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Danny Nalliah—Won our Battle for Free Speech Against Islam

THE BACKGROUND: In 2002 the Australian province of Victoria under LABOR, passed the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. which:- “prohibits conduct that incites hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule of a person or group of people based on religious belief. “ This was a subjective law (“offence” coming from emotions) not an objective law (“truth” coming …

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At a Crossroad in Australian Democracy

In 2011 the most remarkable human event went unreported by our media. Fifteen million Egyptians (50% of the population) took to the streets in the world’s biggest “people’s rally” ever staged in the history of the planet. It was against their government and it’s secret police. The people found their “social conscience” and chose individually …

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Common Good—and dangerous for Australia


Australians are trying to fight the go-ahead of mosques in Bendigo and elsewhere on “planning grounds”. When the fact of the matter is that objectors fear being labelled a “racist” for contesting them on the one true ground for stopping any mosque—the threat to Australia’s sovereignty as a nation. By Islam’s own admission the West is the land of War responsible …

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RECLAIM RALLIES Melbourne—Letter to Authorities.

Reclaim Australia Rally- Melbourne FB page—(Confirmed legitimate photo)

(LETTER: to The Victorian Premier, Acting Police Commissioner, and Australian Attorney General.) RE: Reclaim Rally 4th April 2014 Melbourne, Federation Square—Right to Peaceful Assembly Last Saturday on the 4th of April 2014 thousands of Victorians were denied their Right to Peaceful Assembly at a reclaim rally scheduled to commence at 1.00pm. Our admittance to the …

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Beware—the UN has given ISLAM “Human Rights”

  Since 2007 the most subtle play has been happening in the UN between the Organisation of the Islamic Congress (OIC) countries led by Pakistan and the West (mainly EU and US and allies). What is also becoming apparent is that Western values no longer have the power they once had in the United Nations (UN) …

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18C legislation alienates Australians and undermines our democracy

All Australians want legislation that is fair and results in keeping our culture, peace and identity in place. Unfortunately 18C is not that. It is alien legislation to Australia, our culture and our way of democracy. What does makes our culture tick are easy going values that prevent us from developing bitter roots. We are both a …

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Islam—An overview for Westerners


Context: Islam, Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Muhammad is the prophet of Islam who through supernatural encounters with an angel called Gabriel at the age of 40, began delivering the words and commands of Allah, originally the name of the God of Arabia, almost until he died. These were later captured in the Koran (Qu’ran). The Koran also recognises Abraham …

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100th Video added—Imam describes a Muslims woman’s role

(100th Video —archived to to VIDEOS: The IMAM says ) MEMRI: Women Should Be Confined to the Home and Never Say No to Sex with Husband (5.50 mins) 23/1/2015: BERLIN: Friday sermon Al Nur Mosque: Shiek Abul Moez Al Eila “A woman must beautify herself. Under no circumstances is she allowed to sleep outside of her husband’s …

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On Hijabs

codes of dress2

In the West we regard some of the head coverings of Muslim women as a form of Islamic oppression of women. A hijab is a covering that creates a separation or partition for the woman from the outside world. The Word hijab can be translated as head covering, veil or screen. Despite the protests of many Muslim …

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Halal is a Rort—says IMAM and here is why.

Summary: 1. Halal certifiers sought to duplicate the Kosher system of certification —Muslims may not follow the earthly ways of “people of the book” therefore this practice is against the Koran. 2. The only foods that Allah said a Muslim must not eat (haram) is Pork, Blood, meat that has been strangled or slaughtered with a blunt knife. …

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