Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Selling out Australian land to Islamic governments

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There is now a way that foreign Governments can own Australian land—but they need Australian Dhimmis to be Directors on their “Australian Company” in order to make it happen.

In 2009 Hassad Australia Pty Ltd registered itself as an Australian Company with the help of some Australian nationals.  It also registered having $125,799,639 paid shares all 100% owned by Hassad Food Company QSC in Qatar.

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It reported having three Australian born Directors and three Muslim Directors from QATAR. These Australians Directors in effect have facilitated this foreign company to operate in Australia for no share ownership in the company. They are simply Australian employees being paid to buy up Australia’s land for this foreign owner the Hassad Food Company.


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These men are in effect selling off our land to a foreign muslim country using a “government company”.

Newspapers from around the country are constantly reporting on how effective these Australian have been in doing their “job”.

- “Hassad has acquired 255,000ha across 13 farms in WA, South Australia, NSW, Victoria and Queensland since 2010 and has not ruled out more purchases.” (1)

- “Qatar-based Hassad Foods, which is the agricultural arm of the Qatar government, recently agreed to pay about $35 million for more than 8ooo hectares of sheep-grazing and cropping land in Victoria’s Western District.” (2)

- “Hassad Australia spent $7.4 million on 1482.5ha of land at Cummins and Edillilie on the Eyre Peninsula, and $7.5 million on 756.6ha at Hanson, with both parcels listed as being suitable for cereals and sheep.

Over the past few years it has amassed a property portfolio of more than 40 wheat and sheep farms across four states, covering 250,000ha.

Hassad Australia last year bought a $9 million cattle property near Bordertown and also owns the 40km by 10km Telopea Downs sheep station on the SA-Victoria border., including the 6460ha Fergusons sheep property in SA.” (3)

- “The Middle Eastern Government-owned Hassad Australia has recently made significant land purchases on western and central Eyre Peninsula, including more than 3000ha at Ungarra.

It has also bought land around Burra. The land will be used for crop production.

The properties add to purchases made late last year at Cummins and Edillilie on the Eyre Peninsula, and at Hanson, also near Burra.

Over the past few years Hassad has amassed a property portfolio of 14 major wheat and sheep farms or clusters of properties across four states, covering 287,000ha.

In 2012 Hassad bought a $9 million cattle property near Bordertown and also owns a Telopea Downs sheep station on the SA-Victoria border.” (4)

Still our Government remaina oblivious to this land grab of Australian Land by a foreign Muslim country.

The fact that we have Australians abetting this to take place is just as troubling.

Food Production Issues:

If these Qatar owned farms become “Muslim lands” they will seek Halal certification. This will then require only Muslims to be employed to cultivate, kill and transport livestock and produce from these farms, meaning less work for Aussies on the land but also establish Muslim satellite boroughs through our country. This could then lead to social cohesion and security concerns.

As Australians, we also have the additional issue that head of Qatar,the Emir of Qatar, is known to be funding ISIS. (5) Therefore Australians buying any produce from these farms would also be indirectly funding ISIS.

None of these scenarios are good for the long term health of Australia.

Please SHARE this information and take it to you local MP. We must put a stop to this now.







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