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Concit Ensuring our Future

Flu Vaccines—The Ugly FACTS

In the wake of Covid-19 parts of Australian society are demanding that influenza vaccines be compulsory for footballers, aged care workers etc. Apart from the fact that consent to all medical treatments is a human right, and forced vaccinations represents trespass—consider the following information on Flu Vaccines.

Big Pharma is protected from legal suits

In 1986 the USA Congress made laws that a pharmaceutical company making vaccines is not able to be sued for any vaccine injury or death.

BACKGROUND: The ongoing multimillion-dollar lawsuits resulting from adverse side effects from vaccines, during the 1970s and ’80s, resulted in manufacturers withdrawing from vaccine production and research. US Public-health officials grew concerned about the stability of the country’s continued supply of existing vaccines—and the dwindling business incentive for companies to invest in developing new ones. It was on these grounds that US Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (also known as the Vaccine Act), indemnifying drug companies from further lawsuits. From then on, instead of suing drug companies, people who alleged injury or illness related to a vaccine would file claims with a new entity known as the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. When a person brings a case of reported harm, members of a team that currently includes 10 other doctors from the Department of Health and Human Services review the person’s medical records. The team then recommends whether the case should be compensated or defended in “vaccine court,” the term for the federal claims court dedicated to hearing cases of vaccine injury. (1)

Vaccines in US Court System:

Consider the following:

  • Influenza vaccine only injury payouts are over $900 MILLION in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court over the last 15 years. This is second to Gardasill in compensation. See 
  • Government organisations in Australia and USA estimate only 1% of claims are reported.
  • In the USA, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court has paid out over $5 Billion for general vaccine DEATH & injury compensation to people.
  • The United States Supreme Court has declared in a judgement that vaccines are quote “unavoidably unsafe” reference BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC, FKA WYETH, INC., ET AL.argued October 12, 2010, Settled February 22, 2011. 
  • The UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK in Case 1:18-cv-02000-PHC delivered the judgement that vaccines had not been tested for quality for the last 32 years contrary to law.

Influenza Side effects / adverse events from some Influenza vaccine:

PRODUCT INFORMATION leaflets include but are not limited to:
- neurological disorders such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome /GBS (paralysis/wheelchair), encephalomyelitis (brain & spinal cord swelling), vasculitis, urticaria or non skin rash, febrile convulsions, asthma, influenza-like-illness, convulsions, vertigo, transient thrombocytopenia, transient lymphadenopathy, transverse myelitis [paralysis], asthma, bronchitis, pancreatitis, diarrhoea, severe allergic reactions e.g. anaphylaxis, may result in DEATH, see page 88 of the 10th Edition Australian Immunisation Handbook.  Please note that most PRODUCT INFORMATION leaflets mention that it is not always possible to establish a causal relationship to the vaccine.

INGREDIENTS can include, but are not limited to: - sodium taurodeoxycholate, chicken protein, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, formaldehyde used to embalm dead bodies in morgues, is carcinogenic with no safe limit, polysorbate 80, a carcinogen & reduces fertility in animal tests, potassium chloride which in larger amounts is an execution drug in Arkansas, it is the third & final injection to stop the heart of a condemned to death prisoner, see the link

What Medical Journals say about Flu Shots:

Doctors are kept updated by articles from peer reviewed journals such as the JAMA Journal of the American Association, the BMJ British Medical Association & so on. (Here are abbreviated excerpts from some journals -taken from  Influenza vaccines:  From a book by Neil Z Miller  ISBN  978-1-881217-40-4 (2)

(a) Healthcare policies that mandate flu vaccines for healthcare workers to protect their patients are not supported by science. - Int J Family Med 2012; 2012: 205464  AND  Journal on Developmental Disabilities 201; 18(1): 34-42   AND Clin Chim Acta 205 Apr 15; 444: 212-20

(b) Annual vaccination against common flu strains reduces protective immunity against more dangerous strains of the disease - Lancet Infect Dis 2009 Dec; 9(12): 784-88.

(c) Prior vaccination against seasonal flu may increase risk of contracting a severe case of pandemic influenza – PloSMed 2010 April 6; 7(4): e1000258.

(d) Mice that were infected with a seasonal flu virus survived exposure to a lethal influenza strain; vaccinated mice died – PloS One 2009; 4(5): e5538.

(d) Mice vaccinated against seasonal flu died after exposure to pandemic flu; unvaccinated mice survived – Vaccine 2012 Dec 7; 30(51): 7407-10. and Vaccine 2009 Aug 6; 27(36): 4983-89. and Vaccine 2007 Jan 8; 25(4): 612-20

(e) The current season’s flu vaccine will not work in people who also received the previous season’s flu vaccine – Clin Infect Dis 2013 May; 56(10): 1363-69.

(f) Pregnant women vaccinated against seasonal flu and A-H1N1 (swine flu) had high rates of spontaneous abortions – Hum Exp Toxicol 2013 May; 32(5): 464-75.

(g) CDC policy to vaccinate pregnant women with thimerosal-containing flu vaccines is not supported by science – Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2006 Summer; 11(2): 41-47.

(h) The influenza vaccine is not very effective, causes adverse reactions, and can spread disease to other people – Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2006 Fall; 11(3): 69-74

(i) Influenza vaccines are not effective in young children; safety data can’t be trusted – Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2012 Aug 15; Issue 8: CD004879. AND Lancet 2005 Feb 26; 365(9461): 773-80.

(j) Children who receive an inactivated influenza vaccine are significantly more likely than non-vaccinated children to be hospitalised – Allergy Asthma Proc 2012 Mar-Apr; 33(2): e23-7

(k) Children vaccinated against seasonal influenza are not protected & are more likely than non-vaccinated children to develop respiratory virus infections – Clin Infect Dis 2012 June 15; 54(12): 1778-83.

(l) Hand washing & teaching children proper hygiene may be more effective than vaccines at reducing the spread of influenza & other respiratory viruses – BMJ 2009 Sep 21; 339: b3675. and Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2011 July 6; (7): CD 006207.

(m) Influenza-related death rates in the elderly do not improve by increasing influenza vaccination in the elderly – Arch Intern Med 2005 Feb 14; 165(3): 265-72.

(n) No unbiased scientific evidence that flu vaccines improve death rates in the elderly – Vaccine 2009; 27(45): 6300-4.

(o) No evidence that vaccinating healthcare workers against flu to protect their elderly patients is effective – Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2013; Issue 7: CD005187 and Vaccine 2010 Dec 16; 29(2): 344-56

(p) Policies that mandate flu vaccines for healthcare workers to protect their patients are not supported by science – Int J Family Med 2012; 2012: 205464.

(q) Influenza vaccine studies have poor quality & their conclusions rarely match actual data in those studies – BMJ 2009 Feb 12; 338: b354.

(r) Health authorities exaggerate dangers of influenza & inflate benefits of flu vaccines – JAMA Intern Med 2013 Jun 10; 173(11): 1014-16

(s) Marketing strategies designed to increase flu vaccinations lack moral integrity & scientific support – BMJ 2013 May 16; 346: f3037.

(t) The CDC collaborates with vaccine manufacturers to increase uptake by intentionally using scare tactics & inflated flu death figures [in the USA] – BMJ 2005 Dec 10; 331: 1412.

Documented Australian injuries from Flu vaccines -

Kathy Watson Jones was a nurse in Melbourne, she had to have a flu vaccine to protect her patients. The next morning she was wheelchair bound. Her daughters had to wipe her tears, Kathy could not. She suffered Guillain-Barré Syndrome / GBS, a listed known side effect of the vaccine. She is reportedly still in a wheelchair with a full time carer. (3)

Saba Button as a 1 year old baby in Perth in 2010, had her flu vaccine, that night rushed to Perth hospital with massive brain damage, she is now a severely brain damaged 11 year old who will never be a mother and will need life time care.  Mick & Kirsten have reportedly received a”compensation” payout. “Her disabilities are profound and permanent. She will require constant care for the remainder of her life“—Federal Court Justice, Michael Barker.

Lindsey Day, 39, from Glenmore Park in Sydney’s west, was “perfectly fit and healthy” before he received the vaccines in preparation for the birth of his step-daughter’s baby.

Mr Day developed cold and flu-like symptoms after getting the injections on April 28. Mr Day’s condition deteriorated rapidly in the next 24 to 48 hours. On May 1 he died. The autopsy found that Mr Day died from acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can sometimes develop without a known cause. Another listed cause is acute interstitial pneumonia, a lung disease with a rapid onset in previously healthy people. This type of lung disease can also occur without a known cause, or be a rare complication of the flu vaccine, with nine reported cases since 1998, the autopsy report noted, citing a 2017 article from Australia’s Internal Medicine Journal. (6)

Flu vaccinations are neither completely safe nor scientifically proven to be effective in every case.

Mandatory vaccinations must therefore be considered a violation of our human rights and NEVER to be imposed on any person in Australia.

The absence of a valid consent is a determining factor in establishing liability for civil assault or trespass. (4)

Some of the general principles established over time through case law and medical practice are:

  • every adult of sound mind has a right to refuse medication and treatment
  • any medication or health care treatment provided without consent is a trespass
  • consent to medication and treatment is distinct from the duty to warn about potential risks (distinguished by the fact that a failure to warn can give rise to a separate cause of action)
  • a patient has a right to refuse medication and treatment
  • legislative exemptions permit medicating and treatment without consent in limited circumstances such as in an emergency

An adult is presumed to have the capacity to consent to or refuse medication and treatment unless and until that presumption is rebutted.

The Queensland Criminal Code 1899 s.245 definition of assault is:

“A person who strikes, touches or moves or otherwise applies force of any kind to the person of another, either directly or indirectly, without the other person’s consent, or with the other person’s consent if a consent is obtained by flawed, or who by any bodily act or gestures attempts or threatens to apply force of any kind to the person of another without the other person’s consent, under such circumstances that the person making the attempt or threat has actually or apparently a present ability to affect the person’s purpose, is said to assault that other person and the act is called an assault.”

The general principle of consent is that every adult of sound mind has a right to refuse medication and treatment. This includes vaccines.

The Australia High Court has also ruled that Parliament has NO POWER to force Australians to have vaccinations. This is our right to be free from Governmental interference. (5)  Watch this video link.


(2) Influenza vaccines:  From a book by Neil Z Miller  ISBN  978-1-881217-40-4 (2)