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Concit Ensuring our Future

EPIC anti-Facebook Rant

ALL ISLAMIC SCHOOLS think this way: Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’I, Hanbali, Ja’fari, Aidiyyah, Ibadiyyah, and Zahiriyah, which include both Sunni and Shia schools.

(This RANT was shared to a Facebook page EXPOSING ISLAM on 14/Jan/2017—Admins on Facebook are becoming frustrated being banned continuously for going against FaceBook’s “Community Standards”…even when what they are posting is the complete truth. Facebook has becoming the most “useful” Religious Police for Islam. As many posts “disappear off timelines, this one needed to preserved for posterity.)

EPIC RANT:”In the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Berlin (which Facebook labeled “Berlin’s violent incident”!), Facebook’s lefto-fascist, pro-Islamic, Sharia police decided to ban me for a second time for “violating community standards” by “insulting Islam” and “promoting hate speech” for the “grave crime” of stating that one has to be stupid not to differentiate between condemning an ideology and condemning all its adherents (i. e. it’s not the same to claim that Islam is evil, and to claim that all Muslims are evil), I have decided it is time for me to leave Facebook.

If you are a self-proclaimed liberal (The Left) and this surprises you, you have been living under a rock. Your ilk has annihilated free speech in the West and has effectively turned North America and Western Europe into a leftist “Meinungsdikatur” (leftist dictatorship of opinion).

I shall do so, however, not without before delivering one final blow to the politically correct, “useful idiots” (attention, FB “religious police”: this is not an insult but a political term,, who are responsible for the intolerant, de facto lefto-fascist climate that prevails in Western Europe and North America.

FBFacebook will turn this into my swan song, so please, copy, paste it and share it. Let this final post go viral.

What happened in Berlin ––and in Munich, Cologne, Paris, Nice, London, Madrid and countless other cities–– is not just attributable to Merkel’s irresponsible and reckless open door policies which let nearly two million non-vetted refugees and economic migrants flood Germany. This is on all those who are too intellectually lazy, dishonest, cowardly and hypocritical to call a spade a spade, and to face the unadorned truth about the incompatibility of Islam with modern, Western, illustrated values. You all have blood in your hands.

Those of you who still insist that anti-Islamic criticism is tantamount to racism are not worthy of any further explanations. You are clearly too willfully ignorant to acknowledge that Islam is a politico-religious ideology and most definitely not a race. A German-born and bred, white Muslim (like the notorious German Salafist Pierre Vogel) is just as dangerous ––if not more–– as a “brown” Middle Eastern Muslim, a black African Muslim, or a Southeast Asian Muslim.

If you can relinquish a feature about yourself it is clearly not innate to you. You can embrace or reject Islam, just like you can embrace or reject Nazism ––or any other political or religious ideology. No one is born a Muslim ––or a Jew or Catholic, for that matter. Children are born onto Muslim parents who then choose to perpetuate their ideology through the indoctrination of their children, which indoctrination is and must be considered a form of child abuse. By contrast, you cannot embrace or change the color of your skin, hair, eyes, gender (including gender identity) and/or sexual orientation. Discrimination based on the latter is spurious and objectionable; discrimination based on the rejection of the former, i. e. of a perverse ideology, is not only legitimate, but indeed, morally compulsory.

And while we are on the topic of Nazism: why is it that people refuse to accept that Islam is its most similar counterpart? As a matter of fact, and not of opinion, both ideologies share deeply ingrained, perverse characteristics: xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and anti-Semitism. Both were/are aimed at world domination through violent means, if necessary. Nazism, at least, had the redeeming quality ––unlike Islam–– of not condoning pedophilia the way Islam does: Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and raped her ––ehem, consummated their marriage–– when she was only 9; he was more than fifty years old at the time; the reason why child brides abound in the Muslim world is precisely that Muhammed is seen by Muslims as the greatest and most perfect human being that ever existed, and therefore, as an ideal role model. Yet, while no one in their right minds would condemn such an abject ideology as Nazism, Western traitors of liberal values are bending over backwards to accommodate Islam and its evil, Medieval tenets within our midst.

And to continue with the topic of Nazism: ever since the Facebook bans went into effect, I have been trying to report anti-Semitic content shared by others (including Muslims!) on FB, always to no avail. In the meantime, even nuanced, historically informed and utterly “kosher” views which are critical of Islam have also been met with bans by Facebook’s Sharia police, such as this comment which was posted by my brilliant friend and staunch defender of our illustrated values, Helmut Fischer (

It is high time for everyone to denounce and reject the prevailing post-truth environment. Sure, sometimes there are two sides to every story, and sometimes it is all a matter of perspective, but sometimes the truth is still clear cut, and the fact that some perspectives may also be accounted for does not mean that every perspective is valid.

Facts matter.

It is high time for us to wake up from our failed multicultural dream, and to reject the sickening, post-modernist, relativism that has rotten the minds of the last two to three generations.
We must acknowledge that not all cultures are created equal. While it is undeniably true that one cannot assert the superiority of, say, Russian folk songs over Chinese ones ––since that is, indeed, a matter of taste–– it is a perversion of liberal ideas to suggest that a culture in which women are worth half of what a man is, in which LGBTQ individuals are repressed, in which Jews are compared to swine and monkeys, and in which “infidels” are considered not only worthy but mandatory targets of violence is “just as valid”, let alone, “just as advanced” as a culture which recognizes the equal worth of men and women under the law, and which doesn’t discriminate based on skin, hair or eye color, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc.

We must acknowledge that no one is “perverting” Islam or taking it out of context when engaging in terrorism. If ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko-Haram, and countless other terrorist organizations are un-Islamic, then Mohammed and the Quran, and Islam’s 1400-year history of violent expansion and control themselves are un-Islamic, too (which is absurd).

The “you are taking out of context” excuse used by millions of Islamoapologists and disingenuous Muslims alike has to either be substantiated, or has to be flat out rejected and exposed for the blatant lie it is.

Muslims and useful idiots who have never read the Quran love to cite Quran 5:32 (, to “prove” that Islam is a “religion of peace”, since it states that killing a single person is tantamount to killing all humanity. When it comes to taking things out of context, this is the most quintessential example one can think of, but for reasons unexpected to Useful Idiots: the following verse ( clearly states that the former only applies to Muslims; non-Muslims ––the dreaded unbelievers, or “Kuffar”–– are enemies of Allah who deserve to be put to death by gruesome means.

That Islam is not a religion of peace is blatantly exposed by the fact that all eight Islamic schools of legal thought (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’I, Hanbali, Ja’fari, Aidiyyah, Ibadiyyah, and Zahiriyah, which include both Suni and Shia schools) ALL prescribe the death penalty for apostasy. What could possibly run more contrary to basic human rights than proscribing the death penalty for exercising the inalienable right to think for oneself?

The “not all Muslims are extremists” and “only a tiny minority are extremists” myth also has to be exposed and rejected for what it is: Islamic propaganda. The fact remains that scientifically conducted polls and research have proven it to be nothing but a myth ( and ( Support for Sharia law ––including its prescriptions for the stoning of adulterous women and execution of homosexuals–– is as high as 99% in Afghanistan, and even over 70% in “moderate” countries like Indonesia, which Useful Idiots love to cite as examples of “modern” and “democratic” Muslim societies (…/muslims-and-islam-key-finding…/). Furthermore, Brigitte Gabriel has already come up with a brilliant response to the issue of the “peaceful” majority: (

The fact remains that not a single one of the world’s Islamic societies has an even remotely good record when it comes to human rights ––certainly not the Islamic theocracies like Saudi Arabia and Iran, and not even the “secular” states of the Muslim world such as Nigeria, Bangladesh or, as amply demonstrated by Erdogan’s strictly Muslim administration, Turkey. And contrary to what Useful Idiots and economic opportunists who refuse to bite the hands of their Muslim overlords claim, even extremely prosperous countries like the United Arab Emirates have a notorious record of blaming, for example, female victims of rape and punishing them, rather than the perpetrators (…/qatar-dutch-woman-rape-report-jail/)

There is absolutely no reason to believe, either, that Islam is compatible with democracy. Democracy is a concept alien to the Muslim world and which runs against Islam’s totalitarian nature. Islam is an all-encompassing system, aimed at controlling both the private and the public lives of Muslims. ( Separation of “mosque and state” is a ridiculous, Western liberal fantasy.

The “what about the crusades?!” excuse is also a ridiculous and tired one, which needs to be finally retired from educated, civilized public discourse. The Crusades were a late, short-lived and defensive phenomenon to counter the violent expansion that Islam engaged in in the centuries immediately following Muhammed’s death. (
Another favorite excuse raised by traitors of liberal values is the claim that “if all Muslims were terrorists, we would all be dead by now.” This is, of course, partly true. But it also ignores the fact that many who do not actively engage in terrorism, simply lack the “guts” to do so. They nevertheless actively engage in rationalizing terrorism ––and this, I must say, includes not only other Muslims but many Western left-wingers!––, providing a safe haven to terrorists (the way the Molenbeek community did with one of the perpetrators of the Brussels attacks…/captured-paris-attacks-suspect-abdesl…) and training new generations of Jihadists. This excuse, too, belongs in the garbage can along with other liberal delusions.

Particularly disgusting is the false equivalency pushed by members of the African American community in the United States of America between blacks and Muslims. They deserve to be called out and shunned as a result. Not only is the Muslim racism victimhood rhetoric blatantly false since Islam is not a race, but historically, Muslims have been victimizers rather than victims when it comes to racism. The historical fact remains that no other group and indeed no other nation has enslaved more blacks ––and white Europeans–– than Muslims did. (…/10-facts-about-the-arab-ensl…/)

However, the greatest false equivalency is that which suggests that today’s Muslims are the Jews of WWII. I have read extensively throughout my life, and never have I encountered any historical evidence to support this claim. Why? Because, unlike the majority of Muslims living in Europe ––even third generation “European” Muslims––, Jews were fully integrated into European societies. They spoke German absolutely fluently, they respected German law and order, and they made immense contributions to the humanities, science, the arts and, of course, the economy. They did not wage an ideological war against the “goyim” (the non-Jewish “gentiles”) the way the Muslims do against us, the dreaded non-believers or Kuffar (كفّار), and they most certainly did not engage in terrorism against innocent German targets.
Islamic terrorism is not just about economic factors, the way most liberal useful idiots insist is the case. If this were true, terrorism would be rampant amongst the billions of non-Muslim poor bastards on earth who have to survive on $2.50 a day. And, of course, if this were true, the economic affluence of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks would have prevented them from engaging in terrorism, just like the incalculable wealth of the Saudis and the Qataris would prevent them from sponsoring terrorism. Instead, they are the world’s number one sponsors of extremist madrassas and mosques all over the world. Religion is the driving and distinct factor justifying and glorifying in the minds of Muslims the murder of innocents. This is simply not true of other religions.

As a corollary to the comment above, please refrain from using the term “instrumentalization” whenever discussing religiously-motivated violence. Religion, since its inception nearly 10,000 years ago during mankind’s agricultural revolution, has been nothing but a social construct aimed at social control and exploitation under the guise of “spirituality.” Along with purporting to provide half-baked, stupid and primitive answers to questions which have been since then overwhelmingly answered by science, it also provided a mechanism for the upper classes to appropriate and control the surplus created by the lower classes. Therefore, of “instrumentalization”, there can be no talk. When you kill a person using a gun you don’t “instrumentalize” the gun, let alone “hijack it” for “perverted” purposes; you simply put it to use. The same thing happens when you put religious precepts into practice and you kill the infidels that your imaginary friend in the sky demands you to obliterate.

Perhaps my biggest pet-peeve of all is the ridiculous “No true Scotsman” fallacy ( unashamedly advanced by some well-meaning, but utterly delusional and intellectually dishonest friends, who insist that their Westernized Muslim friends who have been socialized in Switzerland and in the USA in affluent communities are true Muslims whereas the hundreds of millions of Muslims who live in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia aren’t. The claim is utterly ridiculous and reminds me of those who insist that the Catholic Church is accepting of gays and gives an equal role to and recognizes the equal value and dignity of women, for example, even though the Church’s official Catechism explicitly says otherwise. Shame on them!

Moreover, someone ought to explain to me, please, in that case, who or what a true Muslim is and who has the authority to determine it. Why? Because according to the Suni majority, Shi’ites are no real Muslims and vice-versa. According to jihadists, moderate Muslims aren’t true Muslims and vice-versa. According to non-Suni and non-Shi’ite Muslims (like the Alawites and the Sufis), the former aren’t true Muslims and vice-versa. But yet, they all share the same “holy” scriptures and authorities –the Quran and the Hadith– and all share heinous beliefs, such as prescribing the death penalty to apostates (as explained above). But all of a sudden, when you criticize Islam, there is, magically, a magic, clearly defined, monolithic figure of 1.6 “true” Muslims worldwide.

Please spare me, too, of the calls not to further divide society by “fueling” anti-Islamic sentiment. Newsflash: society is already sharply divided. It is divided between those of us who are aware of Islam’s tenets and historical praxis, and those who (wish to) ignore it. Between those of us who defend secular, illustrated values, and those who are willing to betray them in an effort to engage in moral grandstanding and self-staging as “Gutmenschen.” And in the eyes of the Muslims, it is divided between Muslims and non-Muslims, between worthy believers, and unworthy unbelievers; between Dar al Islam, or the abode of God, and Dar al Habr, or the house of war; and, consequently, between survivors of Islamic terrorism, and victims of Islamic terrorism. Please also spare me the ridiculous excuse that this plays into the hands of extremists. They do not need any excuse to hate us, since their hatred has been driven by a sick theology for fourteen centuries.

Furthermore, please don’t tell me that I have nothing to worry about. The fact remains that prior to 2015, and before Angela Merkel’s CDU and her allies, the SPD, aided by nefarious characters from other parties like Claudia Roth, we indeed had nothing to worry about living in Europe short of becoming a victim of petty theft and other minor crimes. Since hoards of Muslims invaded Europe over the last two years, criminality has sky-rocketed. Terrorism went from being a thing of the past, perpetrated in small scales by the non-Muslim Red Army Faction (between 1972 and 1985) and by, of course, Muslims (including, without limitation, the notorious murder of the Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics), to being a common occurrence.

And whereas it is true that Christianity (of which I am no proponent, by the way!) was extremely violent in the past, the fact remains that Christians do not overwhelmingly support the application of an obscurantist, theological legal system, the way Muslims do when it comes to Sharia, and they certainly have cased to commit atrocities in the name of Jesus thanks to a process of religious reformation and intellectual enlightenment that, unfortunately, never reached the Islamic Ummah. And precisely for that reason, the likelihood of me being a target of Christian-driven terrorism is extremely negligible, if extant at all, by comparison to the likelihood of the perpetrator of a terrorist attack of which I can potentially be a victim being a Muslim is extremely high.

Finally, don’t tell me that Europe in general, and Germany in particular, have a strong legal system which will prevail in the end. If we did, the vast majority of Muslim invaders who have no legal claims to asylum, who plunder our social welfare system at best, and who rape our women and children and/or murder our “infidel” brothers and sisters, at worst, wouldn’t be here to begin with.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I am proud of being an enlightened citizen of the world and of being intelligent enough and having the moral integrity to reject any and all ideologies which run contrary to illustrated, secular values. And I certainly don’t care that countless colleagues and employers in the arts have decided to sever ties with me as a result of my Islamic literacy running contrary to their liberal delusions. Sooner or later Islamic terrorism and/or the curtailment of our civil liberties will affect them directly, the way they have affected me. I have been a victim of both Salafist attacks in Germany, and of the slanderous accusations of Nazism by useful idiots in the left, and no one has come to my defense. A very dear friend of mine and her baby were nearly killed in the Brussels airport attacks. My business ––and indeed, the entire Upper Middle Rhine valley–– have been negatively affected by the understandable fear-driven cancellations by would-be foreign tourists who are too afraid to come to Europe, knowing that our irresponsible governments are unable to protect them. When, and not if, their time comes, I shall not shed a tear for them. They had it coming. Shame on them. And yes, shame on most of you.”

(Author unknown)