Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Prefer to Kill Citizens than give Trump the credit

Ivette c. Lozano, m.d

A Texas doctor has gone public arguing that Anti-Trump hatred by left leaning US health authorities is so bad that they are denying U.S. doctors and their patients access to the cure for Covid-19, just because Trump first brought it up.

Dr Ivette Lozano from Dallas first learned about the Covid-19 cure (Chloroquine and an antibiotic) publicly from the President of the United States. This should have been something she learned first from her medical associations she claimed. Instead Public Health Officials having done nothing since but thwart her and her fellow doctors from administering this cure. It is a cure that she has proven incredibly successful in her own practice.

Watch this very public video which details the challenges Medical Practitioners and their clients currently face fighting Covid-19 and public health Authorities in the US.

Dr Ivette Lozano from Dallas, Texas May 12, 2020

BACKGROUND: It all started 7 weeks ago when New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, interviewed a New York Hasidic Doctor. He claimed he had treated over 600 cases of Covid-19 in his sheltered community— none of whom had died, nor had to be intubated to a ventilator.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD claimed he had been previously tracking the success of two countries in treating Covid-19—France a leader in virus research, and North Korea. Both were using chloroquine as the base of their treatment, except France used an antibiotic with it. Whereas North Korea used Zinc with the chloroquine.

Dr Zelenko as a result, chose to combine both treatments using chloroquine, an antibiotic and zinc on his patients in New York. His oral treatment regime lasted only FIVE days and cost under $20. The limited side effects of Chloroquine, a widely used malarial drug since 1934 are well known and documented. It also has no patents pending, so no drug company can control supply. It is also cheap.

He was so excited by his results that he contacted The White House and informed Trump about his success. We all remember when Trump broke the news in the media that a possible cure for Covid-19 had been found.

Instead of embracing a possible cheap, effective cure using a drug that medicine had relied upon since the 30’s, the Democrats went about a campaign of misdirection. They claimed the side effects were dangerous, reported numerous deaths in the past from the drug, in an effort to smear Trump’s cure.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates a major contributor to the Democratic party and the World Health Organisation, became very busy in the media speaking up the needs of a vaccine and creating a accelerator group to get it to market. (1)

Six weeks later after Trump’s promising announcement, Dr Lozano and her fellow doctors are now being denied access to Chloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19. In two states it is now illegal for Doctors to prescribe it, with pharmacists being ordered to refuse dispensing the treatment without a diagnosis.

Dr Lozano has found a get-around for her patients and has successfully treated EVERY patient with a course of Chloroquine and antibiotics.

Even more concerning, she is publicly claiming that hospitals are turning away people with Covid-19 symptoms, sending them home FOR 14 DAYS without medications, to potentially infect families and communities. This is also contrary to cross infection protocols—separating the infectious from the community, practiced for by medicine for decades (and even detailed in Leviticus).

Instead the Left are getting behind Remdesivir a lacklustre treatment proving not as effective, as its younger brother GS-441524 even on cats. Clinical trials of remdesivir suggested a survival benefit, with a mortality rate of 8.0% for the group receiving remdesivir versus 11.6% for the placebo group (p=0.059). 2.5% better chance of survival…whoopdedoo! The person heading the research and manufacturing in Gilead is Taiyin Yang a Chinese scientist from Taiwan. (3)

Can we remind people of the reported results of both mentioned doctors…one in Texas and one New York using Chloroquine and antibiotics…a 100% survival rate.

We need to stop this nonsense of waiting for a vaccine and backing less effective newer drugs. Just get on with allowing access to the cure and stop with this global population house arrest.

China, Russia and Turkey are all using Chloroquine as their standard treatment of Covid-19. Using politics to stop doctors from prescribing a proven effective treatment of Covid-19 is just criminal. The Democrats have once again just sunk a little lower in the eyes of the awake.