Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

The Nazi Legacy into today’s terrorist Islam



SUMMARY: As an officer in the Turkish army he participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. Amin Al-Husseini returns to Palestine. He brings with him lessons of genocide and the vision of leading a Pan-Islamic empire, where Jews and Christians are not acceptable. He begins a long campaign of inciting hate between Jews and Muslims in Palestine. The British appoint Amin Al-Husseini as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

The Mufti of Jerusalem Amin Al Husseini inspects his Muslim Nazi troops in 1943. After the war, he will preside over the Arab League and the World Islamic Congress.

As Mufti he forges links with the Nazi party and in Berlin, sitting with Adolf Hitler, is active in the decision to exterminate all Jews through the infamous Final Solution. He creates the Hanzar Division of Nazi Muslim Soldiers in Bosnia. It becomes the largest division of the Third Reich Army (26,000 men) and participates actively in the genocide of Serbian and Jewish populations.

Amin Al-Husseini is appointed leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem. Wahhabi Islam becomes the perfect vector for Husseini’s policy of ethnic cleansing. He uses recently acquired Nazi methodology to implement his vision of an Arab World free of Jews…and then finds a powerful NAZI friend in the UN to apply political pressure against Israel.

Amin Al-Husseini’s influence continues this day into 9/11 and Hamas. This is a fascinating Time line of influence. Similarly, Hitler’s Mein Kamp continues to be translated and sold into Muslim countries, Palestine in 2003. In Turkey it rose to become the Number one best seller within two months of its release..

(Our greatest concern should be this genocidal legacy into the various terrorist organisations such as Muslim Brotherhood’s and their reach in the West and for Hezbollah and Hamas in Palestine’s continuing conflict through with Israel and dare we say it—ISIS.)


Follow this timeline:






Part I
From The Armenian Genocide to the Palestinian Jihad
Building Blocks

Part II
Muslim Brotherhood Unites With Hitler’s Third Reich
“No Jews Allowed

Part III
From The Third Reich to the Arab League
“I declare a Holy War, My Muslim Brothers!”
Part IV
Yasser Arafat: In His Master’s Footsteps…
Part V
Yasser Arafat: Jordan Chapter
Part VI
Arab League Declares Fourth War Against Jewish State
Arab League Finds Friend in United Nations

Part VII
Yasser Arafat – PLO – Hizbollah - Lebanon Chapter
The Destruction of Lebanon

Muslim Brotherhood and the Assassination of Peace in the Middle East
The Camp David Peace Accords and Two Intifadas

Read on.
From The Armenian Genocide to the Palestinian JihadBuilding Blocks1893-1933
1893 Amin Al-Husseini. Born in Jerusalem under Ottoman rule
1914-1917Husseini’s First Taste of Jihad
Amin Al Husseini: Ottoman Empire Officer
Amin Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide [i] . He is an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army.
1917Pan-Islamic Vision Comes to Palestine Amin Al-Husseini returns to Palestine. He brings with him lessons of genocide and the vision of leading a Pan-Islamic empire, where Jews and Christians are not acceptable.
1920Organizing the violence inPalestine


1920/1921. Riots. Amin Al-Husseini [ii] becomes lead figure in organizing riots against locals. Amin Al-Husseini begins life-long campaign of inciting hate between Jews and Muslims under British Mandate of Palestine. He begins rule of terror over local Muslim leaders, who denounce him as ignorant thug. Husseini fabricates rumors to turn Muslims against Jews.
1921AppointedGrand Mufti Against The Will of The People The British, against the local Muslim vote, appoint Amin Al-Husseini as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Amin Al-Husseini came in a poor fourth place in the vote [iii] . The Muslim community rejected his candidacy because he had not received any credible Islamic education. He was neither a Sheikh(religiously accredited leader) nor an Alim (Islamic scholar). He becomes the pre-eminent Arab power in Palestine. His brutality becomes notorious and is rejected by local Muslim leadership.
1922New Agenda for Jerusalem Amin Al-Husseini implements restoration of Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He has the Dome gold-plated for the first time. Thereafter, Jerusalem takes on more importance as Holy Muslim site in the eyes of the Arab World.
1922Head of Supreme Muslim Council Amin Al-Husseini is appointed Head of Supreme Muslim Council (1922-1937) [v] . He is hugely disappointed by the end of the Ottoman Empireunder Ataturk. Husseini becomes fanaticized by the idea that he must restore the lost Islamic Empire. He vows to fight all Muslim seculars.
1928Husseini [vi] Joins Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Brotherhood established in Egypt in 1928 [vii] . Mother organization for today’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Hamas [viii] . The Muslim Brotherhood preaches Wahhabi [ix] Islam, which justifies violent means to rid the ‘Muslim world’ of its non-Islamic element. It envisions a Pan-Islamic Empire, where strict Islamic law rules over all. Husseini finds his fit and becomes prominent member of Muslim Brotherhood.
1929Husseini organizes Hebron Massacre Amin Al-Husseini organizes more riots in Palestine. He spreads false rumors to further turn the local Muslims against the Jews. Random murdering of Hebron Jews begins. Hebron Jewish community was over 2,000 years old.
1931Founder World Islamic Congress Amin Al-Husseini starts to build his own political base. He preaches Islamic unity and creates the World Islamic Congress in 1931 [x] .
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Muslim Brotherhood unites with Hitler’s Third Reich

“No Jews Allowed”


1933Hitler Finds Arab Support[xi] Arab Nazi political groups spring up throughout Middle East:.Young Egypt. Led by Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Gamal Nasser (future Egyptian President). Young Egypt’s political slogan “One Folk, One Party, One Leader” is a direct translation from German of Nazi slogan..Social Nationalist Party in Syria. Led by Anton Saada (known as the Syrian Fuhrer)
1936Husseini Meets Hitler’s Banker Francois Genoud [xii] , later known as the Swiss Banker of the Hitler’s Third Reich, travels to Palestine to meet Amin Al-Husseini for the first time. Their relationship will continue well into the 1960’s.
1936Palestine RiotsWeapon of Choice

Suicide Squads

Genocide of Arab People by Nazi Islamists Begins…

Muslim moderates assassinated
Amin Al Husseini inJerusalem during 1936 Riots

Amin Al-Husseini is main organizer of riots. [xiii] He organizes suicide squads against the local authorities. Applies Nazi methodology of “systematic extermination” of any Arab suspected of less than total loyalty to Pan-Islamic vision of Muslim Brotherhood.Any “non-Islamic” element is a threat to his Pan-Islamic vision.

Many Muslim and Christian Palestinian intellectual leaders and clerics assassinated for protesting Husseini’s Islamic terror.

1936-1938. Murdered by Husseini’s men:

* Sheikh Daoud Ansari ( Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque), Sheikh Ali Nur el Khattib (Al Aqsa Mosque), Sheikh Nusbi Abdal Rahim (Council of Muslim Religious Court), Sheikh Abdul el Badoui (Acre, Palestine), Sheikh El Namouri (Hebron), Nasr El Din Nassr (Mayor of Hebron). Between Feb. 1937 and Nov 1938, Eleven (11) Mukhtars (community leaders) and their entire families slain by Amin al Husseini’s men.

The Palestine riots between 1936-1938 were financially sponsored by NaziGermany [xiv] .

1941Mufti Joins Hitler InJihad Against Britain
Palestinian Volunteers to the Iraqi Army for 1941. Amin Al Husseini in Center.
Amin Al-Husseini arrives in Rome, where he meets fascist leader Mussolini. The fascist dictator and invador of Ethiopia praises Husseini and his use of the Kur’an to propagate fascism. From Rome, Husseini declares Fatwa-Jihad [xv] against Britain. He creates the notion of Pan-Islamism, borrowed from Nazi Pan-Aryanism, with slogans of Muslim unity to further his cause.Amin Al Husseini goes to Baghdad and participates in Pro-Nazi Coup inIraq.
1941European Jews Must Not Make It to Palestine [xvi]
Amin Al Husseini Meets Hitler in Berlin During WWII
Amin Al-Husseini [xvii] in Berlin sits with Adolf Hitler and is active in the decision to exterminate all Jews through the infamous Final Solution.Hitler was content with deporting the Jews out of Germany. Husseini perceived this as a threat to his stronghold in Palestine and pushed successfully for the extermination of the European Jews. Final Solution will claim six million Jewish lives, including one million children.
1943Husseini calls SS Muslims“Cream Of Islam” Amin Al-Husseini creates the Hanzar [xviii] Division of Nazi Muslim Soldiers in Bosnia. It becomes the largest division of Third Reich and participates actively in the genocide of Serbian, Gypsy, and Jewish populations. Over three hundred thousand men, women and children murdered. Amin Al-Husseini refers to them as the ‘Cream of Islam’.
1943 Prime Minister of Pan-Arab GovernmentVisits Nazi Death Camp with Head of SS H.Himmler


Amin Al Husseini Meets Chief Commander of Nazi SS: Heinrich Himmler

Amin Al-Husseini is made Prime Minister of Pan-Arab Government by Nazi regime. His headquarters are in Berlin.

He plans construction of concentration camp [xix] in Nablus (Palestine) to implement the “final solution” in Palestine to exterminate the Jews there, as an extension of Hitler’s plan.

Mufti becomes close friend of Heinrich Himmler, Head of SS (Nazi Officers). Amin Al-Husseini is given a private tour of Aushwitz death camp by Himmler, where he insists on seeing first-hand the murder of Europe’s Jews. [xx]
Amin Al Husseini Coaching Muslim Nazi Soldier 1943. Muslim Troops.

Mufti Addresses Bosnian Muslim Nazi Troops
Amin Al Husseini Inspecting His Muslim Troops. 1943.
March 1, 1944. Amin Al-Husseini makes speech from Berlin addressing Muslim SS Nazi troops: “Kill Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, History and Religion. This saves your honor. God is with you.” [xxi]
Muslim Nazi Troops of Amin Al Husseini. Holy War. 1943.
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From The Third Reich to the Arab League


“I declare a Holy War, My Muslim Brothers!”

1944Co-founder and President of Arab League [xxii]
Amin Al Husseini at Arab League Meeting. 1944
Amin Al-Husseini is one of the founders of Arab League. Goal is to reinforce Pan-Islamic unity. Founding countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan,Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. Husseini is appointed to President in Absentia of Fourth Higher Committee of Arab League. Arab League will declare all wars against Israel and will openly support both Intifadas.
1946Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Amin Al-Husseini is appointed leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem[xxiii] . Wahhabi Islam becomes the perfect vector for Husseini’s policy of ethnic cleansing. He uses recently acquired Nazi methodology to implement his vision of an Arab World free of Jews (Juden-Rei in German).

From Amin al Husseini to

Yasser Arafat

1946Yasser Arafat’s Teacher and Uncle:Amin Al-Husseini [xxiv] Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat meets Amin al Husseini at age 17 and starts to work for him. Amin Al-Husseini allegedly great-uncle of Arafat, whose real name is Mohammed Abder Rauf Arafat Al-Kudwa Al-Husseini. Arafat changed his name intentionally to disguise his connection to Amin Al-Husseini. [xxv]Yasser Arafat gets a Nazi education [xxvi] .
ArafatHoly Struggler Amin Al-Husseini places Yasser Arafat in charge of arms procurement[xxvii] and shipment for the Mufti’s Irregular Forces: “The Holy Strugglers”. Arafat becomes actively involved in terrorism against the Jewish settlers in Palestine. [xxviii]
1948Bad News for the Ottoman Empire Believers

Israel is Born

United Nations General Assembly votes in favor of partition of Palestineinto a Jewish and a Palestinian state. Amongst supporting countries wereEgypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen andTurkey. The British Mandate in Palestine is officially ended.May 15th 1948. Israel [xxix] declares its independence
Arab League Declares First War Against Jewish State
1948-1949Jihad against IsraelArab League

(Amin Al Husseini):

“ Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

Arab League (Amin Al Husseini) immediately declares Jihad (Holy War) against Israel. Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan immediately declare war on the new Jewish state and invade Israel.Secretary General of Arab League [xxx] Azzam Pasha: “This will be a war of extermination and momentous massacre.”Amin Al-Husseini: “I declare a Holy War, My Muslim Brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”
Arafat Speaks On Amin Al-Husseini“I was one of his troops.” Yasser Arafat was interviewed by Al Sharq Al Awsat (London Arabic Daily) and reprinted in Palestinian daily Al Quds on August 2, 2002:“We are not Afghanistan… We are the mighty people. Were they able to replace our hero Hajj Amin Al-Husseini?… There were a number of attempts to get rid of Hajj Amin, when they considered him an ally of the Nazis. But even so, he lived in Cairo, and participated in the 1948 War and I was one of his troops.”(Translation found on Palestinian Media Watch web site.)
ArafatJoins Brotherhood 1948. Yasser Arafat [xxxi] becomes member of the Muslim Brotherhood and devotes his life to fulfilling Husseini’s vision of ridding Palestine of its Jewish population.
ODESSANetwork Losers Regroup
ODESSA network [xxxii] . Egypt, home of Muslim Brotherhood, incorporates thousands of Nazi experts into Egyptian army, government and propaganda service.Amin Al-Husseini heavily involved. He is the main connection with Francois Genoud, Swiss banker of Third Reich, who finances the ODESSA network with money stolen from European Jews.
1950Arab League(Amin Al Husseini) Resolution 312 [xxxiii]1. Severance of relations with any Arab state, which engages in any contact with Israel.2. Member states are prohibited from making unilateral peace with Israel.
1951Followers of Husseini have King Abdullah, Descendant of Prophet Muhammad, Assassinated July 20th ,1951.King Abdulla of Jordan assassinated by “lone gunman” [xxxiv] during Friday prayer in Jerusalem, at Al Aqsa Mosque. He was active supporter of peace with Israel.

King Abdullah was a direct descendant [xxxv] of Prophet Mohammed.

1952Arab League(Amin Al Husseini) U.N. passes Resolution 482 [xxxvi]The Arab League members resolve to severe ties with any foreign company that has business dealings with Israel.
1952Muslim Brotherhood RulesEgypt In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood and fascist organization Young Egypt end British Mandate. Gamal Abdul Nasser, leader of Young Egypt Party, takes power. Nazi model applied to Egyptian leadership. All political oppositon parties banned, their leaders killed or imprisoned etcEgypt then becomes main instigator of war against Israel throughout 20thcentury.All Egyptian Jews (75,000) are expelled from Egypt or killed by 1960.
1954Calls for obliteration ofIsrael Egyptian Foreign Minister Muhamad Sulah al-Din states: “The Arab people will not be embarrassed to declare: we shall not be satisfied except by the final obliteration of Israel from the map of the Middle East.” (Al-Misri. April 12, 1954)
1955FedayeenTerrorism Squads Nasser, President of Egypt creates Fedayeen (Arab terrorist squads) to infiltrate and attack relentlessly Israel. Concept of Fedayeen was introduced by Amin Al-Husseini.

Arab League Declares Second War Against Jewish State


1956Arab League(Amin Al Husseini)

Suez Canal War [xxxvii]


Amin Al Husseini with Abdel Nasser: President of Egypt.

Israel against Egypt/Jordan/Syria coalition.July. Nasser nationalizes the Suez Canal.Arab League gives full support. (Resolution 1199).

Syria, Egypt and Jordan agree to form coalition against Israel. Nasser is placed in charge of all three armies.

Israel attacks in response to Fedayeen terrorist incursions and Arab war preparations. Britain and France join Israel. Egyptian army is turned away. Suez Canal is reopened.

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Yasser Arafat: In Husseini’s Footsteps…


1957Yasser Arafat’sFatah


Against Israel


Palestinian Troops under Yasser Arafat

Fatah [xxxviii] movement created by Yasser Arafat, Khaled Al Hasan, Faruq Qaddumi and Kalil al-Wazzir. The Fatah is a para-military organization with main goal of destroying the State of Israel and riddingPalestine of its Jewish population. The means are:

  1. Relentless terrorist infiltration into Palestine.
  2. Relentless propaganda to turn the local Palestinian people against the Jews of Palestine. Nazi bank accounts under Francois Genoud provide financial back-up. The Nazi World War II propaganda techniques are applied.

Yasser Arafat becomes main enactor of Amin Al-Husseini’s vision.

1962President of World Islamic Congress“No Jews in Arab Lands.” Amin Al-Husseini becomes president of World Islamic Congress [xxxix] . The Islamic Fundamentalists implement plan of making Arab lands Judenrei (free of Jews), as Hitler did in Europe. All Jewish communities ofNorth Africa and Middle East are persecuted. Hundreds of thousands of Arab Jews, whose presence in Arab countries predates Islam, are either killed or forced to leave to Palestine.
1964P.L.O.Terrorism against Israel Jerusalem. The PLO [xl] , Palestinian Liberation Organization, is founded under the hospices of the Arab League. PLO is direct continuation of Fedayeen movement, created by Nasser in early 50’s.

Arab League Declares Third War against Jewish State

1967War against IsraelJune War

“Our Basic Objective will be the destruction of Israel.”

UN resolution 242

War on Israel [xli] . May 1967. Nasser, then President of Egypt, closesStrait of Tiran to Israeli commercial traffic. He states unequivocally in his May 27 speech : “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel.”Nasser of Egypt and Assad of Syria actively create war momentum againstIsrael, and rally official support from Jordan and Lebanon. Arab armies start to line up on Israel’s borders.June 5th 1967. Pre-emptive strike by Israeli army. Egypt, Syria, Jordanand Lebanon defeated. For security concerns, Israel conquers the disputed ‘West Bank’ which was under Jordanian control, the Gaza strip which was under Egypt, and the Golan Heights which were occupied by Syria. Arab armies admit defeat, but their governments vow to fight on.

Resolution 242. Demands total Israeli withdrawal from 1967-conquered territories.

1969Fatah-Fedayeen-PLO Unite Yasser Arafat, takes over leadership of PLO. His Fatah movement joins the Fedayeen movement.Top PLO man Faisal Husseini is grand-nephew of Amin Al-Husseini.
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Yasser Arafat : Jordan Chapter


1969Arafat Tries to Take-overJordan [xlii] Jordan becomes stronghold for Yasser Arafat’s PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and Fatah organization [xliii] . Unruly gangs let loose. Five hundred (500) violent clashes between PLO and Jordanian army erupt. Jordanian soldiers continuously raped and humiliated by PLO militia. Unprovoked attacks on government officials and journalists. Arab diplomats kidnapped and women molested in streets. Also clashes in Lebanon begin.
1971Arafat Rejects Peace Proposal King Hussein of Jordan declares martial law in light of increasing Palestinian unrest. Yasser Arafat officially seeks to overthrow Hashemite Kingdom (true descendants of Prophet Mohammed). He rejects peace agreement with Arab delegation, after temporarily accepting its terms.
ArafatDefeated 1971. July. Jordanian army under King Hussein liquidates Palestinian resistance in two weeks. Three thousand Palestinians guerrillas killed by Jordanian army. Arafat flees to Lebanon with two thousand of his men.
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Arab League Declares Fourth War Against Jewish State

Arab League Finds Friend in United Nations


1973RamadanWar/Yom Kippur War

Arab League

(Amin Al Husseini)

Declares War Against Israel


Resolution 338

Oct.6th to Oct.25th. Syria and Egypt wage surprise attack on Israel during holiest day of the Jewish year. Mostly as a consequence of 1967 war. Saudi Arabia sponsors war effort. Soviet Union sides with Egypt and Syria and provides weapons. Iraqi army supplies 18,000 troops and hundred of tanks to Egypt. Israel rallies US military support for the first time.After initial Arab military success, the military tide turns and Israel reaches deep into Syria and Egypt.October 22nd, Israel has Egypt’s Third Army surrounded and facing total destruction.

In response, United Nations Security Council Resolution 338:

1. All fighting must stop within 12 hours.

2. Resolution 242 (see 1967 War) must be implemented (i.e.: Israel must relinquish all territories won in 1967)

3. Peace negotiations must begin between parties involved.

October 25th, 1973. War ends. Both sides claim victory. Israel denounces UN Resolution 338 as blatantly anti-Israel. 1971-1981.

Kurt Waldheim is Secretary-General of United Nations (1971-1981). (Kurt Waldheim was an officer in German Army Unit that committed atrocities in Yugoslavia during World War II. He was accused of having very close ties with Nazis, which he denied.)

1974-1975Oil EmbargoMoney Talks… OPEC Embargo.Oil Producing Arab countries impose oil embargo on countries that supported Israel during 1973 War. Embargo is led by Saudi Arabia. The price of oil doubles with enormous financial repercussions on the West.
1975UN“Zionism is Racism.” Nov. 10th. Soviet-Arab-Third World lobby at UN General Assembly. Kurt Waldheim is UN Secretary General.. Resolution 3379 is passed: “Zionism is Racism”. Revoked in 1991.. Yasser Arafat’s PLO is granted Observer Status to the United Nations.
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Yasser Arafat – PLO – Hizbollah - Lebanon Chapter

The Destruction of Lebanon


1975-76Arafat’s army, and other Palestinian factions, destroy Lebanon:120,000Christian Lebanese killed Lebanon Civil War [xliv] . Arafat and his PLO destabilize Lebanon [xlv] . Civil war breaks out between Lebanese government and PLO.Military Casualties: 44,000 dead, 180,00 wounded.Flourishing Lebanon is reduced to rubble and chaos. Economy is destroyed.

Yasser Arafat and his PLO take control of Southern Lebanon. Northern Lebanon comes under Syrian [xlvi] pressure.

Over next 20 years, 120,000 Lebanese civilian deaths (mostly Christians) die at the hands of Yasser Arafat’s militia.

1976Arab League(Amin Al Husseini)


PLO accepted as member of the Arab League.
1976-1982PLO attacks Israel Arafat’s PLO launches relentless terrorist attacks on Israel from Southern Lebanon.Arafat continues to implement Amin Al-Husseini’s vision of “Murder the Jews.”
1982Hizbollah CreatedJoins Arafat in War against Jews and Christians

Imad Mughniyeh [xlvii]
Hizbollah Fighter

Hizbollah [xlviii] created with headquarters in Syria. Aka Islamic Jihad, Jihad Islami. Call themselves “Party of God”. Radical Shi’ite Muslim group, backed by and based in Iran. Created at time when Iranian Islamic Revolution actively exporting itself. Directed from Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria.Also inspired by Amin Al-Husseini’s original vision of Pan-Islamic domination.Will join Arafat in War against the Jews and the Christians. Hizbollah becomes active force in destroying Lebanon and attacking Israel from Lebanon border. Imad Mughniyeh, who originally trained under Arafat’s Force 17 militia, heavily trained in Husseini’s ideas, becomes number one man in Hizbollah organization.
1982Lebanon War [xlix]Jews and Christians Unite Against Jihad Israel invades and occupies Southern Lebanon in retaliation of Hizbollah and Yasser Arafat’s relentless terrorist infiltrations at Israel’s northern border. Lebanese Christians join Israeli forces in fighting the PLO occupation in Southern Lebanon.
1983-84Suicide Attacks on AmericaImad Mughniyeh

Super Terrorist

Hizbollah sends suicide truck on US embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Two hundred and forty (240) American marines and diplomats die in attack. Also, many instances of Western hostage taking.Imad Mughniyeh heads the operation. He will later become prime suspect with Osama Bin Laden in organizing September 11th’s attack on America.
1984Christian Lebanese President Gemayel Assassinated President Pierre Gemayel of Lebanon is assassinated [l] by order coming from Social Nationalist Party of Syria (SNPS). The SNPS was founded by Anton Sa’ada in 1933 and was founded as a Nazi Syrian party in 1933. Gemayel was head of Lebanese Maronite Christian Phalange Party. His son Bashir Gemayel takes over presidency and is assassinated two weeks later. Syria invades Lebanon. Israel withdraws to the South.
2000Israel Withdraws from Lebanon May. Israeli army withdraws from Southern Lebanon in exchange for peace. The withdrawal is depicted by Syria and Iran as a sign of Israeli weakness. Iranian Hizbollah based in Syria takes credit for withdrawal and immediately resumes terrorist attacks on Israel from its Lebanese border. Syria and Iran openly support Hizbollah terrorism.
Lebanon Today [li] Hizbollah siege of Lebanon continues to this day. Hizbollah presence provides Syrian control over Lebanon. Historically, Syria claims that Lebanon is part of Greater Syria.
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The Muslim Brotherhood and the Assassination of Peace in the Middle East:

The Camp David Peace Accords and Two Intifadas


1978Camp David Accord Camp David Accord between President Mohammad Anwar al Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel. Peace is established between Egypt and Israel.Both President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin are awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
1979-1989Egypt Suspended fromArab League

(Amin Al Husseini) [lii]

Egypt’s membership is suspended from Arab League because of Peace Treaty with Israel.
1979-1988Afghan WarTrains Palestinians Afghan War starts. Muslim Brotherhood under Al Zahawiri recruits young jobless Muslims throughout the Muslim World to join the Jihad against the Soviet Invaders.Tens of thousands of Palestinians are recruited and trained in guerrilla warfare. They will return to Palestine after the war as trained guerillas.
1981President Sadat Pays the Price for Peace October. President Muhammad Anwar al Sadat of Egypt assassinated by Egyptian Jihad Islami. Assassins led by Khaled Islambouli, from the Muslim Brotherhood and follower of Amin Al Husseini. Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Sadat for making Peace with Israel. [liii]
1987Hamas Founded(Muslim Brotherhood) Hamas is the Palestinian branch of Muslim Brotherhood [liv] . Spiritual founder and father of the movement: Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Financed by Saudi Arabia [lv] .Goal: 1) Destruction of Israel [lvi] . 2) Rid the Arab world of Non-Islamic population.Hamas starts the first Intifada in Palestine (1987-1993).
1987-1993Hamas [lvii]Launches

First Intifada
Sheikh Yassin: Leader of Hamas

First Intifada (Struggle Against Israel) is instigated by Hamas’ Shekh Yassin. Palestinian authority sends thousands of Palestinian children to fight the Israeli army with rocks. Two thousand four hundred (2,400) Palestinians killed in conflict.Of these, eight hundred (800) killed by Yasser Arafat’s Fatah group for being “traitors” or “informants”. Arafat and Sheikh Yassin rule over Palestinian territory.1988. Arab League promises “all necessary help” for the Intifada


Hamas supporters

1990Invasion of KuwaitIraqi Missiles

On Israel
Arafat salutes Saddam

August 2nd, 1990. Saddam Hussein breaks ties with America and launches invasion of Kuwait, claiming pre-1918 Iraqi borders.Scud missiles sent on Israel to rally Pan-Islamic support for Iraqi invasion.

America leads massive counter-offensive and defeats Saddam Hussein.

1993Yasser Arafat AttacksAmerica [lviii] :First World Trade Center Attack First Attack on World Trade Center in New York. Six civilians die. One thousand wounded. Operation headed by Yasser Arafat’s PLO and backed by Iraki government. Arafat wanted as criminal against humanity in New York justice system. Master-minded by Ramzi Youssef and Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (now serving a life sentence).Youssef was quoted to say that his wish was to have killed 250,000 American civilians.
2000Arafat Rejects Peace
July. Yasser Arafat rejects Camp David Peace Accord, prepared under President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehad Barak.The Camp David proposal gave the Palestinian people Jerusalem as a capital, 97% of the West Bank and Gaza, and 3% of Israel proper.
Arab League(Amin Al Husseini) Arab League announces that it will cut all ties with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
2000-2002Arafat LaunchesSecond Palestinian Intifada
Aftermath of Suicide Bombing in Israel.Let The Children Do The Killing [lix]
Second Intifada (uprising against Israel). Lead by Yasser Arafat’s various militia groups (Fatah, Tanzim [lx] , Al Aksa Brigade, Force 17). Intifada is declared when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visits the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.Overt financial support [lxi] from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. 1,500 Palestinians killed.Palestinian children sent to do the fighting [lxii] .

Campaign of Children Suicide Bombing started. Palestinian children sent to blow themselves up against Israeli civilian targets. Countless deaths on both sides.
Arafat supporters in Palestine.

2001Saudi ArabiaVoices Support Saudi Telethon [lxiii] raises millions of dollars to support families of Palestinian Suicide Bombers. Saudi Ambassador in England publishes his poem that celebrates the slaughter of Jewish women and children by Palestinian Suicide Bombers.
Saddam offers 25,000$ Reward [lxiv] For Every Palestinian Suicide Attack Saddam Hussein offers 25,000$ to encourage any Palestinian family to send their children to die as Holy Martyrs in the form of Suicide Bombers against Israeli civilians, calls his long range missiles ‘ the Al Husseini” rocket, in memory of his mentor and teacher, Amin Al Husseini..
2001Israeli Minister assassinated October. Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze’evi assassinated by PFLP. Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, sponsored by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. PLFP headquarters are stationed in Lebanon, under Syrian protection.
2002Israel Strikes Back Following multiple suicide bomber attacks on Israeli civilians, Israeli army enters West Bank and Gaza to dismantles terrorist ring of Hamas and Fatah.
Arafat Speaks on Amin Al-Husseini, openly calls him“Our Hero”
Young supporters of Arafat in Palestine.
Mein Kampf By Hitler Distributed by Palestinian Authority 2003
Yasser Arafat was interviewed by Al Sharq Al Awsat (London Arabic Daily) and reprinted in Palestinian daily Al Quds on August 2, 2002:“We are not Afghanistan… We are the mighty people. Were they able to replace our hero Hajj Amin Al-Husseini?… There were a number of attempts to get rid of Hajj Amin, when they considered him an ally of the Nazis. But even so, he lived in Cairo, and participated in the 1948 War and I was one of his troops.”(Translation found on Palestinian Media Watch web site.)
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[i] Armenian genocide. Legacy of the Ottoman Empire. Link:,,

Amin Al-Husseini joins the Ottoman Empire.


[ii] Amin A-Husseini organizes the first riots in Palestine using a propaganda of
disinformation, pitting Muslim against Jew. Link:

[iii] Amin Al-Husseini appointed Mufti of Jerusalem against local Muslim vote.


[v] Head of Supreme Muslim Council


[vi] Amin Al-Husseini active member in the Muslim Brotherhood and main inspiration.


[vii] Hassan El-Banna and his ideology with the Muslim Brotherhood.


[viii] Hamas and Egyptian Jihad Islami are branches of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ideology and connection to Amin Al-Husseini. Link: ,,

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[xii] Francois Genoud, Swiss banker of Hitler’s Third Reich, becomes the main financier
of Jihad ideology and close associate of Amin Al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.


[xiii] The Mufti was the main instigator and the originator of hatred between Palestinian
Muslims and Palestinian Jews. Palestine riots were sponsored by Nazi Germany.

Link:, http://www.yahoodi.

[xiv] Nazi financing of Palestine riots via Amin Al-Husseini.


[xv] Amin Al-Husseini declares Fatwa against the West in 1941.


[xvi] Husseini’s lifelong endeavor was to keep Jews from immigrating to Palestine,
which he saw as the center of his future Islamic empire.


[xvii] Amin Al-Husseini gets guarantee from Adolf Hitler that they will join forces.
Precursor meeting to the Wansee Conference where the fate of European Jewry was decided.

Amin Al-Husseini: Nazi connections and photos of Nazi Muslim Bosnian troops under the Mufti.

[xviii] Husseini leads Bosnian Nazi troops.


[xix] Mufti is appointed head of Pro-Arab government by Nazis. Close friend of Heinrich
Himmler, Head of SS. Link:

[xx] Mufti builds plans to build Nazi concentration camp in Palestine. Close friend of Heinrich
Himmler, Head of SS. Link:

[xxi] Mufti’s address to Nazi Muslim troops made from Berlin, Germany on March 1, 1944.


[xxii] Amin Al-Husseini co-founder and president of the Arab League, which will become his main voice in the second half of the twentieth century.

[xxiii] Mufti becomes local Jerusalem leader of Muslim Brotherhood.


[xxiv] Arafat-Husseini Connection. Link:

[xxv] Arafat’s real name. Arab use of Nazi propaganda techniques. CNN report.


[xxvi] Yasser Arafat gets a Nazi education under Amin Al-Husseini. Washington Post ,
August 9th, 2002 (article by David N.Bossie). Link may change with time.


[xxvii] At age 17, Arafat is involved in terrorism against state of Israel. Connection with Amin
Al-Husseini kept largely secret unless you cross-reference information.


[xxviii] Amin Al-Husseini is the mentor of Yasser Arafat. Arafat became a terrorist as a
student of Amin Al-Husseini. Link:,

[xxix] Timeline of the history of Palestine since the creation of Israel.


[xxx] Arab League statement regarding Israel in 1948. “War of Extermination”.


[xxxi] Muslim Brotherhood connection with Yasser Arafat and connection with Amin Al-Husseini..
Need to scroll up and down.


[xxxii] ODESSA network. Nazis find refuge in Arab lands.


[xxxiii] Arab League resolution 312. No Ties with Israel. No Peace with Israel.


[xxxiv] King Abdulla assassinated by lone gunman for being advocate of peace in Middle East.


[xxxv] Descendant of Prophet, King Abdullah of Jordan, assassinated.


[xxxvi] Arab League Resolution 482. No Business with Jewish state.


[xxxvii] Suez Canal war between Egypt and Israel. Link:

[xxxviii] Fatah. Link:

[xxxix] Founder and President of the World Islamic Congress: Platform for Amin Al-Husseini’s ideology.


[xl] Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Link: ,

[xli] 1967 War against Israel. June War. Link:

[xlii] Arafat’s attempt to take-over Jordan and overthrow King Hussein of Jordan.
white September.



[xliii] Arafat and PLO attack on Jordan.


[xliv] Details on the Lebanon War. Link:

[xlv] Arafat and PLO attack Lebanon. Destruction of Lebanon. white September
Terrorist group.

Link: ,

[xlvi] Syrian involvement in Lebanon War. Link:

[xlvii] Imad Mughniyeh. Facts. Link:

[xlviii] Hizbollah and the Lebanon War. Shiite Jihad.

Link:: (scroll down to Hizbollah section.):

[xlix] Extensive coverage of Lebanon War and the history of Lebanon under
PLO siege prior to 1982.


[l] Syrian (former Nazi party) SNPS assassinates Lebanese President.


[li] Lebanon today. An illustration of the genocide of the Arab People.


[lii] Arab League suspends Egypt for signing peace with Israel.


[liii] Muslim Brotherhood assassinates Egyptian President Sadat in protest of peace with Israel.


[liv] Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Root ideology.

Link: ,,,,

[lv] Hamas history. Hamas is financed by Saudi Arabia. Link:

[lvi] Hamas is the offspring of Muslim Brotherhood. Actively involved in pro-Nazi propaganda.


[lvii] Hamas: First Intifada and origins.


[lviii] Yasser Arafat vows to destroy United States.


[lix] Let the Children do the killing. Strategies of the Palestinian Intifada under Yasser
Arafat and the Hamas.


[lx] Tanzim, Military branch of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah. Link:

[lxi] Arab League and the “Jerusalem and Intifada fund.”


[lxii] Pictures of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Islamic fundamentalism.


[lxiii] Saudi telethon raises 55 million dollars on Palestinian martyrs.


[lxiv] Saddam Hussein offers 25,000$ for Palestinian children suicide bombers.