Concit Ensuring our Future
Concit Ensuring our Future

If the Bendigo Mosque proceeds then house prices in White Hills will be set to fall 20%.


What Bendigo Papers wont tell residents about the new Bendigo Council Residential Strategy is the long-term cost to ALL White Hills home-owners.

The 2013-17 City og Greater Bendigo’s Residential Planning Development Strategy has called for vacant land in the populated belt of Bendigo to be rezoned as residential. Owners of large parcels of land were able to apply to have their land rezoned as high density residential up until the end of last month. Some 60 submissions were received.

There is also the much awaited ring road extension that connects McIvor Road to the Midland Hwy at Holdsworth Road that the Council is undertaking. Most of the land around this extension is either crown land or held by developers.

We all know that the mosque is centred in this development.

What you may not know is that when a mosque is built—they will come. Meaning a mosque will increase the Muslim population to that area. This has been shown the world over and in Australia in suburbs like Broadmeadows, Dandenong Lakemba, and Auburn where Muslim populations now almost equal or exceed local populations.

According to the Planning and Development Strategy on Page One—one of the means to increase the populations of Bendigo by 40,000 in the next 15 years is to “increase the portion of population born overseas.

Land directly opposite the mosque in East Bendigo is still zoned Industrial in the proposed Development Plan. But to the side and behind the mosque, heading for White Hills has already been earmarked for rezoning to high density residential according to their maps. This area goes up and around Weroona High School and over the road up to Holdsworth Road, in White Hills.

Gavin Boby is an expert on Mosques and council matters across the world in a recent Australian conference, commented that areas around any mosque are subject to a significant increase in Muslim populations to a point of “enclaving”. France has some now 735 enclaves that are police “no-go zones”, Germany some 300 odd. Those suburbs ALWAYS experienced an initial lowering of house prices from between 10 to 25% because frankly no one except Muslims wanted to buy or continue living there. This Council strategy if Gavin’s experience is indeed correct means that the people of White Hills stand to lose anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 in the short term if this Mosque development goes ahead.

White Hills and Bendigo East seem destined to become the Lakemba of Bendigo, while a few people will make serious money by turning their industrial land into high density residential. In return White Hills, and surrounding suburbs will reap the opportunity of reduced land prices, Muslim enclaving and an increase in violence and crime.

Time is running out—we ask residents do your own research. If Sydney is anything to go on—land the same distance from the city is now worth “half” in Muslim dominated suburbs. In that case years to come the real cost to White Hills home-owners is going to be in the hundreds of thousands and not just the $20-50K from the initial lowering.


Please share with friends and relatives in White Hills and surrounding suburbs.