Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

How Islam fails Multiculturalism

“Multiculturalism” assumes that our laws, social framework, technology and amenities will create such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that all people will assimilate with us —because of our “superior” lifestyle.

The problem with this view is that it overlooks the dynamic effect religion plays in people’s lives. It also denies that fact people could have more respect for their religious beliefs than the worldly offerings of a host country. At its heart multiculturalism denies the importance of God and religion to people. It assumes all religious attitudes are the same and heading towards the same goal and eventually everyone will just blend together in some great melting pot once the day-to-day cares like housing, food and amenities are sorted.

It is a form of passive tolerance while on the surface it might appear “humane it is actually more like…careless indifference. This insensitivity to deeply religious cultures can be as harmful as aggression, as it incites a defiance of the laws of our society, especially in those areas where the incompatibility between the two religious cultures is not understood or recognised.

Anyone who has studied axiology—the Theory of Values will tell you that God is the highest order driver of humans. A person will give up everything to live his life according to his beliefs around his god—above his children, spouse, home, job, even his country. By ignoring the influence of this value and not allowing discussion about the clash of these two values in Australia, namely between an Islam and Christian worldview is like ignoring the massive elephant in the room.

 Being a Muslim is nothing like when the large proportion of the Australian population call themselves loosely a “Christian”. Everyday the Muslim is involved in a fight for his spiritual life.

Christians learn the doctrine of salvations from a very early age. Jesus died for their sins and if they believe on Jesus they are saved. God continues to works on the inside of the believer through their heart and all they really have to do is follow the leading of His Spirit to be called one of his own and taken to heaven.

Not so for Muslims. They believe they were born into sin and must live a life constantly plagued by Satan. They alone are responsible for removing their sins. Their job is to get to the end of their life with enough “good points” that when they are judge by their god Allah they will be able cross the thin line from hell to heaven.

To support them are the seventy-seven branches of Faith, composed in three sets of beliefs (Iman) that a believer should have or strive to having. The first set are core requirements that you must take into your heart in order for you to call yourself a Muslim. For example “1. To believe in Allah-in his being and his attributes, and that he is one, has no partner, and that there is no one like him.”

The second set are compulsory things you must know and speak in order to call yourself a Muslim for example “Recitation of the holy Quran.” Falling short and sinning from the first two lists means that you cease to be a Muslim until that situation is rectified by either repenting or punishment depending on whether you did it intentionally or accidentally. (2)

The third set is complimentary and are like “bonus rewards” you earn extra by doing these. For example “Remaining on good terms with one’s relatives” to “committing offensive JIHAD”—killing non Muslims for the sake of Islam. Yes they get bonus rewards for killing non-Muslims.

67.  To  fight  the  enemies  of  deen  whenever  such  an  occasion  presents  itself….“To take part in Jihad i.e. To fight in the path of Allah. It includes guarding the defence lines.” (See link to pdf at the end of the article for the full list.)

This whole system of Law has been developed from their Holy writings the Qua’ran and those of His prophet Mohammed as a code to the Islamic faith. The term Sharia meaning “way” is the sacred law of Islam. Sharia guides all aspects of Muslim life including politics, banking, daily routines, foods, clothing, amusements, sports, familial and religious obligations and financial dealings.

Being a Muslim is both a responsibility to your community and to yourself. If an individual fails in the execution of their duties as a Muslim, the community will draw away from them until they are brought back into order. If a person ceases to believe in Islam altogether, a death sentence will follow and all their possessions and blood will be up for grabs by the community. Being a Muslim is not a light responsibility for the individual nor the community. The punishments as laid out by Sharia Law are as much as a deterrent to the community as it is to punish individuals.

Regardless of how shocking we find those punishments there is something far more significant Australians need to “get their head around”. It is this—in order for a person to continue to be a Muslim they just can’t allow anything….any authority or person to be in front of their God Allah and what their God Allah has decreed. If they do, they automatically cease to be Muslim and face loss of community, property and eternal punishment.

Democracy is ruling “by the people for the people”. This is heresy for Muslims as it is all about human rights but there is no right for Allah, his will and judgments. To allow the man-made laws of Australia to influence their way of life they will immediately nullify their Sharia Law. This throws them out of Islam. It is what they term a “nullifer of Islam”. They just will not allow that to happen so “democracy is pagancy. It is a system outside of Islam”.(2)

Here is the second thing you need to get your head around… we are non-believers “Kuffar” in the Islamic worldview and we just don’t count in their religion, community and relationship with Allah. In fact there are penalties for Muslims if they raise non-believers (Australians) as “equals” to their Muslim brothers and sisters.

Christianity says we have to “obey the laws of the land”, not so for Muslims, Sharia Law is the universal law brought down by God—must always comes first over our democratic laws. For example…Slander by definition in Islamic law occurs when a non-Muslim mentions anything to a Muslim that he would not like, or reveals anything that does not benefit Islam or a Muslim. Even the truth is slander in Islam, if a Muslim finds it offensive or if it puts Islam in a bad light. For that blasphemy laws entitle all Muslims to exact revenge on behalf of the prophet even if killing is against the law. (This make Islam simply unsuitable for the West.)

Christianity says that we must “love our brothers like ourselves”. Not so for Muslims. There is a caveat on Muslims. They are required only to love “believing” brothers. The great principle of mate-ship on which Australia thrives, can never come to pass between our two cultures, it is strictly forbidden by Islam.

Islam separates into Halal (permissible) and Haram (forbidden) by Sharia Law food relationship even what jobs they can do. So out the window goes anything that creates or maintains our legal frameworks, including being a policeman, finance because of the interest component; food handling where pork or other unclean foodstuffs are involved; hospitality, transport or where alcohol is present, pop culture; western music, musical instruments, games anything that wastes time.  It gets down to occupations like teaching, counselling, IT and car detailing providing the companies that they work for don’t send support to Israel and any other country against Islam. So then there is the added burden on our welfare systems while we support these families until they find permissible “Halal” work.

The “cause” of Islam is to bring the world under Sharia Law and the cloak of Islam. Further if we openly oppose their expansion we are then considered enemies of the State of Islam and worthy of a Jihad.

On the news there is ALWAYS a justification by Muslims for doing jihad/terrorism. Lately terrorists have been blaming the West’s meddling in the Middle East. To commit jihad there must either be a reason or an order from the leader.

We are obliged to accept Islamic people by our international conventions. We can’t force them to abandon their beliefs, yet Islam will not allow assimilation into the Australian way of life.

At best Islam is only just tolerant of us Australians for the time being. It is time to address the elephant in the room—Allah will not go away.

“The reason multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures.”
—Bosch Faustian

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