now facing persecution in the West.
Laws in Canada, make way for children to be taken away from Bible-believing parents. Christians cannot adopt children.
Australia it is not much better. Australian sports stars lose contracts for publicly quoting scripture and have honourings in their name stripped.
Christian community groups have their bank accounts closed for distributing information.
Christians are banned from using social media for Bible-centred political commentary.
The Bible has been removed from classrooms, the very institution started by Christians and replaced with Humanist, even Islamic studies.

In 1995 our nation was called together for prayer to combat one of the worst droughts in our history. A month later those prayers were answered.
Today our Prime Minister is ridiculed by media for even praying and attending Church.

Free will,  freedom, equality and personal accountability are cornerstones of Christianity.
Yet, these foundations of the West are being eroded daily, by a creeping Socialist State that compromises personal freedoms for “the common good”. Meanwhile using traitorous UN treaties and agreements the State gains more power and authority, instead remaining subordinate to the will of the Australian people under Almighty God.

The end times was always going to be showdown of power.
It is time for another revival.