Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Do we really want civil war?

The Finsbury Retribution attack by an Englishman mounting a footpath and driving at Muslims was a game changer for the West. It is the first time a westerner used terror tactics against Muslims.

Nor was it surprising that the perpetrator, Father-of-four, Darren Osborne, after being apprehended by those at the scene, said  “I have done my bit”.

Friends and neighbours informed the media that Darren changed towards Muslims after the London terror attacks.

The majority of comments on Facebook pages regarding the attack had anticipated someone, somewhere eventually would take this backlash action against the Muslim community. While there was genuine concern expressed for the innocents, the majority of comments showed a hardening against those that support terrorism as a part of their religious ideology.

The Commonwealth, as much as secular people try to deny it, was built upon 1200 years of Bible traditions and laws, first through the Kings of England since 778AD and then through people’s Parliaments. The God of the Christian Bible is a god of nations and boundaries—welcoming strangers to live amongst his people. However there was a rider, that all strangers were to live according the laws of the lands and be judged equally according to those same laws without discrimination.

Under Secular Humanism—the religion of Communism, that seeks to eliminate all borders and treat all cultures as equal, Islam was reintroduced to the West. Its followers were placed above our laws by “cultural considerations” through the various UN Agreements resulting from our membership of the Communist United Nations.

Islam’s CAUSE is global domination and whose TRUE BELIEVERS according to the Quran, are those who make that happen—those who give their lives and possessions for world domination of Islam. A jihadist in fact is the highest form of believer in Islam. They are ordered not to associate with other Muslims but only help when required. They are brothers unto themselves. 

Muslims are required under the sharia rules of taqiyya”, to hide jihadists and their weaponry from hostile Authorities. Muslims are also not permitted kill fellow Muslims—only apostates, atheists and disbelievers. Muslims will never stop jihadists as they are the literal “Crusaders of Islam”. Through Islam Muhammad brought all of Arabia under submission in just 10 years using terrorism. Every lone wolf or terrorist attack furthers Islam’s terror hold on the West for the same purpose.

THIS is what the Secular humanists have introduced in Western nations—a dominating, hyper masculine culture that believes it has the right to use terrorism in order to dominate a host country for their religion of Islam.

Media staff have been silenced from holding Islam in any way connected to the actions of their jihadists. Brave Journalists who do make the connection like Andrew Bolt and Pamela Gellar have had to go into hiding because of Muslim death threats. Parliamentarians that stand against Islamic tyranny like Wilders and Hanson endure 24-hour body guards for the price of their concerns. 

On 20th of June in 2017 one Englishman decided to take matters in his own hands against the corruption of his once sovereign Government, the blatant bias of the judiciary, the lies of the politically correct media and the correctly placed fear of the police and mowed down eight Muslims near a mosque known for launching jihadists like the shoe bomber onto his people.

What surprised me most about that event, was that I, like many others, felt numb inside for the victims. Resentment is building against the terror of Islam and the government that has placed its population in this position of impotence against this menace.

Islam will not allow assimilation. That leaves only occupation, conversion or civil war. It is time to have a more realistic conversation about Islam and its connection to terrorism—for all of our sakes.