Bendigo Advertiser—media “Bully”

If there was an award for the WORST photo journalism in Australia Bendigo Advertiser would have won it “hands down”. The criteria is not incompetence—it is the deliberate misuse of photography to diminish a person’s standing.

This is the real Elise Chapman and these photos were taken this year, one of them just a month ago—hardly an “unattractive woman” wouldn’t you say.
















Yet the Bendigo community have yet to see Cr Elise Chapman portrayed in anything other than an ugly, unfavourable light.

We cant even give the Bendigo Advertiser the benefit of the doubt for not having enough photos to choose from. Last Council meeting Cr Chapman had to ask the Mayor to call the Bendigo Advertiser photographer into line as the amount of photos being taken of her was become a distraction. Cr Chapman claimed that she had counted over 300 photos at this point and the meeting was still in full swing.

What the Bendigo Advertiser then chose to publish follows:

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Bendigo Council shows how to “mislead the public” in 5 easy steps

Councillor Chapman was the subject of a Conduct Hearing over a controversial tweet of an alleged FGM photograph to a mosque supporter. It was done on a private phone, through a private twitter account, during private hours. After 11 weeks the conduct panel brought down its findings.

It appears that the Bendigo Council has once again attempted to mislead the public. This time however we can offer you the trail. This Bendigo Council Meeting was conducted on the 5 August. The misleading appears to have been aided and abetted by the Bendigo Advertiser. We offer you the following capture of events from this direct feed of events reported by the Bendigo Advertiser.

Step 1—GAG any debate within the Council Proceedings—do not allow the Councillor in question to defend herself later in the meeting.

gag order final












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Danny Nalliah—Won our Battle for Free Speech Against Islam

straight images

During the five years duration of this legal action Danny Nallaiah endured “Alluha Akbar” death threats, threats of his house being burned down and his children being kidnapped. Further the cost of legal fees by the time the case was decided had amounted to $600,000.


In 2002 the Australian province of Victoria under LABOR, passed the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. which:-

prohibits conduct that incites hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule of a person or group of people based on religious belief. “

This was a subjective law (“offence” coming from emotions) not an objective law (“truth” coming from the rational).

That same year the Islamic Council of Victoria filed a complaint that resulted in convictions for two Pastors, Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot – the first convictions in Australia under the nation’s religious vilification ban.

How the battle for free speech was fought

The complaint lodged in VCAT said Scot and Nalliah had “vilified Muslims” at a seminar on Jihad on March 9, 2002. The two Pastors addressed a private seminar held by Catch The Fire Ministries to some 250-300 Christians. They were lecturing on the differences between Christianity and Islam. The seminar came about as a result of “September 11” and their community wanted an understanding of the true features of Islam. Danny Nalliah having lived under Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia and witnessed three beheadings, had quoted from the Koran during the seminar, to demonstrate what some Muslims believe.

The Islamic Council of Victoria had sent three Anglo-Saxon converts to Islam masquerading as Christians to the Christian seminar. They took on 52 points as complaints against the seminar and took Pastors Scot and Nalliah to court under the Equal Opportunity Commission and demanded an apology.

Danny Nalliah refused to apologise on the grounds that what was stated was word-for-word from the Koran.

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At a Crossroad in Australian Democracy

democracy must2

In 2011 the most remarkable human event went unreported by our media. Fifteen million Egyptians (50% of the population) took to the streets in the world’s biggest “people’s rally” ever staged in the history of the planet. It was against their government and it’s secret police. The people found their “social conscience” and chose individually to come together to bring change, by the people, for the good of the people. The Government immediately resigned. However, it took 30 years of individuals being constantly abused by the Government before they collectively found their voice.

In Australia we too are at a crossroad of democracy. We have handed over our power to a two party system and allowed a corrupt media to be maintained. As a result we have had individual freedom of expression squashed though “offence” legislation, police powers have been increased and terrorism is now on our shores.

The reason we are being invaded by Islam is not because of our Government policies it is because we as Australians didn’t understand or convey how we felt about the issue of mass immigration, Australian values and the kind of Australia we want our children to grow up in. We did not provide the necessary social conscience for the right decisions to be made and in part that is a media problem.

The two party system is not working for many reasons. It is time we had a fresh look at what is going on before it is too late.

We have Islam to thank for the anomalies showing up, but it is time to decide what we need to do moving forward for our children’s sake.

The following may bring some light into why we are in the state we are in.

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Common Good—and dangerous for Australia

images-2Australians are trying to fight the go-ahead of mosques in Bendigo and elsewhere on “planning grounds”. When the fact of the matter is that objectors fear being labelled a “racist” for contesting them on the one true ground for stopping any mosque—the threat to Australia’s sovereignty as a nation.

By Islam’s own admission the West is the land of War responsible for all remaining evil in the world and must be brought into submission by whatever means possible under Islamic rule. This mandate is mainly due to our societal beliefs in personal sovereignty through Democracy (man-made laws) and the heresy of our beliefs in Capitalism and Christianity

It is in the removal of these three basic pillars of the West—of democracy, capitalism and Christian values —that Islam has now found a most unlikely ally—the Cultural Marxists—who also want to see the removal individual sovereignty on all levels to ensure our society’s complete submission to the “common good” (one world government, one religion, shared wealth, and so on).

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RECLAIM RALLIES Melbourne—Letter to Authorities.

Reclaim Rally goers were prevented from joining their rally by the counter rally.

Reclaim Rally goers were prevented from joining their rally by the counter rally.

(LETTER: to The Victorian Premier, Acting Police Commissioner, and Australian Attorney General.)

RE: Reclaim Rally 4th April 2014 Melbourne, Federation Square—Right to Peaceful Assembly

Last Saturday on the 4th of April 2014 thousands of Victorians were denied their Right to Peaceful Assembly at a reclaim rally scheduled to commence at 1.00pm. Our admittance to the rally was blocked from 11.15am. The Reclaim rally was later closed down at the request of Police.

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Beware—the UN has given ISLAM “Human Rights”



UN—Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Since 2007 the most subtle play has been happening in the UN between the Organisation of the Islamic Congress (OIC) countries led by Pakistan and the West (mainly EU and US and allies).

What is also becoming apparent is that Western values no longer have the power they once had in the United Nations (UN) and our platform of democracy and equality is also being eroded. The growing Muslim voting block of nations is slowly but surely introducing Sharia Law into the UN and apparently without anyone really noticing.


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18C legislation alienates Australians and undermines our democracy

chesters racismAll Australians want legislation that is fair and results in keeping our culture, peace and identity in place. Unfortunately 18C is not that. It is alien legislation to Australia, our culture and our way of democracy.

What does makes our culture tick are easy going values that prevent us from developing bitter roots.

We are both a forgiving and giving culture. We do give people a second go at life. Look at our justice system—you do the time and you are out and back in society, there is no permanent disfigurement, limbs removed or scars from lashings.

We also look out for each other with thousands of Australians volunteering as lifeguards, CFA, Army Reserves, kids sports coaches, Foodbank, Meals on Wheels…Rotary—our caring is cultural. If you really want to see the character of an Australian then watch what happens in a community when there is a disaster.

Just last week I heard of a guy that had his own little transport business when his wife was killed in an car accident. Truck drivers came to him and took over doing his rounds for no pay. Clients stood by him until he and his family was back on their feet. There is no legislation behind these acts of human kindness…this is just the way we are, as Australians.

What 18C creates is a legitimacy to find offence and empower bitterness. It says my skin can be as thin as I choose and you need to be vigilent not to offend me otherwise I will take my retribution at law or lash out elsewhere—and it will be your fault beause I am offended. (Charlie Hebdo).

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Islam—An overview for Westerners

About IslamContext:

Islam, Allah and the Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad is the prophet of Islam who through supernatural encounters with an angel called Gabriel at the age of 40, began delivering the words and commands of Allah, originally the name of the God of Arabia, almost until he died. These were later captured in the Koran (Qu’ran). The Koran also recognises Abraham as the father of all Muslims and Jesus as a Muslim prophet. Muhammad is considered the final prophet and the Koran as the final correct sacred text.

For 10 years while living in Mecca, Muhammad was for the most part ridiculed and persecuted for his new system of beliefs. In 622 he with his followers numbering less than 200 migrated to Medina where he established his new headquarters. This migration date sets the start of the Islamic calendar.

It was in Medina in 627 under the instructions from Angel Gabriel that Muhammad destroyed an entire Jewish tribe beheading 600 men and enslaving the women and children.

For the next ten years, from his Medina mosque Muhammad wielded a campaign of terror that eventually brought all of Arabia including Mecca under his control and in submission to Islam.

The last fews years of his life were spent warring in Syria against the Christians. After his death his successors carried on conquering the world with a further 548 campaigns into Europe. Eventually they were forced back centuries later by the Crusades.

Muhammad as the Prophet of Islam is looked upon as “the perfect man”. His ways, words and stories have been collected into another set of books called Hadiths and carry as much weight as the Koran for Muslims. Together the “dos” and “don’ts” of both the Hadiths and the Koran have generated into a sacred path of law and life, called “Shariah”. Shariah Law governs the life, government and culture of Muslims across the world, on an individual level and at a state level. It is a totalitarian system communal living that Muslims follow where ever they settle.

Islam itself means a ‘submission’ or ‘surrender’. The promise of peace comes only when all peoples of the world finally submit to Islam and Shariah Law.

The Islamic Mindset:

Believers and non-Believers: Islam’s world-view divides people up into believers and non-believers. Each Muslim belongs to the nation of Islam called the “Ummah” and is called personally by the Koran to protect it. The penalty for leaving (apostasy), calls for the person’s death and the dispersion of assets back to the community.

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Reliance of the Traveller—a Sharia Law Manual

Islamic Law, or Sharia (also Shari’a or Shariah ) literally means “well-worn camel path to the watering place.” and has been termed the “Sacred Path” of Islam. It provides Muslims with religious and political guidelines for their journey on earth.  It is derived from commands in the Koran (19%) and the example of Muhammad (85%).

imgres-1Shariah law tells followers how to perform their prayers, how to pay their alms, how to observe the fast. It also describes how Muslims should dress, what food Muslims can eat and even what greetings can be exchanged.

Sharia is expected to be abided by as a system of laws and rules for living. It also sets forth an ethical ideal of which one is supposed to conform to individually and within a community.

Sharia are classifications of acts: standards of conducts and moral evaluations of this actions (such obligatory, recommended or forbidden).

An underlying assumption of Sharia is that only God can distinguish between good and evil and man’s reasoning is subject to errors and thus should be eliminated whenever possible.


The most complete concise sourcebook for Sharia Law is ‘Umdat al-Salik, or Reliance of the Traveller, compiled by Ahmad ibn Niqib al-Misri (d. 1368).

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