Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Good enough for movies—good enough for our schools

As a society we have developed a communication rating system—to protect our children from being exposed to uncomfortable and even traumatic viewing. Our “PG” , “M” and “R” viewer-safety rating system applies equally to the content of movies, documentaries, news and ads. 

Over the weekend a “NO” ad was censored from being aired at the AFL—for the sake of younger viewers. It was actually labelled “mature content” because it included content from a Safe Schools program.

Yet the Safe Schools Program which has far more explicit content than the ad is currently considered fit to be viewed by children. Why are programs like Safe Schools exempted from our viewer safety ratings system? This protection must be afforded to our children from all forms of communication including in the classroom. Up to now school programs have been exempted from this rating system. This viewer protection rating system now needs to extend to all our school programs.


If an ad about Safe Schools was labelled Mature content touching on a minor sample of the Safe Schools program then the actual content of the Safe Schools program needs urgent review. We ask that the same system of rating be applied to classroom programs like Safe schools as to movies and ads.

We also demand that M rated school programs be banned to children under 15. Parents to accompany programs that are labelled PG…and if found to be “R” rated—only available to students over 18.

If it is Good enough for our movies…it is good enough for our schools.