Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

WHY the Marriage Vote is so Serious for Australians

Many think this issue of Same Sex Marriage is about gay love—it is NOT.
This is a massive power play between the Government and families over the control of your children.

The family unit has always been the strongest bond in any society. To destabilise it, and take away the power of parents over children has been the stated aim of all Communist, Marxists/Socialists systems of government. This includes the United Nations,

Consider the Victorian “Safe Schools” program which sounds innocent enough about stopping the bullying of gays at school.

But how come…parents have NO control over what their children are being taught on this issue. Regardless of the content of the actual Safe Schools program parents and children are both powerless to say “no”.
- There is no opt-out for students who don’t want to participate.
- Parents cannot sign a form that prevents their child from participating.
- Parents can not sit-in on the training sessions.

We now find out from videos that the kids have actually taken during those classes that schools are teaching how to masturbate; role playing on being attracted to a same sex partner; how to go to sex sites and hide it from parents. Schools are demanding the right to be the go-to for abortions on demand, the pill and now gender transitions…This is parenting by the state. The Government in has taken it upon itself to decide what is in the best interests of the children attending their schools. This is stealing a parent’s natural authority.

Gay Marriage fits right into this agenda.

Consider this: Children will be taught to accept homosexual marriage even though NONE of these marriages of can produce children—their coupling is sterile.

Mums and Dads have to be replaced by gender neutral terms to accept unnatural parents. Schools will be forced to teach that homosexuality is normal and healthy— even though it reduces life expectancy by 20 years, 300% increased domestic violence rates and suicide rates and children under SSM suffer 200% more depression rate. It is FORCED acceptance of an aberrant lifestyle on a society through state run schools.

What happened overseas after SSM was introduced
- Schools are teaching kids about homosexuality
- Canada is forcing people into courses if they insist on using gender specific pronouns (he, she, mum, dad etc.).
- Christians find they are no longer able to say no to anything gay. Their moral compass and beliefs are compromised into even having to bake cakes for gay weddings or be closed down.
- Celebrants are having to marry gays even if they dont believe in gay unions.
- Freedom of living by your own moral compass has been removed.
- Religious freedom of the church is being targetted by LGBTI activists and churches fined or closed down.

The power of parents to guard what their children are taught at schools is being removed. One parent is now at the Supreme court trying to keep his children safe from what he considers damaging school programs.

Is this the future you want? —No power over your kids. Them hiding things from you…trusting teachers—over you who brought them into this world !

This is the biggest power play being done to well meaning, good-hearted parents let alone the complete destruction of Christianity—another aim of the far-left.

In 2015 Labor’s Tanya Plibersec, stated that the Government of Australia had changed 85 laws to bring same-sex civil unions into line with marriage. Gay marriage in the form of civil unions already exists…there is no inequality and as a caring nation Australia will iron out any bugs in the system that are left.

Our society can only be safe while the power of governing our nation rests with the people…and with parents power over their own families. Every Marriage Equality Banner has Safe Schools as part of their agenda.

Please vote no to this undoing of the fabric of our society using the institution of marriage. We are a free country and we want to remain that way

It is Okay to say No.

NB. Look at what happened in Massachusetts after SSM was legalised.

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