Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

The Great Deception behind voting Lib/Lab/Greens

Voters are waking to the realisation that voting Lib/Lab/Green is a choice AGAINST our national interests in different forms—from Globalism under Turnbull to straight out Communism under the Greens.

These three Political Parties in particular are characterised by the one notion, that their Party has all the answers and that you should vote for them for the “Common Good” of all. This is the Great Deception.

People will tell you that politics are economic models about who owns industry.  Nope, Globalism, Socialism and Communism are models where “the Party” determines what is good for the people. They replace the right of “We the People” to self-determination, with their various “think tanks” and experts. This goes against Our Constitutional model of self-government and our Democracy.

Lib/Lab/Green are parties that are all tarred with the “we know better than you”  brush and “We the people” have got sucked into believing it and giving them our consent.

Political Parties in our Parliaments are the reason our Democracy is spiralling towards Socialism and why our country is financially deteriorating.

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australian was created by the people of Australia in 1901. It was to bring this colony of the United Kingdom which was collection of States, together into a Federation called the Commonwealth of Australia.  It also determined our system of Government and specified that changes to our Constitution required a referendum to amend this agreed system of government of the people.

Australia has held 44 referendums to change aspects of the Constitution, most were unsuccessful. Political parties were NEVER designed to be part of this model of Government. Members of Parliament were there to represent the electorate. Parliament, was the means of these elected representatives of “We the People” to meet together, to propose, discuss and vote on laws that came from “We the People”. The people regardless of their biases and beliefs were to come to a majority vote and that would become the law.

Our Parliament has now degenerated to a meeting place of Political Parties, that hustle and pass laws to satisfy the interests of whoever is pulling the strings of each Political Party. It certainly isn’t representing “we the people”.

Our Parliament should be called the Parliament of Political Parties (PPP) not the democracy of the Commonwealth of Australia and it is OUR FAULT. We got lazy and started to vote for good sounding spin instead of looking for the right person in our electorate to represent our view on the floor of Parliament. We just trusted the positioning of a political party, that they would do the right thing for us if we were a worker, business owner or a lover of nature.

Consider this, the Rothschilds and their financial interests in Pharmaceuticals took over health system in one foul swoop, by simply donating a swag of money to Universities and asking them to allow three of their people to sit on their medical boards. Harmless enough—yet through this ruse they were able to control medicine as a result. Try and get a natural product into our health system and see how effective big Pharma has been at only allowing drugs that continue to make these companies money by being the only treatment advocated throughout our health system. Big Pharma and hospitals are the third biggest killer of Americans after heart attacks and stroke. We cant even grow plants like hemp and its non-narcotic CBD oil that have safe, life-saving properties for humans and animals, because of Big Pharma’s control of the TGA and the FDA.

Just as Rothschild’s engineered big Pharma to control the health spend of nations, political interests have done the same thing to our Government using Political Parties.  Freemasons, Jesuits, Bildabergs and Fabian Socialists have been successful at getting leaders into power. One of the greatest political meddlers, George Soros uses Leftist activist groups like GetUp, Move On, AVAAZ and Emily’s List to influence his Socialist “Open Society” agendas here and in the USA. Communist China was recently flushed out buying influence with the PPP who only this week agreed to sell them our entire national gas pipeline.

How many others are pulling the strings of our Political Party Parliament without our knowledge?

Were you asked if we should:
- sell off our national bank to globalist bankers?
- join the United Nations and give up the Sovereignty of Australia?
- sign the UN LIMA Declaration which would destroy our farming to give third world countries a go?
- sign the UN LIMA Declaration which would destroy our industry to give third world countries a go?
- dismantle the Commonwealth of Australia and go back to States again?
- sell off our land to foreign countries?
- allow Sharia Banking into Australia?
- turn our State Government departments and Councils into companies?
- support Islamic immigration over Christian or European immigration into Australia?
- only have renewable energy sources and destroy our heavy industry as a result?

The answer is NO in each case. These were done because the PPP were following the agenda of some Communist, UN, Globalist, Fabian Socialist or Bilderberg think tank that didn’t involve “we the people”.

The Party model is what is killing Australia.

People are voting for parties believing they are representing the interests of the ordinary Australian people when they are representing the interests of Communists, globalists or the financial elite. This is the great deception. People are waking up to the fact that supporting the PPP is supporting agendas that are not in the interests of the nation of Australia.

We used to be prosperous and jobs were plenty. We had a balance of trade because we manufactured and produced our own goods. We had our own bank. We were so wealthy that we even financed the First world war out of our own pockets and still had money left over in our Government.

Now, we are massively in debt and our trade has been nobbled. For the first time we import more than we export. We are in trouble because globalists (United Nations, European Union, bankers, IMF, Big Pharma, Communist China) are ensuring their interests are influencing our Parliamentarians above the interests of  “we the People”.  The great deception is that we participate in democratic elections when we vote for a Party.

Consider our last elections—what did the PPP pull last minute ? That electoral representives had to form parties in order to have a vote above the line, when there should be no “above the line”. There should only be people that represent the interests of “we the people” not political parties. Above the line is a vote for the PPP and against the dictates of our Constitution.

Note what the PPP is trying to pass this election. It is proposing that undermining the PPP Government ( not the Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth—”We the People”, mind you) is called treason and anyone whistleblowing on the PPP Government to “We the People” will face treason charges and be put away for 25 years. They are wanting to protect the the Political Party Parliament from the  “We the People” Constitution!

They are even proposing to reduce the crime of politically undermining our Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth (We the People) from Treason, to Sedition and only 7 years in jail.

This is not in the interests of our Constitution or the power of “We the People” of Australia.

The great deception is that we have no choice in the matter when in fact that is also not true.

  • We can vote for people individually and not by their Party affiliation.
  • We can consider Independents that want to represent you rather than their view—to be of service to the community than to their party.
  • We can also put a line through all candidates and write “none meet my will” and this is indeed a legitimate vote.

We need to get back to the system of Government proposed under our Constitution—that the will of the people of Australia is in the national interest of Australia.

To do that requires that you take an interest in your standing members and tell them “MY WILL” on matters that concern you. People will not follow party lines if it means the community will not back them.

Stop supporting Political Parties. They are only interested in lining their coffers with your vote. Running a Political Party is a business after all. Every primary vote earns the Party $2.70 and each election earns them millions from the taxpayer’s purse. Make sure your $2.70 goes to someone that will do Your Will instead.

Stop being deceived—Political Parties are not your friends. They serve the interests of those who oil their machine. Your $2.70 does not compare to individuals or organisations tipping in thousands or millions. Time to wake up and take back your vote and give it to someone who will listen to you and serve your interests.

The truth is you can use your vote any way you want. Make a choice for a person that will represent your will on the floors of Parliament.

We need to be able to sack representatives of our electorate, by having for a no confidence vote in them in the electorate. There is still room for improvement in our system, but it starts with you taking an interest and being responsible for your $2.70.