Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Halal fees promote Islam, support mosques and…

The Halal religious tax on the food which the general population of Australia now consumes, goes to support Islam’s reach into Australia. This text was lifted from the home page of Halal Certification provider (  SICHMA:


- communicates with Islamic authorities and Ulema in Muslim countries,

- supports both member and non-member Islamic Centres and Mosques to help them with their spiritual service needs.

- provides limited financial support to approved community projects such as construction restoration of Mosques, Islamic Schools and welfare needs of the (Muslim) community.

-  is always seeking ways of educating and promoting Islam by supporting open and public Islamic conferences and seminars.”

The Australia population at last census was still a Christian majority. It has no choice because of the prevalence of the Halal tax through certification, but pay for another religion’s advance into Australia through this religious tax.

Halal is also an aspect of Sharia Law. By accepting the Halal tax on our food we are also accepting another culture’s legal system to coexist with our own.

There is no religious state in Australia. We do not accept pluralism and a religious tax certainly needs to go before our Parliament. The Halal tax has seeped into our food chain to such an extent that is becoming almost impossible to avoid. This is neither acceptable for everyday Australians nor legal. The Government must act on this matter.