Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

3 Limitations of Multiculturalism that stop Islam in Australia

When Multiculturalism was adopted as a policy for Australia three commonsense limitations were placed on the Policy to safeguard Australians from abuse. This documentation was readily available on the Government website up to 2014. However the page can no longer be found. (The link was

Fortunately the content of those limitations has been preserved as follows.

“Multicultural policies are based upon the premises that:

1. ALL Australians should have an overriding and unifying commitment to Australia, to its interests and future FIRST and foremost;

This premise requires that all cultures in Australia supports Australia’s foreign policy for example. The very idea that a citizen in Australia can go and fight for ISIS against Australia in the Middle East is in contravention to this limitation. If any culture continues to support a foreign power like the UMMAH over Australia first, then we MUST consider that culture unfit for resettlement into Australia.

2. ALL Australians to accept …the Constitution and the rule of LAW, tolerance and equality, Parliamentary DEMOCRACY, freedom of speech and religion, English as the national language and EQUALITY of the sexes;

When Islamic schools teach that Sharia Law dominates over Democracy because democracy it is a man-made system, that institution goes against this principle. Mosques teaching that women are not equal to men or non Muslims are not equal to Muslims is equally unfit to continue to operate in our land under this multicultural limitation. Freedom of speech is an aspect of our Australian culture that cannot  be respected by Islam. Hizb-ut Tahrir in their Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia goes against everyone of the these ideals adding the requirement of Arabic as Australia’s main language and frankly speaking needs to be removed from our shores as seditious and in complete contravention to these Limitations.

3. Multicultural policies impose obligations as well as conferring rights: the right to express one’s own culture and beliefs involves a reciprocal responsibility to accept the right of others to express their views and values.

Islam must accept that Australia is an alcohol and pork consuming country. Our dress, culture and freedoms are preserved by this limitation. Islam MUST respect our culture. We can never tolerate the intolerance of Islam.

These limitations have been completely ignored by Government Departments and authorities only focussing on the rights of refugees and immigrants into our country. Our Australian culture also has a right to exist and be protected. It is time we demanded from our Government and multiculturalists that their duty of protection extends to Australians, our values and culture FIRST. We demand that these limitations be upheld and laws be put into place that can be used to remove people unfit for resettlement into our open, tolerant, friendly society according to these limitations.



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