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VIDEO ADDED: Dogs, Black Dogs and Islam

In Islam a Black Dog or donkey walking in front of a praying man or even an adult woman will invalidated his prayers.

The Prophet said: “The prayer of a Muslim man is invalidated if he does not have in front of him something like the back of a saddle, by (the passage in front of him of) a woman, a donkey or a black dog.”

Narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh from the hadeeth of Abu Dharr . Muslim also narrated it from Abu Hurayrah, without mentioning the word black. The basic principle is that a general statement is to be interpreted in terms of the specific statement. In the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbaas it says “A woman who menstruates” i.e., an adult woman. The correct view is that which is indicated by the hadeeth: that these three invalidate the prayer.


It is further complicated by the fact that Shariah Law regards dogs in the same category of uncleanliness as swine.

dogs are swine










With this kind of belief system is it any wonder that we read reports in our papers of Muslim taxi drivers refusing to pick up the blind with seeing eye dogs. This is an issue for people with all types of human assistance dogs in Muslim countries as well as the West. Take this recent article:


“UK: A taxi driver has been fined £1,000 after he refused to pick up a blind woman who was standing in the pouring rain because she had a guide dog.

Shahzad Ahmad, 32, told Sue Smith that he could not accept her fare because his vehicle wasn’t big enough to fit five-year-old Labrador Sonny - even though he was driving a six-seater people carrier.

Ms Smith left feeling ‘scared’ and ’embarrassed’ when Ahmad drove away, leaving her and Sonny to be soaked on the street, Birmingham Magistrates Court heard.” Read more:


(WARNING Shocking video): Or even worse this GRAPHIC video showing a dog being hurled off the side of the building by a grinning Muslim.

Another recent shocker:


WARNING: dog cruelty caught on video in Saudi.

Australia is a country with a big share of Dog lovers. Currently 37% of the households owns a dog. However in the UK, just as in Spain— in the heavily Muslim dominated suburbs—reports of dogs being baited are being reported by the newspapers.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Five dogs have died after eating pork laced with poisonous pesticide which had been thrown into their gardens.

The pets, which belonged to two different households on the same road in Knottingley, West Yorks, suffered fits which left them foaming at the mouth.

It is believed they had eaten slabs of blackened meat deliberately left for them, after tests revealed them to be poisoned.


This is a letter written by a Muslim vet into “Islamic Concern” a website for Muslims.

“Animal Abuse and Welfare in Islam
by Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker (BVMCh),
veterinary surgeon

Animal abuse, cruelty, and/or neglect form part of the many social ills plaguing the Muslim community.

Last Ramadaan, I wrote an article highlighting the phenomenon whereby misinformed Muslims took their dogs (and/or cats) to the animal hospitals or mobile clinics during Ramadaan, to have them put to death by lethal injection. The reason given by the majority of these Muslims was that Islam forbids them to keep a dog. Also encountered was when an animal that had been ill for a prolonged time and the disease had progressed to an almost terminal state was it only then brought in for veterinary attention. When asked why they waited so long, the Muslim owner would use Islam as a reason, stating that it is not permissible to touch a dog. This still happens.”


Australian’s in general hold all life, including animal life, dear. However, this is not the case with Islam. In Islam all life is expendable to the cause of Islam. Herein is another challenge to cultural cohesion for authorities.

Australia is country with a rich natural hertitage that our traditions and beliefs call on us to value and protect regardless of our “religious stance”. This set of values around animals and dogs needs to be included in any “HOW TO” book of becoming an Australian and valuing Australian traditions.


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