Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

Usama Dakdok: Undoing the lies of “Propaganda Islam”

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-8-12-54-amPropaganda Islam: If you give me your children then you give me your country.

Islam propaganda is here to deceive the West. ISIS is a pure Islam and Muslims in the WEST are deceiving our women and children about Islam. No mosque would ever be built in the West if we the people of the West knew what was really written in the Koran and the purpose of a mosque. However, the media, UN-Socialists school agendas, political self interests and Propaganda Islam have hoodwinked the majority of the population into believing a big lie about Islam being a religion of Peace.

There are no radicals in Islam—there are just hypocrites—moderate Muslims—who will not support jihadists or engage in war for the sake of Islam. Allah asked Muslims to perform jihad against Hypocrites, Christians, Jews and non believers. Jihad means killing them. Without doing jihad or supporting jihad the Muslim has zero chance of going to Paradise. Jihad, either becoming one or supporting jihad with your money or goods, is the only guarantee to any Muslim to go to Paradise.”

Usama claims the magic number from Muslims to begin their propaganda push into a town community or country is when their population reaches 5.5 percent of that population. Then they will demand halal food, Islamic schools mosques and cultural considerations. They will begin spreading their propaganda into the school system, into the media until the takeover of Islam is complete in that community and Sharia is way of that area. Then they move to the next community of interest.

Fifty good men could stand up against a mosque being built—but it is not enough, they will be discounted and may even be jailed. It has to be 10,000 men and only then will the judges be changed, laws enacted and the mosque building stop. They are not building mosques for today’s needs they are building them for the future. They know that mosque building will be stopped.

These are just some of the controversial words from this Arabic speaking expert on the Koran. What he has to say about moderate Islam, taqiyya, marriage and the treatment of women is shocking for the West to hear and yet, the implications for the West concerning Propaganda Islam is equally as shocking.

Usama had a team of 50 people also translate the Koran into English without the sugar coating. Here is a link to the Koran as an ebook “The Generous Koran” (correct translation) and this is a link to his website— for other resources.

This is one video to watch and share with friends, associates and family. Time for everyone to see through Propaganda Islam