Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

First they came for Tommy…

In the past 24 hours Facebook has been buzzing over multitudes of people being banned by Facebook for sharing a link to the International Free Press Award night where Tommy Robinson gave his acceptance speech for receiving this outstanding award.

This action has made it official to the users in Facebook. Posting anything about Tommy Robinson even as innocent as him receiving an award is considered against their “Community Standards” and will get you banned.

Just who made these social media giants the judges of our community standards and our political views? What community do they even represent?…certainly not that of the free West.

On Saturday Tommy Robinson received the prestigious Free Press Society’s Sappho award in Denmark. His acceptance speech was a real eye-opener. He detailed lie after lie that the media, and even the UK Government through their media, had perpetrated against him. They had labelled him a “woman basher”, “wife basher”, “nazi”, “neo nazi”, “far right”, right wing” and “far right extremist” without any regard for the truth.

Viewers were also shown how the media had cobbled together out-of-context video footage, in order to give support to their lies, yes lies. That is what you call “bearing false witness”, something our society used to uphold in our Courts.

When Tommy had his huge, social media presence he was able to adequately defend himself against the likes of BBC’s Pandora program and other so-called news outlets. But since the rise of Muslim stakeholders in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, social media giants have been pressured to silence him. Together they have literally wiped Tommy from all forms of social media. He has become a public outcast, with no social media presence what-so-ever; all because he dared criticise the reality of Muslim grooming gangs in the UK. Even his book has been withdrawn from Amazon, who still sell titles like Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.

Tommy’s acceptance speech really showed why he was well-deserving of this International Free Press Award. He has been persecuted relentlessly for just reporting the truth.

However the flow-on to social media bans shows a grimmer future to those of us like Tommy, who are not willing to lose our values for the sake of political correctness. Social media companies are creating a class of people that are not allowed to have a voice into our society…outcasts, social exiles—where are their human rights?

Our view is simply this. When a trademarked product like “doona” and “biro” become so well entrenched into our language it is no longer able to hold a copyrighted. Similarly when a communication medium like Facebook and Twitter become a so entrenched into a society as their communication medium they too lose their independent status from the society. They must fall under community standards of that people. A free people cant be dictated to by a standard below their standards.

Further users need to be able to seek redress in a Court in their country if that media is represented in their country. No business has the right to refuse someone a voice into the relationships they have built even if they disagree with their politics.

UPDATE: The Presenter was banned by Facebook for sharing the Free Press Awards night that included Tommy Robinson’s acceptance speech. Facebook then went on to ban Danish Members of Parliament for sharing that same Awards night video.

The outcry in the Danish Parliament must have made an impact as most of those Facebook accounts have since been restored.

So there we have it. The Arbiter of Speech is now Facebook. Politicians across the world should be up in arms.
Here is the link to Tommys update on youtube.