Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Time to look at our Immigration Policies and Courts

Four shocking cases have surfaced in the past two weeks that are telling ordinary Australians that our immigration system is compromised and needs serious overhaul. It appears that if you are Christian and male in particular you are on your own. Australia only caters to victimised Muslim females and their families.

A Muslim family arrived in Australia, the specific circumstances of what type of visa are unknown. However while on our shores the Muslim husband divorces the wife Islamic style and walks out of her life, leaving her conveniently stranded in Australia. The woman, appealed to Australian authorities on the basis that if she returned “home” she would be “honour-killed” by her family for being divorced. On compassionate grounds our Government set her up with her own apartment in Melbourne and is now paying for the raising of her Islamic kids. (No requirement to give up the ridiculous belief system that left her stranded here in the first place.)

Stephano, an 45 year old Italian student is out here, breaks his foot—stress fractures in three parts. He has been putting himself through Accounting partly by working in hospitality. Even though he has private health cover from Italy, the foot is not healing and after 4 months has depleted his personal funds. He is now literally starving on our streets. He hasn’t eaten for two weeks and survived by drinking water from our park fountains. He wants to finish his course but had to let it go. He is hoping to get back into work and re-enrol into his course asap. Without being enrolled he has to leave Australia when his student visa expires in June. There is no safety net for him here. With the next visit to the doctor he is hoping he can get back on his feet in all ways.

Peter is a Christian Copt from Egypt. He came over here in 2013 on a student visa. While over here a close female Muslim friend in Egypt went missing. The police in his home town in Egypt contacted his family for his whereabouts with allegations from her family that Peter had kidnapped their daughter. Peter instead, believes that she had been “Honour-killed” by her family for her ongoing rebellion against Islam, as they had spoken by phone a few times while he was here in Australia. He now believes that his life is in danger if he returns to Egypt. Her family have been disapproving of their platonic relationship since it began—when she worked for his father who was a doctor in 2005. To put a long story short, he has been unable to secure the required documentation from the Egyptian police to satisfy our courts for his appeal for protection visa, so we are kicking him out of the country at the end of February to his certain arrest if not death. He needs help with getting the correct documentation from the Egyptian police. However, being a Christian in a Muslim majority country, even having to pay thousands to the police in bribery isn’t working for him or his lawyers in getting the right reports.

A Muslim woman arrived in Australia as a student and applied for a protection visa on the basis that she no longer wanted to wear a burqa and if she returned to her home country she would be “honour-killed” for not wearing it. The Protection Visa was granted, she can now stay in Australia and we flip the bill for her apparent rebellion to Islam. But here is the real kicker…she still wears the burqa over here. It was just a ruse to get the visa and our agencies fell for it. She was not required by us to give up Islam—the cause of her victimisation, in return for our protection.

And what about our Italian mate who has relied on his own means and contributed to our economy. He faces being thrown out as well. There is something seriously wrong with our Immigration system when we cant assist the people we want to stay based on contribution and fit. Instead of taking the Christians that would fit into our way of life, work for their living and grow our country, we get contrary Muslim dependants.

If our immigration system can accept females victims fleeing the out-workings of Islam, like instant divorce, “honour-killing” and systemic female abuse then we should be requiring victims of Islam convert away from that ideology as conditional to our support in Australia—and not be instrumental in financially supporting that same behaviour here.

Peter is desperate to stay. Despite getting personal recommendations from Cr. Sam Aziz and the Coptic Bishop in Melbourne to attest to his good character he will get deported in a matter of weeks. Our government authorities actually believe assurances of the Egyptian government of equality for Egypt’s minorities.  Egypt is still a Muslim majority country, Muslim Brotherhood still have power and Coptic Christians are still a persecuted minority there. A church was blown up only three weeks ago in Egypt killing dozens of Christians. Their girls are being kidnapped and forced to marry Muslims. Yet Egyptian Copts for years have been overlooked by Australian’s Muslim centric refugee programs, overseen by the UNHCR and this is just wrong.

We need a go-fund-me for $3,500 for our Italian mate, we need to get documentation for Peter and we need a serious overhaul of our Islamic appeasing immigration system.

Let us know if you can assist in any of these three areas please.


Photo comp: Italian student looking for accommodation in Australia 2017, Australia rally for the burqa, Muslim women tell Aussies their way of life is ‘flawed’—2010.

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