Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Andrews arrests patriots as payback for Dastyari

Victorian Police have now arrested FIVE patriots involved in a Milo Supporters counter rally at the Milo Conference held in Melbourne December 4 last year, yet no reports of Union or African thugs arrested.

The last person was arrested yesterday by seven heavily armed police at his home as he arrived back from work, in front of his visiting in-laws and his frightened young daughter. His crime…attending a supporters rally for Milo before attending the ticketed event and fending off a feral Milo protestor trying to kick him. (The photo of the feral attempting to kick him was even shown to the patriot at the time of the arrest, by police and STILL the police arrested him .) His charge is assault and affray and carries a maximum jail term of 10 years.

This is what happens in the Labor stronghold of Victoria when you openly support the removal of Labor’s corrupt, golden-boy and Muslim,  Sam Dastyari. It has left no doubt in the minds of Conservative supporters that this latest string of arrests is payback for Dastyari’s demise and humiliating removal from Federal politics.

The Victorian Police Minister also wants  to charge Milo organisers $50,000 for the police presence at his public event. Despite all  of the revealing amateur footage being removed from Youtube and Facebook, Australia did witness once again that the violent protests in Melbourne were from the Left. However, this time they were abley joined by African Muslim thugs who attacked attendees of the Milo event as they left the conference to returned to their cars.

Riot police were called to the Flemington Housing Commission  blocks to quell the violence. The police presence didn’t stop members of the public returning to their car from being robbed and assaulted by these gangs into the early hours of the morning. Yet we have heard of no arrests of any Left wing protesters, even though police have photos of them attempting to kick patriots.  We have heard of no arrests of any black Muslims thugs, including those that attacked and robbed an ex-Councillor around midnight returning to his car after the event.

The only recent arrests being reported are those of  five patriots, some with tickets to the actual Milo event that have now have been arrested for wanting to stand in support of Milo speaking here. This witch hunt against Australians wanting to protect Australian values and the sovereignty of Australia has got to stop. Andrew and Police Minister Neville need to get their act together and start protecting Victorians from the escalating violence of their failed multicultural experiment rather than attacking patriotic and loyal Australians.

We note that the Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville has been photographed by media with four members of the Communist founded and Soros supported “Get Up” left wing activists. Soros is renowned Fabian Socialist and financial terrorist that is actively behind the immigration invasion of Europe— spreading brochures to potential immigrants, telling them where to land, who to contact when they get there and their rights. His Open Society Foundation is investing 17 billion a year to groups like Get up, Emily’s List and Move On as well as politicians like Obama and Clinton to  create his utopian new world order out of the social chaos he is orchestrating.

The arrests of these five Aussie patriots is yet another example of Socialists attacking those that want to preserve the existing society.

Here is how the biased, left-wing media reported it.