Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

The 7 Part solution to stop Islamic Radicalisation in Australia

From an opening address by Tarek Fatah to the Security Council of Canada on 24th November 2014. These recommendations are to stop “Islamic Radicalisation” and equally apply to Australia. Our Government could implement these recommendations immediately.

7 RECOMMENDATIONS: (Please share to make this a reality)

1. Lay “hate speech” charges against any Muslim cleric who hides behind religious rights, to attack or demonise members of another faith or another religion, or of “no faith” at all—as is done every Friday, in mosques across Australia.

2. Every mosque must be monitored for such “hate speech” where the word ‘kuffar’ is invoked to hide the real target of that word — Hindus, Christians and Jews.

3. Any mosque indulging in active politics must have its “charitable status” revoked.

4. Donations of more than $20 at all religious institutions must be made by cheque or credit card to cut off the possibility of money laundering.

5. Recommended to suspend immigration from Pakistan, Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Syria until Australia can be assured that the security documents, identity papers and university degrees cannot be bought in the black market or from state agencies.

6. Ally with anti-Islamist groups from among the victims of Islamist oppression — the Kurds, Christians, Baloch, Darfuris and Yazidis, Iranian exiles.

7. Ban the burqa in public as France has done and the European Human Rights Commission and Court has upheld for two reasons: to prevent terrorist attacks but also not to designate women as “the source of all sin” and obscure them from sight in clothing that literally frightens infants.

To read more about Tarek Fatah follow this link.

WATCH the National Security Address below —(14.21 minutes)

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